No more shops like these around…

Here’s a clip from a rockabilly barber, back in the 1990’s.

The only “commercialized” rockabilly barbershops I know of, are Something Hells shop, ran by Mr. Ducktail. And by the creators of Layrite, Hawleywoods Barbershop ran by Donnie Hawley.

Edit: Guess what I meant with the title is, there aren’t shops that do low production commercials, just like any local salon. They’re all up and publicized by way of the interweb.

2 responses to “No more shops like these around…

  1. Yo, My brother used to get his cut here..and the pomade they used back then (90’s) was straight up pink butch wax hahah I really wish Jake was still around to cut hair! my barber is right across the street from his old shop and he actually used to work at Jakes Barber shop!

    • I think the butch wax they used was Lucky Tiger? That’s the only one that I could think of that was pink.

      That’s awesome that you’ve still got a part of Jake’s shop, with one of his former barbers!

      – Jan

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