Viva Las Vegas 16.

Hey folks,

As we all know, I’ve been to the last two VLVs and they’ve been nothing but fun and amazing, especially since I’ve met a lot of cats and gals who read this here blog! In turn, I’ve also missed one too many Easter Sundays with my kid. So, I’ll be making this VLV16 my last VLV. I would skip this one completely, but it’s the right time for me to gain inspiration that will help mold my creative angle for my barbering career.

And hey, since this is my last VLV (at least for a while,) let’s make it worth while!

I’m looking to book haircut appointments for this upcoming Viva Las Vegas 16… last minute, I know… But, if you’re interested in booking a haircut appointment with me, I’ll be around from Friday to Monday. Shoot me an email to set an appointment.

Thanks all, I hope to see you all there and have a ball!

– Jan

3 responses to “Viva Las Vegas 16.

  1. Hey Jan, I’ve been following your excellent blog for a while now and I’m starting to dip my tow into the sea of Pomp. I got a nice comb and a tin of Murray’s and went to work. I warmed up the pomade beforehand and smoothed it throughout with no clumping, but when i went to put a comb through it, it was almost impossible. I have quite thick, slightly wavy, and sometimes rebellious hair. Any thoughts on something I could do differently or a different pomade to try?
    p.s. my hair got much more manageable after a shampoo that took the edge off the pomade, but it also to the edge off of the hold.

    • Michael,

      Swtich from Murray’s to Dax Wave & Groom. It’s similar, but better. The lanolin allows you to comb it through much easier, plus the hold lasts longer and better than Murray’s. Plus, it holds well in the heat! Can’t beat that.

      – Jan

  2. Have fun at VLV16… See you there

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