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Refinding Faith In Murray’s.

Murray’s, is just the staple pomade, in any ones house hold. It’s just a fact. Whether you still use it or you don’t, you can bet everyone with a pompadour has a Murray’s tin laying around.

Like some, I’ve moved away from Murray’s. Considerably. I haven’t used Murray’s Superior for a few months. Other pomades have been able to take it’s place. But, it’s just so hard to get rid of a classic. So, I decided to use some today.

I figured, I have a brand new tin of Superior, just tried out Super Light, why the hell not? Let’s make a quick and simple cocktail!

I thought I would try and mixing the two together. Didn’t work out all that well. Superior is too thick and Super Light is a little too light, to break down and mix evenly with the Superior. It wasn’t too bad, but didn’t mix in well in my palms. Maybe if I had mixed it up in a little dish or something, would’ve worked out a bit better.

The part that everyone dreads when it comes to Murray’s pomade, is combing it. With Murray’s Superior lightly broken down, thanks to Super Light, it was a lot easier to comb the pomade through. You won’t see me straining!

The ratio of Superior to Super Light, was about 80% Superior and 20% Super Light. Super Light, if you hadn’t noticed from my review, is VERY light. Though it did break down Superior considerably, I was still able to retain the hold. And hey, that’s what everyone loves about it, right?

Being able to retain a the hold of a heavy pomade, while keeping it malleable as a medium weight pomade, is what we all need. I was able to pomp relatively high today, and keep it that way. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

The verdict:

If you cats wanna renew your vows to Murray’s Superior, definitely look into adding some Murray’s Super Light into it. It’ll put Murray’s Superior in a whole new light. And maybe get some people back to using it, as well. Oh yeah, IT DOESN’T MAKE YOUR HAIR FALL OUT!

Until the next time folks…

Pomp Hard.


Personally, I’m a whiskey or beer kind of guy. If anything, a nice Long Island will always hit the spot.

Even though later on I am heading out for some drinks, for a pals birthday, this post isn’t about alcohol!

After my reviews on different individual pomades, I’ve done experimenting with different mix and matches. Or as they would call it in the hair business, “cocktails.” Ahhhhh now the title makes sense, eh?

First mix I’ve tried…

Murray’s Superior and Grant’s Golden Brand.

Murray’s on it’s own, is a very stiff product. But when you mix a lighter product like Grant’s, it softens up the Murray’s, changing up its consistency in your hair.
As mentioned in the Gran’ts review, this stuff hardens. So no matter which pomade you mix with, you will get a hardened result. This wasn’t my mix of choice. But when I had a couple day old amount of Murray’s in my hair, the Grant’s was a nice touch to bring it to shape.

I also tried Murray’s with Royal Crown. Typical mix, since you often see both of these products side by side at the grocery store. Whatever you mix with Royal Crown, you don’t need equal parts of the Royal Crown pomade. This will weigh your hair down a considerable amount. Not my favorite mix, since the extra light consistency of the Royal Crown, pretty much broke apart the Murray’s, this didn’t do any good for my pompadour.
And since I said that the water based Sweet Georgia Brown, was just like Royal Crown, it pretty much falls under the same cocktail. But the Sweet Georgia Brown has a grape scent to it.

Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can) and what I thought would be a good mixer, DAX wave and groom, was surprisingly NOT a good mix. The semi lightness of the Sweet Georgia Brown, mixed with the medium consistency of the DAX, didn’t work as well as I had originally hoped for. Pretty much just added dead weight to my hair.

And last, but not least. The one cocktail that yielded amazing results…

Murray’s Superior and Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can.)
Equal amounts of both, gave me great hold, a decent amount of extra volume, sheen, and the great grape smell. And if you are mixing different pomades, you most likely are mixing, because you’re wanting your hair to look extraordinary for a night out. So the assisted grape scent is always a plus. This stuff is a hit, probably my favorite “pomade” to put into my hair, aside from DAX by itself.

I also seen someone mix Black and White pomade with Sweet Georgia Brown, and have amazing results. But I haven’t been able to find any around here in the Bay Area. Maybe someone would like to proxy some for me???