The jacket I just will never seem to own…

A Schott Perfecto…

Not because of their price… But because thrifting for one, is nearly impossible. Plus being able to thrift for one, in a size that will fit me, is also tough as shit. On top of it all, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SIZE I WOULD BE!!! Some people have recommended a size 42… And a while back, I bought an A-2 in a 42, and it’s small in length in the jacket and the sleeves. So am I a 44, or be safer with a 46, since Perfectos fit smaller?

It’s been seven years since I first wanted a “motorcycle jacket.” As that was the only term I knew for one.

T-Bird Strut

Got choices of brass hardware and silver… I’d go with the brass personally…

You gotta also personallize your jacket. Sonny, even though he isn’t wearing a Perfecto, he has his jacket personalized with a lucky rabbits foot, on the zipper.

Johnny StrablerMarlon Brando as Johnny Strabler in The Wild One, has his personalized with his name embroidered near his left shoulder. And on the epaulettes, he has one star in the middle, of each of em. And of course, B.R.M.C on the back.Recently found a jacket made by Schott but under a different name (I forget,) which was styled after his in the movie. Of course, it didn't have the name or B.R.M.C., but it did have the 2 stars. But, I need to have an original. Not a sister brand.Shia LaBeouf

HEAVILY styled after Marlon Brando in The Wild One, Mutt Williams played by Shia LeBouf also has his perfecto jacket personalized. Though I’m sure it’s not by Schott, they pretty much styled him head to toe like Brando. With of course, a few different personal details. On his right “lapel,” it’s covered in several pins and “Mutt” on the left.
Just for the record, I HATED Shia’s hair in the movie. It didn’t resemble anything except for suck. Sorry.

The ever elusive Schott Perfecto, will someday, be in my possession. Hopefully sooner than later, because it should be getting cold here soon. If someone has a 44-46 to let go off, aloha back. Because it’s been freakin seven years since I’ve wanted this jacket!

6 responses to “The jacket I just will never seem to own…

  1. Well if you get a 618 (the style of the Brando jacket, although they’ve changed some since the fifties) or a 613, you need to size up one size to get that perfect fit like the movie. If you get a 118, get your correct size, but be aware the 118 is an inch longer so it won’t ride up the way Johnny’s did. The style number is on a tag in the cigarette pocket.
    Shia’s jacket was a one-off by Tony Nowak (RIP) who made a lot of jackets for the movie industry.

    • Hey man,

      Funny enough, not too long after that post, I went and picked up a 618. I have a post about it I believe and point out a few of the differences between mine and the 1950s version.

      – Jan

  2. hey man, great post! I am wondering if you can impart some wisdom for me. I am torn between a 618 and a 118. I’ve got a high quality Perfecto “knock off” which is a 44 and when I zip it up it fits perfectly as in if I gain albs it’ll be too tight. I read that you’re a 44 however you got a 46 618, how do you find the shoulders and sleeve length?

    • Hey Shaun,

      For me, the shoulders and sleeve length are a bit snug and short, especially since I’ve started to weightlift. But even before that, it was a tad snug, even though the seams sat spot on where they should on me. What killed me about the jacket was the length. Of course, it’s how they’re supposed to be. But an inch or two longer, the jacket would’ve been perfect for me, aesthetically.

      Hope this helps, man.

      – Jan

      • Hey man, your reply did help. I ended up getting a 613 in a 44. Fits great, now I just need to break it in. That steer hide is serious!! Thanks again for the reply. Your site rock!

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