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Tuesday Tunes

Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps – Double Talkin’ Baby

Booze, Babes, and Grease. What a weekend.

The best thing about living in the Bay Area, there’s always something to do. If you manage to get bored living in the Bay Area, get the fuck out and let the cool kids come in.

Friday kicked off with adding a couple hundred more songs to my rockabilly library. Friday night was supposedly Retox’s Rockabilly Fridays last Friday. Luckily, it was just a misunderstanding. As it isn’t their last Friday, it is their last month at Retox. It’s a bummer for me, as I find Retox to be the perfect place. It’s easily accessible, drinks are cheap, never any sour attitudes, and as I express ever so often, A LOT OF PARKING! So till the end of the month, come out for the last couple of Fridays, and let’s have a ball!

After drinking a little more than I should’ve on Friday, my Saturday started a few hours later.

My lady had planned on picking me up a new pair of denim from Self Edge, so that’s exactly where we went. Parked directly in front of Benders and off to the store we go.

Both Kiya and Derek were in the shop, so we kicked back as we waited for some exquisite one on one customer service.

The pair I originally wanted had been sold via online, while we were waiting. FUCK. And I know who bought it too…

So, I let Kiya pick out a pair for me. As it were, he picked out a pair that will probably fit spot on, as soon as I give them a soak. Pics of the process to come…

So what did Kiya suggest?

A sweet pair of Strike Gold denim, straight out of Japan. Now, I’ve owned several kinds of denim over the last few years. And I can tell you, that these are solid jeans. The details are perfect, subtle, and classic.

I also picked up a new addition to my wallet chain. The clasp connecting the chain to the keys was cheap and flimsy. It would always loosen up and I could potentially lose my keys. And that’s something I just cannot afford to lose.

See that little horse shoe looking thing? Well, that’s it. Probably the most expensive thing on my wallet chain, aside from my car keys.

And another part of my mission to Self Edge was to commandeer the stores rockabilly playlist. And this ain’t your normal playlist kids. This shit, is serious. So serious, that my dinky 8gig flash drive couldn’t even handle half of the songs. So, in the pocket the external hard drive goes.

I probably have 1/3 the amount of music that Kiya has. And most likely, we have different kinds of rockabilly music. So I’m sure that there won’t be any doubles or triples of any songs.

As soon as we finished up at the store, off to Amoeba we go. I managed to forget the list of movies I was looking for, in the car. And fuck walking back. So, digging for music I go. Didn’t find the specific albums I wanted in the rockabilly/oldies section. But as soon as I went to the soul section and the employee was putting something up on top for display, off it goes and in my hand it stays. Even though I forgot my list, I still found one of the movies I was looking for.

The 3 disc Jackie Wilson collection is what I pulled off the shelf, as soon as the employee put it up. I mean, how could you pass on that??? Whistle Bait has some amazing songs and artists on it, so of course that got bought. I also bought Buddy Knox cd, shit… It was $2, so why the hell not? Unfortunately, I have no idea where I put it. And if you enjoyed The Lords Of Flatbush enough, and love The Warriors, you’ll get a kick out of The Wanderers. It’s pretty much both movies in one.

After a long day in SF, off to Point Richmond we went. And after a couple hours there, off we were to Brisbane, to check out the Road Zombies Car Club meet at the 23 Club.

And man, was that one hell of a meet. There were tons of cars, car clubs, and babes out. What better place to be on a Saturday night, eh?

As I was waiting to get a drink at the ever so crowded bar, an older cat approached me and told me he knew I was right handed. And he also noticed the big ring on my finger, and asked what I used it for. So the first thing I thought was, shit… He’s sizing me up. Trust me, the questions he asked, were as if he were sizing me up… And while I can handle myself pretty well, dealing with someone from a car club, who has however many car clubs behind his back… Well,  in short, I could be screwed.

He was actually a nice guy. Talked about fighting and what not, and his buddy ended up buying me a beer. So big ups to the Satan’s Chauffeurs. Those guys are good people.

Here’s the ring that got his attention.

Can you tell I’m right handed?

As the night went on, the B-Stars put on a great show. Got the people swingin’ and in need of water. And with the poor service of the 23 Club, it took some couples forever to get a water. So whenever you’re up at the bar and you hear someone trying to only get some water, always put your best foot forward and assist them in getting some service.

When The Stillmen got up on stage, Kiya had to rush to the front and catch them. And I now know why. These guys put on one hell of a show. And to show their appreciation for everyone coming out, they gave away CDs!

I’m not one to go up and grab free shit. But fuck, these guys are awesome, why not add them to your collection, right?

And it wasn’t like they were giving out a few of these, they had a box full. Enough for everyone! Well, probably not everyone. But a decent amount of people got some good tunes!

What a weekend… Always able to have a good time here in the Bay Area. It’s one hell of a place to be.

If you cats haven’t been out to any events, get your ass in a cab, bus, bart, bicycle, whatever. Come out and support your local bars and event promoters. And if you have yourself a shitty time at any of these events, well… Go home and stay there, cuz it’s always a blast to be out and about when the cool kids are rockin’ the night away.

Until then,

Don’t stop rockin’.

Tuesday Tunes

Simple because I was watching Viva Las Vegas yesterday. Why the hell not? Plus… Ann Margaret…. mmmmmmm…

Elvis Presley – Come On Everybody

Third Nipple

I’ve decided to make a tumblr for this site. Why? It’s easier to dump pictures and music there. Elongated content will be here of course, but linked over there as well.

In short, same shit as here, but on tumblr, which in turn, links to my Twitter. Too much crap.

Terry The Toad Says…

Happy Veterans Day!

Clean and Simple Pomp.

This time, in CGI.

Apparently in the movie Megamind, there’s a superhero named Metro Man. Supposedly, when he stops being a superhero, his pomp flattens out. Obviously, the character is heavily inspired by none other than Elvis. Pretty typical. From the hair, costume, and the dance moves, this is one special Elvis Impersonator.

Here’s a pic from my kids, Kids Meal from McDonalds, who are featuring toys from this movie. Unfortunately, we didn’t get him! We got Jonah Hill’s character, Tighten.

Metro Man

At least they gave him a full pompadour, eh!

The One Man Wolfpack.

No, we’re not talking about Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, here. But a real one man wolf pack.

None other than the one and only Wolfman Jack. He was one of the major disc jockeys of the 60s, following the footsteps of Alan Freed, aka Moon Dog. Teens would wait up just to catch his show on the radio. With one of the strongest stations out there, you could catch it all the way across the U.S. And my ladys dad could attest to that! As he used to do just that, and loved to listen to Wolfman Jack at night.

His radio station brought people together. Would you rather listen to radio commericals while cruising around with your friends or lady? His hip lingo, catchy phrases, and of course that crazy voice of his made him the individual you’d want to follow. I’m not a fan of his crazy get ups or hairdo’s he had going on, but this guy was as cool as they come.

George Lucas was one of his many teen followers. So when he found out he had an acquiantance of Wolfman Jack, he needed to have him play as himself for his movie, American Graffiti. Ain’t no better luck than that.

In American Graffiti, he was the idol for all the teens cruising about. They heard stories and rumors about the mystery behind Wolfman Jack, but never the truth. Rumors of him playing all the way from Mexico, a blimp that kept circulating above the clouds spread amongst the characters. The only one who wanted to find out the truth for himself, was Richard Dreyfuss as Curt Henderson. Who’s better to turn to, to answer all of lifes question, than Wolfman Jack? I mean, they all looked up to him as a role model.

The Man of Mystery.

 Even when he sees him for the first time, he is a man of mystery. Nothing but a silouhette of the legend.

"The Wolfman is everywhere."

And with the strongest signals out there, he definitely was.

This is the perfect Wolfman Jack. His goatee is impeccable. Full and perfectly lined and trimmed. And his slick hairstyle is one of the coolest I’ve seen. He should’ve stayed with this look, than putting on wigs and making his hair all crazy!

One of my favorite parodies of Wolfman Jack, should be on everyones list…

Is none other than Jackman Wolf!!!

Any resemblance to Wolfman?

With nearly the same crazy voice, Jackman Wolf hosted the “The Sesame Street Rock & Roll Request Show,” on Sesame Street. You can find it on the Rock & Roll special, which is one of my kids favorites to watch. Probably more so my favorite, than hers. Next to Big Bird in Japan. What, I grew up on this shit!

He also lent his voice for one of my favorite groups, Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids, Did You Boogie With Your Baby.

Too bad there aren’t any radio shows like these anymore. Or else I’d actually be able to listen to the radio!

Fuckin Badass Movie

Usually some of our favorite movies are movies from when we weren’t born, or too young to even understand the undertones or give a rats ass about it. And being 23, there are a lot of those movies. But this one is one that I just cannot get sick of. And being 3 when it originally released, meant jack shit.

This movie came out 12 years after Grease, and isn’t recognized by the average joe. I wonder why? The soundtrack is perfect, the cast is solid, the styling is perfect. So why has this movie not taken notoriety as Grease has?

And what movie am I talking about? The one and only, Cry Baby.

This is one movie where I had to know everything about. The influences that helped John Waters write this movie, the life styles beyond girls and fast girls (but who’s complaining,) and the music behind it all. There’s just soo much to this movie, that I can’t stop watching it or listen to the entire soundtrack daily. This is truly, a masterpiece.

Here are a few screen shots of some of my favorite moments in the first half of the film. 

The Cry Baby Gang.One of my favorite things in this movie is obviously, Johnny Depps hair. Johnny Depp is already one of my favorite actors, and in Pirates of the Carribean, he had perfect dreadlocks. And in Cry Baby, he had a perfect pompadour/ducktail. You also gotta love Hatchet Face's awkward facial expressions. I guess that's the point of her character though, huh? But I think in this moment, it wasn't on purpose!It's more than just the few strands...

A lot of people try to re-create Depps pompadour, by pulling down a few strands of hair. It’s more than just that. His pomp in the movie is full, and flows perfectly. It’s not a shield like pompadour, with a couple of hairs down. It pulls forward, flows back, and swoops perfectly. His character, Wade “Cry Baby” Walker, has one of my favorite styled pompadours. Maybe ever…

Last shot of his hair, I promise.

Tracy Lords as Wanda, also had some of the best hairstyles I’ve seen her in. Of course she’s hot with her bangs, but having a full head of hair like that, just made her even more hot. Not to mention, her high slit pencil skirt, perfecto jacket, and red lipstick. She was definitely the hottie of the film…
Also gotta give it up to Stephen Miller, who played Baldwin. The part in his hair was as sharp as it can get, and he also had a nice profiled contour. As far as the girl they were both fighting for, I wasn’t much a fan of her. The singing didn’t match her. She was just as square as her character Allison tried so hard not to be. Sorry doll, you only had one hot moment in the film. And that was before you approached the gang.

Gee, listen to me... Gotta love all of their facial expressions.

Should switch out Ricki Lake for Tracy Lords. She would be a badass chick to be sitting shotgun. Lady, I’m Just sayin!!!

"... and wears clothes obviously designed by homosexuals!"

One of the funniest lines in the movie. The Last Supper in the window is a topper. No idea what’s up with the starfish though.

I thought Lenora was hot...

It was cool of John Waters to include some actual things the girls would do. Here is Lenora ripping off some bandages after tanning. Leaving CB for Cry Baby scorched on her thigh… Her INNER thigh no less…

Ok, I lied...

LAST PICTURE OF HIS HAIR. But damn, his duck ass flows nicely… And yes, that is a Confederate Flag behind him.

The Whiffles

As dorky as these guys actually were, their awkwardness was funny as fuck. I mean, just look at their facial expressions! Gotta love how serious Baldwin looks. It’s just the icing for this goofy ass cake.

A fuckin Race Truck...

This part is pretty racist, (well obviously, this WAS supposed to have taken place when?) but it was pretty funny. Have them cooped up like chickens.

And lastly, one of my favorite characters in the movie is none other than the famous Alan J. Wendl. He plays such great characters in John Waters movies, but this one was just too much. And by too much, I mean fuckin hilarious.

His character Toe-Joe, was perfectly perverted. Is that possible? Watch this movie, and you’ll know what I mean. From his awkward laughs, his feminine colored car with it’s child saftey lock always on for the passenger side, and his camera, this guy is a straight up creeper! He creeps harder than anyone from the Jersey Shore.


 I can’t find a clip of this scene. But his laugh at this moment, is fuckin hilarious.


“Yeah, you! The looker with the class-A sealed beam headlights!”

There is no better pervert out there. But coming in close is Herbert the Pervert. I mean, he has PERVERT in his damn name!

Well there you guys have it. A few of my favorite parts from the movie Cry Baby. All clips have been taken by me. Maybe I should water mark these shots. I mean, look at Toe-Joe! Hope everyone enjoyed this post, because this is one of my favorite movies out there. If you haven’t seen it, go out and buy it. Target has em for sale for like $5. And it also has scenes that were never included in the original release.

There are a ton of other parts of this movie that I love, but I’ll leave that for another day.