How To Get A New Haircut.

Getting a new haircut. The hardest thing for people to do since deciding whether or not your wife is worth getting a circumcision…

Well that was interesting…

Whatever reason may be, people just don’t know how to get a new haircut. And by new, I don’t mean just getting the same haircut you had and getting it shorter or tapered. No. I mean, people going from a bowlcut to a pompadour. They just don’t know how to exactly describe the cut they’re looking for. While you’ll enjoy the change and so will society, you’ll go home and notice that it’s not exactly what you want.

For the most part, people believe that they can visualize what they want perfectly. While you can have the image in your head, your mouth is too stupid to put it into words. Especially when it comes to telling your barber or stylist what you want. They use different terms than most folks are used to. While we know them to a certain extent, if you use the wrong terms they’ll look at you like you have no idea what you want.

High and tight, taper, fade, blend, buzzed, blah blah blah… There’s a lot of new words you’ll have to learn, if you want to get the haircut you have in mind. So if you think you’re gonna be able to get the proper haircut with just words, make sure you know what the hell you’re saying! To avoid all of that trouble, here’s a simple, yet very effective pro-tip…

Here is thee pro-tip. This is the easiest way for anyone to get the exact haircut that you want. You know exactly what you want, because you’ve seen it before. So you have to do one simple thing…

Ready for it?



The ideal haircut you want is most likely something you’ve seen in a picture. So when you go to get your haircut, simply bring in the picture!

Any and all hairstylists and barbers will say the samething. It gives them a visual. It’s in their face, they can see it with their own eyes and know exactly how high you want it to taper, the length you want on top, and whether or not you’re a creeper, for finding a dudes picture on the internet to print out and bring in for them to look at. Hey, that’s fine! I’m not judgin’ ya! But they might be…

If you’re looking for a pompadour hairstyle, obviously the picture you find will be of a cool lookin’ pomp. Clearly, it’ll already be styled up. So your stylist can’t exactly figure out the exact length of the hair. But they will still cut the hair accordingly, and maybe you’ll have to let it grow out for a week, until you get your hair looking just like the picture.

There you have it folks. The one simple and very effective way to get your hair cut just the way you like it. 

Just make sure you don’t flip past the picture of Bieber, in your photo library, on your phone. Hey, it’s fine if you have it. If you’re a 12 year old girl. But if you’re looking at my blog, you most likely aren’t. And if you are… Is your mom hot?

6 responses to “How To Get A New Haircut.

  1. Haha great story, really dig your writing style, very enjoyable.
    It is so true, you just can not describe a haircut to a barber by words.

    • Haha, thanks man!

      Glad people are enjoying my writing style. At times, I feel like I’m writing like how I would back in 5th grade. In no way am I saying I was smart or good in school, but I guess it’s just how I am…

      Dig your blog man and the bug! My buddy was supposed to pick one up, to tear apart and rebuild from the inside out with his son, and I was gonna help em. But his lady wrecked her car, so that project had to be put on hold.

      Hopefully I can start one up, after VLV and hopefully ask you for some insight!

      – Jan

  2. Thanks Jan, really cool that your also into old VW’s!
    When you ever get a bug (i also like to call it THE bug, because it will bite you!) you can always hit me up for any insight.

  3. Hey Jan,

    So after growing my hair out for the past six months I decided to get my hair cut since I was on spring break. Originally, my friends and I wanted to go to california and I would get a haircut there but the trip didn’t materialize so I searched yelp for some possible options in seattle. I found a place that looked like it specialized in rockabilly hairstyles and they even had a Hawleywood’s poster on the wall.

    I followed your advice and brought in a picture, several, in fact of different angles, but the woman didn’t know what was going on. She cut my hair uneven, cut my bangs too short, and didn’t even style a correct pompadour. At least she offered to style it with some more layrite before I left. I think she may have been too overwhelmed by my thick filipino hair…

    For a few days I mourned my loss and ultimately decided to go to a real barbershop to fix my hair. The guy who cut my hair told me he just gave his friend a pompadour not too long ago which made me wish I went to him in the first place. Luckily, the first woman didn’t cut my hair too short so for now I’m rocking a side part and will just start growing my hair out again.

    Thanks again for this blog,


    • Hey Alex,

      I guess I should’ve linked the two posts I’ve made so far, together…

      Finding the right barber & bringing in pictures are only a couple of steps to getting the proper haircut.

      While you can bring in a picture to any salon, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll have experience with the cut. As I mentioned in the post, the hair is probably already styled up, not showing them the exact dimensions of the cut. So entrusting a stranger to cut your hair, while showing them styled up pictures of a hairstyle, well… Isn’t exactly the best choice. I’m not sure if the pictures you brought in were of styled hair, but it’s my guess.

      Also, just because they shop is styled to look like they are all about rockabilly, doesn’t mean they are. A lot of shops nowadays are going for the vintage vibe and carrying popular products to gain some clout. Don’t always turn the other cheek, because the salon/barbershop’s interior isn’t to your liking. My guy works out of a salon, but he’s 100% red blooded American barber if I had ever seen one.

      Good thing you’ve found someone to cut your hair proper, during your trip.

      – Jan

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