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Ten Signature Haircuts From Schorem Haarsnijder Em Barbier DVD!

Even before I got into barbering, I was a fan of Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier. When looking for photos of classically cut hairstyles you’ll know when you’ve come across one of their signature cuts. Their attention to detail is second to none. So when I stepped into the world of barbering, I’ve done my best to uphold their standards – not only in terms of haircutting, but also the principles of being a barber. While I haven’t had the luxury of flying out to Rotterdam to experience thee experience, and be under the tutelage of these world class barbers, this is the next best thing. I’ve already watched the entire DVD once and I’ve already learned something new. With barbering, learning something new is something you can’t not do! I’m definitely glad to have something to help give me a better idea as to how they perform haircuts the traditional way. If you’re a barber or just a fan of Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier, this DVD is a must have! Big thanks to the good folks at Schorem for taking the time to produce this DVD!


Barbering: What I’m Workin’ With.

In the world of barbering and cosmetology, there are several tools and implements that are highly favored, some more than others. Companies are always trying to rival their competitors products, which leaves many new comers walking into a beauty supply store with their jaws hangin’ off the floor, and leaving the stores with an empty wallet. Believe me, when I first started, I wanted everything the stores had to offer! Hell… I STILL DO! But, in good ol’ Rebel Rouser fashion, I look to help out cats in predicaments such as this, so you don’t have to waste money, and you can narrow things down to find the right tool & implement for you.

One thing I’m glad to have done(without actually having done anything,) is help motivate some cats around the world take the leap into the world of barbering, themselves. Sometimes, all you need is a little push in the right direction! I’m glad to have unknowingly motivate people to pick up the trade of barbering. So, to help out a bit more, I’ll show you the tools and implements I’ve done my own research on over the last 10 months, so you don’t have to waste money on lower quality tools! I mean, these things are supposed to make you money, so why throw away money on the ones that break?

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The Rebel Rouser has set up shop!

Well folks, as most of you all know, I passed my State Board exam and I am now officially a licensed barber!

I’be officially set up shop at The Barber Lounge in San Francisco.


854 Folsom St
San Francisco‎ CA‎ 94107

So come on out and book an appointment with me!

Pomp Hard!

Recap: Xotics Barber Battle 1/6/13

It was a blast… That was all that I can say/remember, haha.

But seriously though, it was great meeting local Bay Area barbers for the first time in SoCal, as well as kicking back a few with some badass SoCal barbers!

Big ups to Lou, Richie, Jonathan, as well as Mike from Layrite for the warm welcome down in SoCal! Hopefully I’ll be back sometime this year to catch up, kick back a few, and actually cut some hair!

Check out this cats on Instagram:
Lou- barber_louie_
Richie: richiethebarber
Jonathan- tizzthebarber

Thanks again fellas, it was killer to finally meet y’all!

Until the next time folks.