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Barber Shop Update. 10/10/14

As most of you know, I’ve seen been cutting hair down in the Peninsula (20 minutes south of San Francisco) previously in Redwood City and now (currently) in Belmont. And for some of my San Francisco based clients, it wasn’t feasible to make the trek down to see me… which is perfectly understandable. But for those clients that have stuck with me through the transitions: I appreciate y’all! But… there’s some good news to be had!


Starting October 21, I’ll be splitting my time from my Belmont location with the brand new barber shop in the Dogpatch district, Cream’s Barbershoppe, owned by none other than Chris Eliares. He was one of the barbers I worked with at the beginning stages of my career that helped me progress in this craft, so getting back into the swing of things alongside of him will only lead to more progression! I definitely can’t wait to be back up in San Francisco, cutting hair, no less!

For the time being, I will only be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the potential of being opened on Mondays given the demand.

So, if you’re one of my previous clients from San Francisco or looking for a barber in the San Francisco Bay Area, book an appointment with me at the new location. There’s some fun to be had! Book an appointment with me via email:


Other methods of booking an appointment will be updated in a later date.

Hope to see y’all soon.

Recent Haircuts.

Here are a few more haircuts over the last few months. You can see slow progression from certain cuts, which is definitely something I’m excited to see! Can’t stop won’t stop growing with this profession… Once you start to get complacent or cocky, you’re fucked! Ain’t nobody got time for that type of barber!

Well, folks, I hope you enjoy the following haircuts!

If you like what you see and want to get a haircut from me, you can find me cutting hair at:

The Barber Lounge  (854 Folsom Street, San Francisco) – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-8 (Last appointment is at 7)
To book an appointment with me, you can call the shop number at (415) 934-0411 or email me directly at therebelrouser@yahoo.com and I’ll fit you in my books!

In the near future, you’ll also be able to find me at:

Captain’s Skate & Barber Shop (2066 Broadway Street, Redwood City) – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
To book an appointment with me, you can call the shop number at (650) 568-1931 or email me directly at therebelrouser@yahoo.com. I’ll also be taking walk-ins!









Recent Haircuts.

Here’s a few more of my recent haircuts.

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Fresh Cut at Headshots.

I’ve been rockin’ a D.A. for a while now. After a certain point, it grows out a little too long in certain parts, and it just doesn’t work. With me being known for this blog now, I can’t be wandering out of the house with a bad hairstyle. Not saying the pompadour is a bad hairstyle, but sometimes I just can’t work with the D.A.  CURSE THIS WAVY HAIR!

Since my usual barber is taking his old timer vacation, aka, sitting at home not going to work, who was my next best bet?

Sure, this is the Bay Area after all. There are many talented shops up and down the way. Unfortunately for me, they’re on polar opposite ends of the Bay Area, for me.  Personally, if I  have to travel out to get a good haircut, it doesn’t make much sense, considering gas and all that. Yes… I too have this first world problem, just like the rest of you! GAS AIN’T CHEAP!

My homie Shane owns two of the best barbershops in the Bay Area, Headshots and The San Mateo Zoo. Now, he’s not rockabilly in any way, neither is his shop. But as I’ve said before, don’t judge a barber by the shop he works in. While they play hip-hop and more than often you’ll see guys getting fades and line-ups, I can promise you he knows his way around sheers and clippers. He’s got skill and will cut you right every time.

Don’t believe me? Check the pics…

Straight out of the shower. BTW, I got this cut at 8am. Can’t you tell how tired I am??? Shit, he was there since 5!

Fresh ass cut.

Got a slick new cut, just in time for Viva Las Vegas. Big ups to Shane for hooking it up. He even gave me some funky chops! I can’t grow chops to save my life, but hey… At least he makes it look like I could!

So for you cats who dig the pompadour with a fade, swing on down to San Mateo, and put your faith and coin into Shane and the cats at The San Mateo Zoo and Headshots Barbershop. You will NOT be disappointed!