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Random Weekend.

Having a 3 day weekend is nice. Get to sleep in, sort of, and drink a lot of beer. Unfortunately for me, I ended up drinking one too many beers… But aside from all of that, this weekend was fun!

Some pics I took over the weekend.

Buick Skylark

Buick Skylark

Ran into a beautiful Buick Skylark. My guess is that it’s a ’62. Judging by the grill. This thing was spotless…. The searchlight on the drivers side is awesome…

What did I say? Don't call me Fonzy!

See what I mean… Fonzy… Ugh… Post about “The Fonz” later on…

I prefer to ride em...

Got some new toys.

Yesterdays Carry.

Had a little excursion to San Francisco yesterday, and this is what I had on me… One thing I totally forgot to bring, is some hand sanitizer… It’s something you DEFINITELY need when thrifting on Haight. Especially since we ate pizza right after going to Amoeba… Bad choice… BUT DAMN THAT PIZZA WAS GOOD!

1950s Hairstyle.

I’m not too sure what this style is called. It’s similar to a flat top with fenders, except the top isn’t buzzed short, the sides are up combed, and the front is slightly pomp’d, but not quite.

Can anyone identify?

Here are some stills from Blackboard Jungle

Up combed

On the left, if my description wasn’t descriptive enough. Don’t forget to note that sweet D.A. on the right. WITHOUT a pomp! And of course, the “waterfall” from the guy in the middle.

Up combed

And a better profile view.

This is one movie I’ve seen it in, but I’ve seen a couple of other pictures. I should try and find those pics again.

If anyone can help identify the cut, that would be great!