Just got a MMS from my buddy Kiya, who is in LA at the moment working. Luckily, his line of work also involves rockabilly. Something along the lines of Wild Records and Self Edge San Francisco? Hmmmm… Sounds like a sweet deal!

He stopped by My Baby Jo and snapped a pic of their pomade shelf for me. Funny enough, my optometrist shops there, and told me about their online site, while I was shopping for glasses.

Well… For those who love pomade, love seeing shelves chalk full of it. And My Baby Jo has quite a selection!

Seeing that much Black & White pomade on one shelf, well… Is quite a site and $$$.

He offered to pick me up some pomade, but I had already asked Rea of Cock Grease a favor, to bring some tonight at a show, where The Booze Bombs will be performing. But I’m pretty sure I don’t need any more pomade. But it’s ok to want, right???

Sooner or later, my shelves will look somewhat similar to that. But, with empty tins and a little bit more diversity ;).


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