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Recap: Xotics Barber Battle 1/6/13

It was a blast… That was all that I can say/remember, haha.

But seriously though, it was great meeting local Bay Area barbers for the first time in SoCal, as well as kicking back a few with some badass SoCal barbers!

Big ups to Lou, Richie, Jonathan, as well as Mike from Layrite for the warm welcome down in SoCal! Hopefully I’ll be back sometime this year to catch up, kick back a few, and actually cut some hair!

Check out this cats on Instagram:
Lou- barber_louie_
Richie: richiethebarber
Jonathan- tizzthebarber

Thanks again fellas, it was killer to finally meet y’all!

Until the next time folks.


Barber Poles.

Whether their stained glass and lit by a candle or they’re plugged into a wall and spinning, it’s always awesome to see em outside of barbershops. I get stoked whenever I drive by a shop that still takes pride in having theirs looking clean, red, white and blue… It’s an added bonus if it’s spinning!

Finding The Right Barber

One thing cats who rock the pomp need, aside from good pomade, is an excellent barber. Without a proper cut, your hair, for a lack of a better word, will look like shit. Bad styling doesn’t help either.

While all the vintage barber chairs, straight razor shaves, and PBR are cool to see in shops, but in the end, they are what they are… Gimmicks. Just like your old G.I. Joe with its Kung Fu grip or your original Megatron that shot out pellets, they’re simply gimmicks. I’m not saying gimmicks are bad in any way, hell, I fuckin LOVE Transformers, that in itself is a gimmick! But, gimmicks don’t always mean that the shop is the best you’ll ever find.

For instance, take my first impression on Golden Shears Barbershop. While they had vintage chairs and old muskets up on the wall, they weren’t the most professional of folks, nor the kindest. And you know what? First impressions are pretty damn important, especially when it comes to potential clientelle. They won’t be getting my vote!

Though my guy works at a salon, yes… A salon, he has many years of barbering under his belt.

From helping out at his fathers barbershop back in the 50s and owning his own barbershop in the past, it’s safe to say this guy knows hair.

He’s your typical barber that you would’ve seen decades ago. Just, in a salon. But that doesn’t stop him from shooting the shit with ya while snooty women get their hair colored. Trust me, he doesn’t hold back! Boob talk, stories about how he’s known Bruce Lee, to meeting Priscilla Presley since he knew her post Elvis hubby, he’s got plenty of stories to tell. All that could last for hours, had they been told at his own shop.

Though I was unhappy with my haircut by him in the past, I still trust him with my hair. It wasn’t that it was a bad cut, he had cut it shorter than I had wanted, at the time. And this time around, he still did an excellent job.

Fresh out of the shower.

Quickly styled up.

So while vintage looking shops are fun, you still can’t beat an old man who has been cutting hair since he was a kid! As much as I love those kinds of shops, Leonard is still my go to guy for haircuts. Finding him to cut my hair, truly is like finding a diamond-in-the-rough. And when you find the right barber to cut your hair, you know you’ll be lookin good as soon as you step out.

Knowing he’s a kid of the 50s-60s,  I asked him about different kinds of pomade, pompadours, and all that jazz… But that’s another post 😉