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Clean and Simple Pomp.

From It’s Something Hell’s.


In Preparation For Vegas.

Everyone has their own methods for preparing for events like these. Especially ones you have to travel to. And since you won’t have the luxury of your closet being available, you gotta bring the bare essential items. And fellas, one of those items is a good pair of jeans.

Since my lady got my a pair of jeans for my birthday from Self Edge, I figured that these will be my go to jeans for VLV. Of course, I have other jeans, but I don’t want to be wearing jeans with holes in the crotch at VLV. Just at the bars!

Well, here’s a few pics of me prepping the jeans. And by prepping, I mean getting some of the shrink out of em. Because if these bastards stretch out more than they should, then they’ll look ugly as fuck, and not sit right with my body.

First up. You need something to keep your jeans in. You could just use your bathtub, but the water doesn’t like to stay in mine. So. I opted for a big ass bucket.

Filled this big mother fucker with some HOT water. Not cold, HOT. Cold water, if you only want minimal shrinking going on, and minimal color loss. I however, needed these guys to shrink a ton.

Next up, you need your raw jeans.

I prefer to have them buttoned up all the way. I look at it as if you were going to wash a zip up hoody. If you don’t have the zipper zipped all the way up, the zipper tracks will be looking like Lombard Street. Yeah, you fellas know what I mean. Where your zipper looks like you got 5 miniboobs going down your chest to your belly button. So, I button my jeans all the way up, just so I don’t risk that. It’s never a good look.

Now, MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR SHIT IS OUT OF YOUR POCKETS! You don’t wanna forget your Zippo or knife in there. Unless you like to have broken rusted shit.

Get your giant ass rubber ducky, and let em sit for a bit. It’s kinda like making a good stew. Just let it sit.

By flipping the jeans inside out, you get minimal indigo loss. Don’t ask me how, it just works that way. Or at least makes you think so. Whatever. Inside out they be.

Let em sit for 30 or so minutes, take em out and let em dry.

Hang dry that is. If you throw them in the washing machine, they’ll probably shrink more than you want them to. Making them nearly impossible to get back on. So, hang dry for the first time around. It’ll take about three or so days for them to fully dry. Be patient! When they’re done, they’ll be more than worth it.

Mine fully dried just the other day, and I took em to a tailor to get a tab sewn back in. So here’s the final result.

This is them this morning. They’re still pretty stiff, so I need them to relax more a bit, and they’ll sit a whole lot better than it looks. I probably need to do one more soak, then throw it in the dryer, as they have a little more room in the thigh/knee than I’d like. But so far, so good.

You can bet your ass I’ll be wearing these nearly everyday from now till VLV. They’re gonna sit right, and just be some good looking jeans. Plus, my ass won’t be hanging out, like they would from my other jeans with holes in em. So why not, right?

Now you’ve got your jeans ready to go, wear em about and have yourself a ball. By the time VLV comes, they should be sitting properly on your body, the creases will sit perfectly at your knees, your wallet will have left it’s imprint on your back pocket. Don’t baby your pants fellas! If you wanna baby some jeans, get white jeans.

Nothing weirder than some dude wearing some 501s that look like they’ve been only worn for “special occasions.” Wear the shit out of em. DON’T BE WUSS!

The Lords

There are many greaser movies out there. And all of them are classics. But there is one movie that I’m pretty sure many have forgotten/never heard of. Before Arthur Fonzarelli became “The Fonz” and before Rocky Balboa put on a pair of boxing gloves, there was The Lords of Flatbush.

The Lord's of Flatbush

Like most, if not all greaser movies, the movie was pretty much based around girls, cars, getting in trouble, and fighting against growing up. But this movie moves in a different pace than other movies. It moves in a very personal pace, making each actor really give their personal feel for each character. Kind of which why Sylvester Stallone is my favorite character in this movie.

Cat Callin'.

Even though this role helped Winkler get picked up for the role of “The Fonz,” he is decent in this movie. Although his parts really only consist of smart mouthing a teacher, a quick cat calling, some more smart mouthing at a diner, he’s a better greaser in this movie than the fonz will ever be. Sorry Fonz fans, I’m just not a fan!

Of course, Rocky and Rambo were badass characters on their own. But to see him play a greaser was badass. Not to mention, he was the backbone of the group.

He isn't Rocky II big, but he's still one big mother fucker...

Look at the size of those knuckles… I thought mine were big, but even his ring and pinky finger have massive knuckles! How’d you like to be hit barefisted by those banana hands?

The Lord's in action.

The Lord’s in full force. Butchey Weinstein, Chico Tyrell, Stanley Rosiello, and Wimpy Murgalo. And Stallone looking a guy straight in the eyes, as they strut down the football field to pick a fight with someone. His intimidation factor, was major in this movie. The scene was on a Sunday, so that’s why he’s seen in his Sundays-best, and not a perfecto jacket.

This movie isn’t anything like Grease or Cry Baby, hell… It’s not even like The Outsiders, but this movie is just as enjoyable as any of em. Like I’ve said, it has a more personal feel to each character, and you quickly figure out which one is your favorite, and who plays what role in the gang. I’d say it’s worth owning, but some people would like to argue that. But if you’re into greaser movies, this is one to pick up. Gotta get greaser movies that take place in different parts of America. And this one has Brooklyn covered.

Badass Pomp

Out of all the nu-rockabillies in Japan, I think this guy has one of the best pompadours. Not just in Japan, but in general.
It is perfectly styled. Has a slight up-comb at the middle, going back towards the D.A. See what I mean? Pomps gotta have that flow, can’t be a freakin sail on a sailboat. Even has a little bit of his “bangs” swooped down. All he needs to do is style his “chops” ala Marlon Brando in The Wild One or John Travolta in Grease…