Had myself a ball, at the bop.

Yesterday, was a hot and long (whoa buddy,) day…

Kiya had invited me to a vintage fashion fair over in Alameda. The last time I wandered out with Kiya was on my 20th birthday. And since the last time I was in Alameda was for a karate tournament while I was a teen, why the hell not?

The fair wasn’t all that great. The hangar was hardly filled with booths. And the booths that did fill it, were mainly womens clothing and accessories. There were a few mens items around. Mainly cufflinks, hats, and a random assorment of Pendletons. I managed to find something for myself in the mix, which will have to undergo some alterations before I can wear it out.

The main thing that caught my eye, was probably the largest booth there. As I turned a corner, Kiya says to me that “this lady has the largest collection of Bakelite I’ve ever seen.” And even though my pictures aren’t great or showing the mass amount of Bakelite, she really did have an amazing collection.

Bakelite Gavel and Soundblocks and more.

Bakelite poker sets

This was amazing. So many poker sets and die. Every single poker chip set was complete, except for the one on the bottom. It was missing a single pokerchip. And she knows what her stuff is worth, so of course she accepts Visa and Mastercard!

And it was only fitting that her name is “The Bakelite Lady.” She was a doll.

Afterwards we headed towards downtown Alameda for a car show. I got to peep all of the 1960s houses, buildings and signs along the way. Again, no pics. I really need a damn camera.

My favorite of the bunch was a red 1960’s Chevy Nova. Should’ve taken a pic…

I also had the worst hot dog I’ve ever had. How do you fuck up on hot dogs??? Throw it in a damn pan at least. It seriously tasted as if they microwaved it, in water… Hot dogs, the easiest and simplest food in the world, ruined by this little hot dog shop. Not to mention, they had some funky mustard cheese balls. These, were not picture worthy.
Want to know how to make food awkward? Find this little hot dog shop on the corner, in downtown Alameda.

After getting beat by the heat, it was time to rest up for the Bombshell Bop. Usually at events, I feel tall. But the folk managed to make me feel short. But I had my pomp, pomp’d high, and I had myself a ball. (hey look, a title reference.)


But here’s a couple I snapped.

It’s a freakin baby plunger! I thought that was hilarious.

Is Kiya the one man Self Edge street team?

Charlie Roman and Teenage Werewolves and the crowd.

Dan and Dave.

Came a little late, and missed Jailbreak! But caught Charlie Roman and the Teenage Werewolves and The Rhythm Shakers.

Charlie Roman came out real strong and put on a great show. When I saw him standing around, I could’ve sworn it was Lee Rocker. He looks just like him, down to the earrings!

I left in the middle of The Rhythm Shakers set, but when I heard a deeper voice, I stepped back inside to see if a different person (a guy) was singing. But it wasn’t! It was still little Marlene Perez! I could’ve sworn it was a guy singing! This little lady has a real wide range, and that’s fuckin badass.

Had a great night and met a lot of cool folk. Finally met Rachelle who runs Nor-Cal Rockabilly.
As well as Dan and Dave, introduced by Kiya.

All in all, it was a badass day. And there are many more to come, thanks to Kiya for introducing me to Nor-Cal Rockabilly.

Til the next one.


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