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We all have em. And have the few thats friendship have the longevity as a good pair of jeans.

But I think I need some friends with leather jackets.

Marlon Brando and the B.R.M.C.

The jacket I just will never seem to own…

A Schott Perfecto…

Not because of their price… But because thrifting for one, is nearly impossible. Plus being able to thrift for one, in a size that will fit me, is also tough as shit. On top of it all, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SIZE I WOULD BE!!! Some people have recommended a size 42… And a while back, I bought an A-2 in a 42, and it’s small in length in the jacket and the sleeves. So am I a 44, or be safer with a 46, since Perfectos fit smaller?

It’s been seven years since I first wanted a “motorcycle jacket.” As that was the only term I knew for one.

T-Bird Strut

Got choices of brass hardware and silver… I’d go with the brass personally…

You gotta also personallize your jacket. Sonny, even though he isn’t wearing a Perfecto, he has his jacket personalized with a lucky rabbits foot, on the zipper.

Johnny StrablerMarlon Brando as Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, has his personalized with his name embroidered near his left shoulder. And on the epaulettes, he has one star in the middle, of each of em. And of course, B.R.M.C on the back.Recently found a jacket made by Schott but under a different name (I forget,) which was styled after his in the movie. Of course, it didn't have the name or B.R.M.C., but it did have the 2 stars. But, I need to have an original. Not a sister brand.Shia LaBeouf

HEAVILY styled after Marlon Brando in The Wild One, Mutt Williams played by Shia LeBouf also has his perfecto jacket personalized. Though I’m sure it’s not by Schott, they pretty much styled him head to toe like Brando. With of course, a few different personal details. On his right “lapel,” it’s covered in several pins and “Mutt” on the left.
Just for the record, I HATED Shia’s hair in the movie. It didn’t resemble anything except for suck. Sorry.

The ever elusive Schott Perfecto, will someday, be in my possession. Hopefully sooner than later, because it should be getting cold here soon. If someone has a 44-46 to let go off, aloha back. Because it’s been freakin seven years since I’ve wanted this jacket!


After having a couple swigs of rum from my flask, a couple of shots of whiskey at the bar, along with a few cans of PBR and a Stella, my body needed some good eats the next day!
What would’ve hit the spot better, than a burger from Alice’s Restaurant?
This place has easily become a new favorite burger joint between me and a few friends. The long drive up a mountain side, to finally end up looking at a sea of bikes and bikers, and the occasional Ferrari or 6. Or a dozen or so other sports cars, during their sport car meet ups. This place is amazing.
Originally used to feed the lodgers of yesteryear, it is now a restaurant opened to the public. And seems to NEVER have a slow day. Traffic and foot traffic alike, everyone from bikers, sports car enthusiasts, and the average family can be seen enjoying their food.
The decor is a hodgepodge of Marlon Brando shots from The Wild One, a Bucks head mounted on the wall, miscellaneous pictures of the area, and  bunch of random “stuff.”
The nicknames they have for their burgers, are pretty fun. The Vespa, The Hog, The Harley, and so on, just to give you an idea.
Today I was HUNGRY. So I opted to try the first burger I’ve ever had from this place… The Hog. You can only imagine why it is called the hog…
Imagine a burger consisting of 2 huge burger patties… At least 6 inches in diameter, each… Onions, tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup and mayo, and a HUGE helping of avocado… How gluttonous does that sound? Well, it was and it is quite amazing. Thinking I was extra hungry, I also got a large order of fries…

The Hog

Look at that mountain of food… I did my best to finish all of it, but the fries got to me towards the end.


As painful as that looked, it REALLLLLLY hit the spot! Nothing is more satisfying than a burger from Alice’s.

Definitely a place to check out, if you enjoy small diner quality food!

Stanley Kowalski

1954 On The Waterfront.

Not much to really say about this movie. Other than I need to find the DVD as soon as possible, so I can watch it again…

Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando. On The Waterfront.

 I originally saw this picture in a book, Rebel Style. And not until I seen the movie, did I realize what was around his neck. I always thought it was a corn cob pipe.

Marlon Brando & crew. On The Waterfront.

Marlon Brando & crew. On The Waterfront.

As it were in the movie, Marlon Brando stood alone, with everyone else at his back.

Marlon Brando & Eva Saint Marie

Marlon Brando & Eva Saint Marie. On The Waterfront.

This jacket was killer. It doesn’t help that I’ve been trying to find a jacket like this for the last 5 years. A member from Superfuture has a buffalo plaid jacket, simlar to the one Brando wore. But hers was from G-Star. Either way, it is a badass jacket…


Canice w/ buffalo plaid

Seeing this jacket again, makes me NEED to find one this winter…

Any my hunt continues…