The weather in the Bay Area has taken a 180. Not sure if I like it or not, because as much as I do love the cold weather and the ability to layer up, I was enjoying the “heat.” Even though it made me darker than Cherrywood… It was nice to be warm.

But, since it is starting to get colder, it means my kid can finally wear the coats I bought her!

Here we are…

Who is the styling one? The baby...

Since I’m ALWAYS at Target (TARGET IS FUCKING AWESOME, GET OVER IT!) I always check the kids section for clothes. More often a miss than a hit. But, when they do hit it, they hit it dead on. This coat is cute for little girls.

W+H Peacoat
Converse black button down (From Target)
Levis 501
Plain ol’ Boots

Forever 21 Headband
Little Red Target Trench
H&M Hello Kitty Tank
Target tights
Target Leopard print flats

(I’m sure the clothes have their own individual branding, but do you think you’d find them outside of Target? I don’t think so.)

Her detail shot.

Little Fashionista

My detail shots never turn out pretty…

I need to re-up on winter gear… How weird is that? Even though the year before you’ve bought fall/winter gear, the next year you always find yourself thinking you don’t have the right stuff…  Always wanting more.


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