Recap: Self Edge Six Year Itch Party.

At the beginning of the month, my buddies Kiya and Demitra celebrated the 6th year anniversary of their first store, Self Edge, in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to be a part of it when they had first opened up. So, seeing how much it has grown since then, is nothing but inspiring. I can only push through and work my way up, to be able to be as successful, as a barber, as Kiya and Demitra are with Self Edge. Congratulations! I know a tidbit of what they’ve got coming for us in the future, so stay tuned!

The night was filled with alcohol, rockabilly music, and a whole lot of laughs and taint touching. If it was your taint I touched, I’m probably not sorry. But, we’ll pretend that I am, ok?

Enough of the blabber, picture time!

Folks and Bros.

Nice little photo-bomb by Mikey, from Woodlands Supply Co.

The menu for the night was Lone Star Beer. Best believe I had my share… Probably, a few too many…

Photo of Mikey; taking a photo of me; taking a photo of Mikey; taking a photo of me; taking a photo of Mikey.

The matermind behind Self Edge, Kiya.

How the night would be looking, from this beer on.

The man Dan, from Autoculture, showing us how to bring sexy back.

Behind every mastermind, is a beautiful woman: Demitra (Self Edge) & Raquel (Autoculture.) And myself, actually smiling for a picture.

I don’t know who this kid was, but, here you are!

Let it be known, I had my share of these beers! Well… maybe 10 or so?

Casey and Dan got The Look.

Well folks, I hoped you enjoyed this little recap. I had a blast at the party. It was great seeing cats that I only see once a year, if ever!

Until the next time, folks.

Pomp Hard!


One response to “Recap: Self Edge Six Year Itch Party.

  1. This is a rad post. I follow Autoculture, and Self Edge. Being from TX and living in AZ, Lone Star beer is always a nice treat too. I visited the Self Edge store back in April while celebrating my 10th anniversary in SF. Looks like lots of good times. Cheers!

    Just Jarrod

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