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Recent Haircuts.

Here are a few more haircuts over the last few months. You can see slow progression from certain cuts, which is definitely something I’m excited to see! Can’t stop won’t stop growing with this profession… Once you start to get complacent or cocky, you’re fucked! Ain’t nobody got time for that type of barber!

Well, folks, I hope you enjoy the following haircuts!

If you like what you see and want to get a haircut from me, you can find me cutting hair at:

The Barber Lounge  (854 Folsom Street, San Francisco) – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9-8 (Last appointment is at 7)
To book an appointment with me, you can call the shop number at (415) 934-0411 or email me directly at therebelrouser@yahoo.com and I’ll fit you in my books!

In the near future, you’ll also be able to find me at:

Captain’s Skate & Barber Shop (2066 Broadway Street, Redwood City) – Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Saturday
To book an appointment with me, you can call the shop number at (650) 568-1931 or email me directly at therebelrouser@yahoo.com. I’ll also be taking walk-ins!









Fuckin Badass Movie

Usually some of our favorite movies are movies from when we weren’t born, or too young to even understand the undertones or give a rats ass about it. And being 23, there are a lot of those movies. But this one is one that I just cannot get sick of. And being 3 when it originally released, meant jack shit.

This movie came out 12 years after Grease, and isn’t recognized by the average joe. I wonder why? The soundtrack is perfect, the cast is solid, the styling is perfect. So why has this movie not taken notoriety as Grease has?

And what movie am I talking about? The one and only, Cry Baby.

This is one movie where I had to know everything about. The influences that helped John Waters write this movie, the life styles beyond girls and fast girls (but who’s complaining,) and the music behind it all. There’s just soo much to this movie, that I can’t stop watching it or listen to the entire soundtrack daily. This is truly, a masterpiece.

Here are a few screen shots of some of my favorite moments in the first half of the film. 

The Cry Baby Gang.One of my favorite things in this movie is obviously, Johnny Depps hair. Johnny Depp is already one of my favorite actors, and in Pirates of the Carribean, he had perfect dreadlocks. And in Cry Baby, he had a perfect pompadour/ducktail. You also gotta love Hatchet Face's awkward facial expressions. I guess that's the point of her character though, huh? But I think in this moment, it wasn't on purpose!It's more than just the few strands...

A lot of people try to re-create Depps pompadour, by pulling down a few strands of hair. It’s more than just that. His pomp in the movie is full, and flows perfectly. It’s not a shield like pompadour, with a couple of hairs down. It pulls forward, flows back, and swoops perfectly. His character, Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, has one of my favorite styled pompadours. Maybe ever…

Last shot of his hair, I promise.

Tracy Lords as Wanda, also had some of the best hairstyles I’ve seen her in. Of course she’s hot with her bangs, but having a full head of hair like that, just made her even more hot. Not to mention, her high slit pencil skirt, perfecto jacket, and red lipstick. She was definitely the hottie of the film…
Also gotta give it up to Stephen Miller, who played Baldwin. The part in his hair was as sharp as it can get, and he also had a nice profiled contour. As far as the girl they were both fighting for, I wasn’t much a fan of her. The singing didn’t match her. She was just as square as her character Allison tried so hard not to be. Sorry doll, you only had one hot moment in the film. And that was before you approached the gang.

Gee, listen to me... Gotta love all of their facial expressions.

Should switch out Ricki Lake for Tracy Lords. She would be a badass chick to be sitting shotgun. Lady, I’m Just sayin!!!

"... and wears clothes obviously designed by homosexuals!"

One of the funniest lines in the movie. The Last Supper in the window is a topper. No idea what’s up with the starfish though.

I thought Lenora was hot...

It was cool of John Waters to include some actual things the girls would do. Here is Lenora ripping off some bandages after tanning. Leaving CB for Cry Baby scorched on her thigh… Her INNER thigh no less…

Ok, I lied...

LAST PICTURE OF HIS HAIR. But damn, his duck ass flows nicely… And yes, that is a Confederate Flag behind him.

The Whiffles

As dorky as these guys actually were, their awkwardness was funny as fuck. I mean, just look at their facial expressions! Gotta love how serious Baldwin looks. It’s just the icing for this goofy ass cake.

A fuckin Race Truck...

This part is pretty racist, (well obviously, this WAS supposed to have taken place when?) but it was pretty funny. Have them cooped up like chickens.

And lastly, one of my favorite characters in the movie is none other than the famous Alan J. Wendl. He plays such great characters in John Waters movies, but this one was just too much. And by too much, I mean fuckin hilarious.

His character Toe-Joe, was perfectly perverted. Is that possible? Watch this movie, and you’ll know what I mean. From his awkward laughs, his feminine colored car with it’s child saftey lock always on for the passenger side, and his camera, this guy is a straight up creeper! He creeps harder than anyone from the Jersey Shore.


 I can’t find a clip of this scene. But his laugh at this moment, is fuckin hilarious.


“Yeah, you! The looker with the class-A sealed beam headlights!”

There is no better pervert out there. But coming in close is Herbert the Pervert. I mean, he has PERVERT in his damn name!

Well there you guys have it. A few of my favorite parts from the movie Cry Baby. All clips have been taken by me. Maybe I should water mark these shots. I mean, look at Toe-Joe! Hope everyone enjoyed this post, because this is one of my favorite movies out there. If you haven’t seen it, go out and buy it. Target has em for sale for like $5. And it also has scenes that were never included in the original release.

There are a ton of other parts of this movie that I love, but I’ll leave that for another day.