First Impression: Golden Shears Barbershop.

Ever since having cut my locks, I’ve been yearning to get my hair cut in an actual barbershop, with some older, humble cats that can offer a badass cut and a couple of badass stories. (I use badass a lot, obviously.)

Don’t get me wrong, the guys who cut my hair are great guys. My buddy Shane from Headshots Barbershop and Leonard from Terry De Marcos Barberia. But I wanted to whole feel of things: a humble greeting, a handshake, something… ANYTHING…

I first found this place while walking around Menlo Park, during their Arts and Wine Festival. The first thing I noticed, were 6 original barbershop chairs inside. I had high hopes that this place would be the place where I got a legitimate* ducktail hair cut. Outside, they had pictures and medals of some sorts. And they had a poster showing traditional hair styles, which shown a flat top with fenders. Like the one below…

I thought I was good to go… One detail of this place that I noticed, was that it didn’t have a traditional Barber Pole. They had one painted on the corner of the building. Could’ve meant that the city didn’t want that thing being an “obstruction” on the side walk, or they had “changed” with the times, and aren’t really a traditional barbershop.

A couple of weeks later, my lady, kid and I made a trip down to Menlo Park, JUST so I can go inside and meet the barbers and get a feel of the place. Because, you really just can’t trust anyone with your hair, unless you want to find an Easter Egg…

As soon as we walk in, I notice that it isn’t busy at all. It was a Monday, so it’s surprising enough that they were even opened on Mondays. ( checked on  yelp first;) ) The two barbers who were cutting their clients, were younger than expected. Did not even get a hello, a greeting, ANYTHING for the first 5 minutes I was standing around in there. Not until the first barber (not in the first chair) noticed I was looking at them, did he ask “Did you need something?”
Jeeze buddy. At least greet your guest first…

Stood around, and waited until someone was done cutting, so I can talk to someone. I remembered one name from a yelp review, and saw that they were the second barber who was cutting. As soon as he finished, he just stood around talking to the first guy… He glanced over to see if I were still around… Did not even ask if I needed help or a cut…

Fuck that noise.

I could give them the benefit of the doubt… It was right after their weekend, not the earliest during the day (1pm or so,) etc etc… But still… A simple greeting, ANYTHING would’ve been nice.  I didn’t even want to walk back to take a picture of the awning for the blog.

But here’s a picture of the store front…

Golden Shears

I’m sure they do great cuts, and there are other barbers who probably would meet my expectations… But my first impression, was definitely not a good one…  Maybe in the future I’ll give them my business, but for now and the later time… Shane and Leonard will be handling my hair.

*I said “legitimate” because I wanted to get a barbershop hair cut, in a barbershop. Even though Leonard works out of a Salon, he is from the 50s and 60s era, and knows those hair styles/hair cuts first hand, and has some crazy stories on top of it all. Diamond in the Rough? Just kidding. I’m sure the salon is great…

If only he ran his own barbershop… WITH A FREAKIN BARBER POLE!!!

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