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Recap: Self Edge Six Year Itch Party.

At the beginning of the month, my buddies Kiya and Demitra celebrated the 6th year anniversary of their first store, Self Edge, in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to be a part of it when they had first opened up. So, seeing how much it has grown since then, is nothing but inspiring. I can only push through and work my way up, to be able to be as successful, as a barber, as Kiya and Demitra are with Self Edge. Congratulations! I know a tidbit of what they’ve got coming for us in the future, so stay tuned!

The night was filled with alcohol, rockabilly music, and a whole lot of laughs and taint touching. If it was your taint I touched, I’m probably not sorry. But, we’ll pretend that I am, ok?

Enough of the blabber, picture time!

Folks and Bros.

Nice little photo-bomb by Mikey, from Woodlands Supply Co.

The menu for the night was Lone Star Beer. Best believe I had my share… Probably, a few too many…

Photo of Mikey; taking a photo of me; taking a photo of Mikey; taking a photo of me; taking a photo of Mikey.

The matermind behind Self Edge, Kiya.

How the night would be looking, from this beer on.

The man Dan, from Autoculture, showing us how to bring sexy back.

Behind every mastermind, is a beautiful woman: Demitra (Self Edge) & Raquel (Autoculture.) And myself, actually smiling for a picture.

I don’t know who this kid was, but, here you are!

Let it be known, I had my share of these beers! Well… maybe 10 or so?

Casey and Dan got The Look.

Well folks, I hoped you enjoyed this little recap. I had a blast at the party. It was great seeing cats that I only see once a year, if ever!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!


Just got a MMS from my buddy Kiya, who is in LA at the moment working. Luckily, his line of work also involves rockabilly. Something along the lines of Wild Records and Self Edge San Francisco? Hmmmm… Sounds like a sweet deal!

He stopped by My Baby Jo and snapped a pic of their pomade shelf for me. Funny enough, my optometrist shops there, and told me about their online site, while I was shopping for glasses.

Well… For those who love pomade, love seeing shelves chalk full of it. And My Baby Jo has quite a selection!

Seeing that much Black & White pomade on one shelf, well… Is quite a site and $$$.

He offered to pick me up some pomade, but I had already asked Rea of Cock Grease a favor, to bring some tonight at a show, where The Booze Bombs will be performing. But I’m pretty sure I don’t need any more pomade. But it’s ok to want, right???

Sooner or later, my shelves will look somewhat similar to that. But, with empty tins and a little bit more diversity ;).

Booze, Babes, and Grease. What a weekend.

The best thing about living in the Bay Area, there’s always something to do. If you manage to get bored living in the Bay Area, get the fuck out and let the cool kids come in.

Friday kicked off with adding a couple hundred more songs to my rockabilly library. Friday night was supposedly Retox’s Rockabilly Fridays last Friday. Luckily, it was just a misunderstanding. As it isn’t their last Friday, it is their last month at Retox. It’s a bummer for me, as I find Retox to be the perfect place. It’s easily accessible, drinks are cheap, never any sour attitudes, and as I express ever so often, A LOT OF PARKING! So till the end of the month, come out for the last couple of Fridays, and let’s have a ball!

After drinking a little more than I should’ve on Friday, my Saturday started a few hours later.

My lady had planned on picking me up a new pair of denim from Self Edge, so that’s exactly where we went. Parked directly in front of Benders and off to the store we go.

Both Kiya and Derek were in the shop, so we kicked back as we waited for some exquisite one on one customer service.

The pair I originally wanted had been sold via online, while we were waiting. FUCK. And I know who bought it too…

So, I let Kiya pick out a pair for me. As it were, he picked out a pair that will probably fit spot on, as soon as I give them a soak. Pics of the process to come…

So what did Kiya suggest?

A sweet pair of Strike Gold denim, straight out of Japan. Now, I’ve owned several kinds of denim over the last few years. And I can tell you, that these are solid jeans. The details are perfect, subtle, and classic.

I also picked up a new addition to my wallet chain. The clasp connecting the chain to the keys was cheap and flimsy. It would always loosen up and I could potentially lose my keys. And that’s something I just cannot afford to lose.

See that little horse shoe looking thing? Well, that’s it. Probably the most expensive thing on my wallet chain, aside from my car keys.

And another part of my mission to Self Edge was to commandeer the stores rockabilly playlist. And this ain’t your normal playlist kids. This shit, is serious. So serious, that my dinky 8gig flash drive couldn’t even handle half of the songs. So, in the pocket the external hard drive goes.

I probably have 1/3 the amount of music that Kiya has. And most likely, we have different kinds of rockabilly music. So I’m sure that there won’t be any doubles or triples of any songs.

As soon as we finished up at the store, off to Amoeba we go. I managed to forget the list of movies I was looking for, in the car. And fuck walking back. So, digging for music I go. Didn’t find the specific albums I wanted in the rockabilly/oldies section. But as soon as I went to the soul section and the employee was putting something up on top for display, off it goes and in my hand it stays. Even though I forgot my list, I still found one of the movies I was looking for.

The 3 disc Jackie Wilson collection is what I pulled off the shelf, as soon as the employee put it up. I mean, how could you pass on that??? Whistle Bait has some amazing songs and artists on it, so of course that got bought. I also bought Buddy Knox cd, shit… It was $2, so why the hell not? Unfortunately, I have no idea where I put it. And if you enjoyed The Lords Of Flatbush enough, and love The Warriors, you’ll get a kick out of The Wanderers. It’s pretty much both movies in one.

After a long day in SF, off to Point Richmond we went. And after a couple hours there, off we were to Brisbane, to check out the Road Zombies Car Club meet at the 23 Club.

And man, was that one hell of a meet. There were tons of cars, car clubs, and babes out. What better place to be on a Saturday night, eh?

As I was waiting to get a drink at the ever so crowded bar, an older cat approached me and told me he knew I was right handed. And he also noticed the big ring on my finger, and asked what I used it for. So the first thing I thought was, shit… He’s sizing me up. Trust me, the questions he asked, were as if he were sizing me up… And while I can handle myself pretty well, dealing with someone from a car club, who has however many car clubs behind his back… Well,  in short, I could be screwed.

He was actually a nice guy. Talked about fighting and what not, and his buddy ended up buying me a beer. So big ups to the Satan’s Chauffeurs. Those guys are good people.

Here’s the ring that got his attention.

Can you tell I’m right handed?

As the night went on, the B-Stars put on a great show. Got the people swingin’ and in need of water. And with the poor service of the 23 Club, it took some couples forever to get a water. So whenever you’re up at the bar and you hear someone trying to only get some water, always put your best foot forward and assist them in getting some service.

When The Stillmen got up on stage, Kiya had to rush to the front and catch them. And I now know why. These guys put on one hell of a show. And to show their appreciation for everyone coming out, they gave away CDs!

I’m not one to go up and grab free shit. But fuck, these guys are awesome, why not add them to your collection, right?

And it wasn’t like they were giving out a few of these, they had a box full. Enough for everyone! Well, probably not everyone. But a decent amount of people got some good tunes!

What a weekend… Always able to have a good time here in the Bay Area. It’s one hell of a place to be.

If you cats haven’t been out to any events, get your ass in a cab, bus, bart, bicycle, whatever. Come out and support your local bars and event promoters. And if you have yourself a shitty time at any of these events, well… Go home and stay there, cuz it’s always a blast to be out and about when the cool kids are rockin’ the night away.

Until then,

Don’t stop rockin’.

Had myself a ball, at the bop.

Yesterday, was a hot and long (whoa buddy,) day…

Kiya had invited me to a vintage fashion fair over in Alameda. The last time I wandered out with Kiya was on my 20th birthday. And since the last time I was in Alameda was for a karate tournament while I was a teen, why the hell not?

The fair wasn’t all that great. The hangar was hardly filled with booths. And the booths that did fill it, were mainly womens clothing and accessories. There were a few mens items around. Mainly cufflinks, hats, and a random assorment of Pendletons. I managed to find something for myself in the mix, which will have to undergo some alterations before I can wear it out.

The main thing that caught my eye, was probably the largest booth there. As I turned a corner, Kiya says to me that “this lady has the largest collection of Bakelite I’ve ever seen.” And even though my pictures aren’t great or showing the mass amount of Bakelite, she really did have an amazing collection.

Bakelite Gavel and Soundblocks and more.

Bakelite poker sets

This was amazing. So many poker sets and die. Every single poker chip set was complete, except for the one on the bottom. It was missing a single pokerchip. And she knows what her stuff is worth, so of course she accepts Visa and Mastercard!

And it was only fitting that her name is “The Bakelite Lady.” She was a doll.

Afterwards we headed towards downtown Alameda for a car show. I got to peep all of the 1960s houses, buildings and signs along the way. Again, no pics. I really need a damn camera.

My favorite of the bunch was a red 1960’s Chevy Nova. Should’ve taken a pic…

I also had the worst hot dog I’ve ever had. How do you fuck up on hot dogs??? Throw it in a damn pan at least. It seriously tasted as if they microwaved it, in water… Hot dogs, the easiest and simplest food in the world, ruined by this little hot dog shop. Not to mention, they had some funky mustard cheese balls. These, were not picture worthy.
Want to know how to make food awkward? Find this little hot dog shop on the corner, in downtown Alameda.

After getting beat by the heat, it was time to rest up for the Bombshell Bop. Usually at events, I feel tall. But the folk managed to make me feel short. But I had my pomp, pomp’d high, and I had myself a ball. (hey look, a title reference.)


But here’s a couple I snapped.

It’s a freakin baby plunger! I thought that was hilarious.

Is Kiya the one man Self Edge street team?

Charlie Roman and Teenage Werewolves and the crowd.

Dan and Dave.

Came a little late, and missed Jailbreak! But caught Charlie Roman and the Teenage Werewolves and The Rhythm Shakers.

Charlie Roman came out real strong and put on a great show. When I saw him standing around, I could’ve sworn it was Lee Rocker. He looks just like him, down to the earrings!

I left in the middle of The Rhythm Shakers set, but when I heard a deeper voice, I stepped back inside to see if a different person (a guy) was singing. But it wasn’t! It was still little Marlene Perez! I could’ve sworn it was a guy singing! This little lady has a real wide range, and that’s fuckin badass.

Had a great night and met a lot of cool folk. Finally met Rachelle who runs Nor-Cal Rockabilly.
As well as Dan and Dave, introduced by Kiya.

All in all, it was a badass day. And there are many more to come, thanks to Kiya for introducing me to Nor-Cal Rockabilly.

Til the next one.

Rockabilly Hob Nob at Self Edge NY

The other day, Kiya sent me an instant message with a video link. Link was a clip from the Rockabilly Hob Nob event he threw at his New York Self Edge location. The other one being right here in San Francisco. Bet no one realizes I was THE first person to work there… Don’t deny the truth!!! But that’s besides the point.

Why hasn’t he thrown one here in SF??? Beats the hell out of me. I can only imagine how much bigger the Rockabilly scene is here, compared to NY. But then again, I haven’t had the luxury to fly out to NY. So I can’t say… Either way, YOU NEED TO THROW ONE HERE!

Here is the clip.

Self Edge & Wild Records Present: The Lower East Side Rockabilly Hob Nob from Self Edge on Vimeo.

The best part of the clip, is when he says “I have a lot of PBR and Moonshine inside, let’s fuckin drink this shit!”

Straight to the point…

Here are some flicks.
Photo credit: joelz via Superfuture

Omar and the Stringpoppers

Omar and the Stringpoppers


Check out VintageVandalizm for a first person write up about the event.