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Evolution of Denim: Barber School Edition Pt. 2.

Back in October, I made a post to document my pair of Levis 501s that I’d wear throughout barber school. Of course, I did wear various pairs of pants here and there throughout the week, but that doesn’t mean that they weren’t worn hard. Just as I ‘Pomp Hard,’ I also wear my jeans hard. These bad boys were covered in everything you find in a barbershop, and yes, that includes hair!

To add some “spirituality” to the mix, I decided not to wash these whatsoever until I took State Board (April 8, 2013.) Ya know- cleanse the barber school juju and get that fresh start in the barber shop, type of deal…

Anyways, picture time!

Before the wash:

For me, I don’t have the time nor care to do all the “special” denim washing techniques. I mean, if I did, I wouldn’t mind it. But, I don’t really want to spend too much time washing my jeans, especially since I just wash them whenever I feel like it.


Not too much going on, but for 10 months, I can’t complain! Next update will be sometime in August.

Thanks for watching!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy & Pomp Hard!

Evolution of Denim: Barber School Edition.

When I first started the blog, I made an attempt to start posting the evolution of a pair of Levi’s jeans, and clearly, I’ve clearly moved away from that project– far away… But, since I’m in barber college, I now have a daily routine, which will allow me to put some wear and tear into some jeans. And hey, who doesn’t like to see where a pair of jeans takes ’em?

While nothing “special,” the Levi’s 501 model is a favorite of mine. Of course, there are “better” jeans out there, but, I won’t turn down a pair of 501s. I mean, they’re classic! Most cats look at it as a “staple” to the greaser look, but to me, it’s quite more than that- it’s a staple of Americana. Of course, I’m not here to talk about the history of the 501, that’s your job to research! But, at least you now have something new to learn about.

Unlike a few barber schools, mine has a dress code: All black. Simple, right? The thing is, since you’re around folk every day, being seen in the same get-up is pretty damn noticeable. So, I have a pair of Dickies on rotation, along with my 501s. While I personally wouldn’t complain about wearing my Levi’s on a daily, I’m sure not only my fellow classmates, but so would customers. Doesn’t hurt to change things up every once in a while.

So, without further ado, let the documenting of my Levi’s 501s begin!

Levi’s 501 Black: No soak; No Wash.

From this distance, any sign of any wear is pretty damn difficult to see. But, let’s see my every-day-carry, that’ll add to the wear.

Front Right Pocket: Chapstick; Flashlight.
Front Left Pocket: Nothing.
Back Right Pocket: Knife; Bandana; Comb.
Back Left Pocket: Wallet.
Belt Loops: Belt; Wallet Chain; Key Hook (Not pictured.)

I’ll be updating the evolution in December. With the cold seasons right around the corner, the elements will affect the 501s.

Now, only got 2 months of wear in these jeans, so any sort of wear is difficult to see/isn’t there. The barber classes are only for a total of 10 months, and that’s not really a lot of time… I’ve got jeans that are older than my kid! But, moving around the way barbers students do, messing around with hair products, chemicals, hair, and all that good ol’ barbershop dirty stuff, I’d say I could get good wear out of these jeans.

I won’t be washing these anytime soon, just because it’s what I do, but I will maintain the freshness of these by hanging them up to air out, as well as spraying some sort of disinfectant on em. Because, not only am I getting synthetic hair, pomade, amongst the vast service products we use, on these jeans, but peoples’ hair! Yup… gross…

Well folks, that’s all for now.

Until the next time,

Stay Greasy!

Recap: Self Edge Six Year Itch Party.

At the beginning of the month, my buddies Kiya and Demitra celebrated the 6th year anniversary of their first store, Self Edge, in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to be a part of it when they had first opened up. So, seeing how much it has grown since then, is nothing but inspiring. I can only push through and work my way up, to be able to be as successful, as a barber, as Kiya and Demitra are with Self Edge. Congratulations! I know a tidbit of what they’ve got coming for us in the future, so stay tuned!

The night was filled with alcohol, rockabilly music, and a whole lot of laughs and taint touching. If it was your taint I touched, I’m probably not sorry. But, we’ll pretend that I am, ok?

Enough of the blabber, picture time!

Folks and Bros.

Nice little photo-bomb by Mikey, from Woodlands Supply Co.

The menu for the night was Lone Star Beer. Best believe I had my share… Probably, a few too many…

Photo of Mikey; taking a photo of me; taking a photo of Mikey; taking a photo of me; taking a photo of Mikey.

The matermind behind Self Edge, Kiya.

How the night would be looking, from this beer on.

The man Dan, from Autoculture, showing us how to bring sexy back.

Behind every mastermind, is a beautiful woman: Demitra (Self Edge) & Raquel (Autoculture.) And myself, actually smiling for a picture.

I don’t know who this kid was, but, here you are!

Let it be known, I had my share of these beers! Well… maybe 10 or so?

Casey and Dan got The Look.

Well folks, I hoped you enjoyed this little recap. I had a blast at the party. It was great seeing cats that I only see once a year, if ever!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!

Viva Las Vegas XV

With VLV right around the corner, a lot of people are doing a lot of last-minute prepping.  I know I am! I’ve got a haircut appointment in a couple of hours, and I’m going to go from my hair reaching under my nose, to being above my eyebrow. I haven’t gone that short in a long time, so let’s hope it works out for the best! Fortunately, I’m not leaving until tomorrow morning, so I shouldn’t be jamming my unmentionables in my suitcase last-minute.

But, here’s the gist of what I’m bringing:

Keepin’ the photo black and white, so y’all don’t know exactly what I’m wearing!

Pretty much got my bases covered:

– 10 pairs of underpants.
– 7 or so shirts.
– 3 pairs of pants.
– Black wife beaters.
– White undershirts.
– A handful of bandanas.
– A handful of socks. (Should pack more.)
– 4 pomades; Dax High & Tight, Stiffies, Black & White, and Dixie Peach. (I’m gonna add some Mr. Ducktail’s.)
– A fuck-ton of Altoids. (Y’all know I love mints!)
– 2 pairs of shoes. (A mistake I made last year, by bringing only ONE pair of boots. Of which, I am bringing again this year, but I’m going to go comfortable with my loafers!)
– A few days worth of protein powder.
– The only non-studded/non-pinned denim vest that’ll be seen at VLV.
– Stickers. (I should’ve bought more!)
– And whatever other toiletries that are not pictured.

I should be set, right?

If anyone wants to meet up, here’s a few gigs I plan on catching:

Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio.
Luis & The Wildfires.

There’s a Tumblr meet up, set up by Miss. Charlie, 3:00 at Brendan’s .

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys.
Duane Eddy.
The Polecats.
J.D. McPherson.

Remember, these aren’t all the gigs I plan on catching, but a few of em. So if you wanna meet up, just let me know!

Alright folks, I think this’ll be the last post until VLVXV is over. So, until the next time!

Pomp Hard!

Left Field NYC’s 2012 Lookbook via GQ.

GQ recently posted an exclusive first look at Left Field NYC’s lookbook. Can’t say the write up is any good, but the two photos are pretty cool. Take a look:

 The chick doesn’t look too happy, but when you’re being shared between bikers, who is?

Click here to read the miniscule write up.

WAYWT: 6/3/2011

Dickies Jacket
Converse Shirt
Strike Gold Jeans
Vans Shoes
Mr. & Mrs. Self Edge Super Limited Wedding Edition YoYo.

Upcoming Events.

Got a few more upcoming events for y’all…

This one, is a little different from what you’re all used to…

My buddy Kiya got his feet wet in the world of art. He and artist APEX collaborated on this show. Replacing the usual blank canvas, to denim. How does this relate to rockabilly, you ask? Well that’s simple. Denim is a major part of Americana, in which a lot of rockabilly today, is based of off. You don’t see cats rockin’ Seven jeans at rockabilly events, do ya? Exactly…

So come out, enjoy a nice little art show and learn some history. Now you’ll understand why unwashed 501s are popular within the scene. 

Check it out, it opens this weekend at the White Walls Gallery.

Next weekend, Omar from Omar & The Stringpoppers/every other Wild Records band, is gonna be at The Knockout celebrating his 15th birthday. I’m just kidding. He just looks young… lucky bastard. Anyways. Definitely a gig you don’t wanna miss…

July 9th, Cafe Du Nord will be rockin’ out with the West Coast Ramblers, Slim Jenkins, and The Stillmen. Now, I coulda sworn that they “ruinited” at the 23 Club, a few months back… But who the hell cares, as they were rockin’ hard that night, and it won’t be any less rockin’ this night!

And for those who know Cafe Du Nord, you better get there ahead of time! This place isn’t the biggest, but it sure as hell draws in a crowd. So get there early enough to get yourself a table!

For more events, check out Nor-Cal Rockabilly and A-Town Agency.

Recap: Viva Las Vegas 14.

Whoooo… That was a long weekend… And it sure as hell was a good one!

As vacations are, there will be good, the bad, and the ugly sides of it. It’s just the way things are! And let me tell ya, this weekend was full of all of that and more!


(WARNING: This post is picture heavy. To top that off, I was too lazy to resize the damn pics. But hey, ya gotta see everything, right?)

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WAYWT: 3/25/2011

Pleated Slacks.

Target “Do You Wanna Americana” Overalls.
“Chambray” Shirt w/ Floral Trim.
Engineer Boots.

Birthday Weekend

I… Am… Tired…

Click for more…

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