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Christmas came a little bit early!

I’m definitely glad to have today off, or else I might’ve had to wait until I got these fine goods in!

Didn’t expect to get every thing in all at once. But hey, I ain’t complaining!


But, what’s in there???

One package had some Admiral Pomade. Big thanks, Brett!


Another package had a few products from Anchors Hair Company. Thanks, Benjamin!


Lastly, the final package was the Star Wax product line. Big thanks, Mark!


One thing that got me stoked when I opened the packages, was seeing how unique each and every product was, from one another. It wasn’t just the labels, product color, packaging, but the whole package. It’s great to see how much hair product companies are growing and being able to stand out from the other products that have been on the market. They’re definite eye-catchers and I could only imagine how killer it would be to see these on the shelves at a shop… Who knows… maybe I will soon… But, you’ll have to stay tuned to find out!

If you aren’t already, peep my Instagram account TheRebelRouser to see what I’m up to on a daily basis. Who knows, now that I have the means to blog again, maybe I’ll have some Instagram Exclusive giveaways or something… We’ll see…

Until the next time, folks…

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Steadfast Pomade

A number of months ago, Cris over at Steadfast Pomade shot me a tub of their pomade. So, clearly, this is a long overdue review! Major apologies, Cris and readers! At the time I was focusing heavily on getting the most out of barbering school by staying all the way through till the end of the night class… You can only imagine how much energy I’d have after being in school from 9am till 10:30 at night! But, I now have the time to give a thorough review, especially since I’ve been able to use it on various hair types! So, lets get back on track with things and start the review!

Spotting Steadfast on your local barber shops shelves isn’t going to be difficult whatsoever. The pomade is packaged in a typical white tub, but the labeling is definitely eye-catching. The nautical themed label brandishes a killer color palette of warm brown, blue and red tones, with the black trim really making the soft-yellow lettered “STEADFAST” pop. And if you aren’t able to spot this on their shelves, it probably means you should tell them to stock it!

Opening it up, you get a whiff of a subtle fresh scented pomade. Most folks will find it refreshing as they’re preferring toned down scents.

Once you see the cool translucent blue pomade, you can kind of figure out the type of hold the product will offer. More-often-than-not, the clearer the pomade the lighter the hold.  And scooping it out proved just that…

One issue I had with Steadfast, was how light of a consistency it was. I wasn’t concerned about the hold, but rather how it’s a little too easy to scoop out. I’ve found myself taking out too much and having to scrape some back off into the tub. While this isn’t too big of a deal, it just makes using it on clients a bit tricky.

But, since it does come out easily, it also means it applies just as easily. Running this stuff through your hair dry is just as smooth as it is if you apply it damp. My thick hair had no trouble with it goin’ on splotchy, nor did my clients with fine hair.

Now, combing this stuff through your hair, thick or fine, is smooth sailin’. THEPUNZ?! Even if you’re combing it through dry hair, you won’t have too much pullin’ goin’ on.

In terms of consistency, it’s a bit lighter than the well-known yellow labeled product. The hold is strong enough to mold a high pomp, and since the product is light, it doesn’t weigh it down whatsoever, allowing you to sculpt a real smooth lookin’ pomp, when applied to damp hair!

Not only does this stuff do justice to my thick and wavy hair, but it also works great on fine hair… Take a look…

This was used on my client Adam, who has fine hair… BUT A LOT OF IT. Applying it to dry hair brings out more of the textured look, and not so much the slick look that you’d get from applying it to dampened hair.

While using it, I didn’t notice any flaking from recombing it dry. While it’s not exactly a recombable product, I didn’t deal with any flaking, which is always a plus! There’s a tiny bit of a glossy finish, so don’t expect a completely matte finish.

Overall, Steadfast is a pretty dope pomade. Not only is it affordable, differently colored, it works damn well! As mentioned, the only draw back I’ve dealt with was scooping out excessive amounts, which is more of a professional issue than an at-home issue. Again, not too big of a deal. If you’re in the market to change things up a bit with your water-soluble pomade market, I’d definitely say take a look into this stuff. Again, big thanks to Cris over at Steadfast, and major apologies for such a late review. But hey, better late than never, right?

Until the next time (which won’t be months away!,)

Pomp Hard!

Pomade Review: Cool Grease

* For whatever reason, when I originally made this post on 10/20/2010, it didn’t publish. Well, 5 days later… Here’s my review for Cool Grease Pomade.


Yesterday my lady looked up at me as we were on a walk and said “Your hair looks… Dry.” Yeah… I knew that, as I was using Layrite, since it’s my transition pomade, since it washes out. I looked at her and told her that I hope this new pomade isn’t the same, since it is also water based…

Well? Let’s check it out…

The packaging is a cool color coded plastic. The 30z little tubs, are little. It’s the same size as High Life, except they pack this stuff to the top. So as you open it up, you can’t smell it’s sweet scent until you take off the protective plastic cover, after screwing off the lid.
There are different colors from this brand, each one having it’s own characteristic and consistency and feel. Pretty cool, I must say. There is a black, white, blue, and green. I’m pretty sure there’s a green one, I can’t remember! Well, I chose the red one, after it being recommended by Anthony C. from Johnny D’s Barbershop.

Cool Grease

As soon as you take off the plastic cover, you get a whiff of that sweet fruity smell. Not too fruity, but just enough. Which is nice and different from the other water based pomades, which are usually Vanilla or Coconut scented. And as all the other water based pomades are, it has a very gel like consistency.

Looks like Jell-O, huh!?

Well, kind of.

Spreading it in my palms was easy and smooth. Unlike Layrite, which has a stickier feeling. Which isn’t a bad thing, but does this say something about it’s hold?

Slicking it through is simple. It coats evenly, as it has a light consistency. Maybe a little too light for my hair.

As it dries, it is a lot softer than Layrite or Grant’s. Good or bad, you decide. For my hair it’s a little too light. And since my hair is getting longer, it doesn’t have the hold my hair really needs. But for people with shorter or finer hair, this stuff would seem to really work out best.

All in all, this stuff is pretty cool. I do like the scent it has, but I need to probably go for either the white or black stuff, as they are the ones with stronger hold.

One way I see this stuff to be extremely useful, is to use it as a top coat ontop of Layrite. As Layrite doesn’t have the “Hy-Sheen” it’s label claims to have, this stuff would be a good top coat for it. As it too is water based, it wouldn’t break apart the Layrite, but work with it.
And using it that way, is a definite plus. At $20 for a 3oz tub, unless you have the means, you wouldn’t use this stuff generously as you would other pomades. But using it as a simple top coat with Layrite, it’s just the right amount. And matching the 7oz tub of Cool Grease with the 32oz tub of Layrite, is a match made in heaven.

Well, that’s all the different pomades I have for now. Maybe in a month or two I’ll be ordering a new batch of pomades to review… As there are a ton of different pomades out there.