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Pomade Review: Layrite Deluxe Pomade: Revisited

It’s been 3 days since I’ve started messing around with Layrite. And so far, it has lived up to it’s title. But there are some little details, no other review has noted. Nothing bad, but something that I feel should be pointed out, so those who decide to try this out, don’t get spooked.

I noted in my previous post, that this stuff hardens. But today, I happened to reveal a bit more about it. As most do, or should do, is wet comb your hair to style it. It just helps everything style the way you want it to. Well, by doing so with Layrite, the finished product is hard. And not like a slightly soft hard, but a hard hard. (Sorry, I just had to write it out like that, it sounded funny.) It actually hardens like a gel, after a good wet combing. Surprise! I didn’t expect that! The other day that I used it, I didn’t wet comb my hair, so today showed that side of this pomade.
I also noted that it doesn’t have much of a sheen. Well, if you slick during the day, you actually lose all, if any sheen that you had. Some people prefer no sheen, so this would actually benefit them. But it still retains the hold, but just a “soul less pompadour,” as I would see it. The sheen is the soul of your pompadour people!
Lastly, this stuff doesn’t tame your hair all that much. The wavy parts of my hair, stay wavy. So that is kind of a bummer. But it’s a personal problem rather than a general one. So only those with wavy hair would have that problem. You lucky straight haired assholes! Just kidding. But seriously though… Lucky.

The only draw back I really see with this type of pomade… Is that since it is washable, you pretty much have to press restart, everytime you want to slick. Meaning, you can go through a tub pretty quickly, as opposed to the pomades you leave in your hair. You could always have a base layer of a thicker pomade, and then use this stuff on the top. So you end up using less than you normally would have to.

But all in all, I’m still satisfied with Layrite. Donnie Hawley really knew what he was doing! I would highly recommend this pomade, and would definitely buy it again.

So this week, I’m cutting this pomade short. Since it is pretty straight forward and direct. I’ll be using Deluxe tomorrow, and should have a review by the end of the week.

So until then folks, get your hair pomp’d high because it’s OKTOBERFEST!

Pomade Review: Layrite Super Hold Deluxe Pomade

Apologies for the personal ranting yesterday. But hey, that’s what blogs are for! On with the show…

So… I usually like to use a pomade for at least 2 days, but this stuff has really given my first impression, a deep impression… Sounds od.

Unlike most of the “greaser” pomades, this stuff comes in a plastic twist-top container. I’d assume that if they had used tin instead, it would up the price of their pomade a bit more. It doesn’t change the quality of their product though! I happened to get mine with a few air pockets under the sticker labels. Sucks.

Layrite Super HoldYou look at the container and the logo, and see their own designs and sayings. The gold trim on the side (not pictured) is a nice touch. One thing I wonder about, is why they chose the collor palette that they did. Brown and Yellow for the Super Hold, and swiched around for the regular one. Now, for the real first impression... For me, the way I get a first impression from a pomade, is by looking at it's consistency, without actually touching. You can really tell how a pomade will perform, by looking at it. But this stuff, well... It's a whole 'nother story...Layrite

 As soon as I took a look at this stuff, I thought it would be more so a gel, than a pomade… somewhat similar to Grant’s. Even though Layrite did come out before Grant’s. The bright orange color took me by surprise and so did the little “crusty-ness” around the edges. I had always thought that this stuff was yellow-ish. I guess that’s for the regular hold?
I didn’t really smell too much from this stuff, from the start. My girlfriend noticed a nice little scent, but nothing too extreme. Time to get our feet wet…

Sort of looking like gel?

Thinking that it sort of looks like Grant’s, I scooped some out. As I was taking a couple of finger tips of this stuff, it started to really reveal itself. Scooping it out sort of felt like a mix between gel and a pomade. It was gathering up like a gel, but scooped up like a pomade. Weird right? As I start to mix this stuff into my palms, it showed a side of it that no one really explained… It spread evenly and easily like a gel, but felt like a pomade right after it was spread. The hell… THIS SHIT IS CRAAAAZY… My hair was wet when I put it in, that’s just how I roll. Most say to apply it to dry hair, but hell with that.
Knowing that it is washable, I was skeptical whether or not this stuff will comb right out or actually work. Started to slick my comb through, everything went smooth and all. Now to test the hold. Tried to pomp up high, but alas… My hair was a little too wet to really let this stuff hold. Got a decent sized pomp with this stuff though.

Here’s a quick pomp. Nothing amazing, I was just supposed to be out the door almost 10 minutes before this picture was taken.

Now for the real test… We went out, got coffee, ran some errands, ate breakfast, drove around with the windows down, blah blah blah…

“This hair ain’t movin my dude!” Is a fact. Even with the windows down, my hair didn’t move all that much. Still maintained a pomp. Of course, had to comb it to get it to looking smooth and all, but it didn’t split in half, part or anything. And usually, pomade seems to dry out when I have the window rolled down.
This stuff did slightly harden. Maybe it was because I still had some left over pomade, but it did slightly harden. Even so, I was still able to run a comb through it. No flakes, nothing. This is a pretty badass pomade, if others haven’t said so already. To top it all off, the scent this stuff has, is amazing. It doesn’t really come out, until after everything has settled. It has a strong vanilla scent, that has everyone drawn to it. My friend and girlfriend were trying to figure out where the strong scent was coming from. And of course, it was from my hair…

I have to say, Donnie Hawley really knew what he was doing when he made this stuff. The only thing that this stuff really lacks, is sheen. Even though it says “Hy-Sheen” on the lid, it doesn’t leave you with that much of a sheen. Nothing really else to say about this stuff…

Am I gonna convert and drop all of the other pomades out there for this one single brand, I don’t think so. Only because I love variety. But will I buy this stuff again? Yeah I will, and probably the 32oz one this time!

 You can get this stuff from The Grease Shop, or even over at Hawleywoods online shop. Go and check it out, and try it. It won’t disappoint you. It sure hasn’t disappointed me.