Want to review some products?

Well folks, here’s your chance!

Hairgum USA is looking for bloggers to review some products! It’s simple, shoot them an email at info@hairgumusa.com and include the following:

1) Your blog link. Whether you video blog on Youtube or do reviews on your tumblr, it doesn’t matter. Hell, you don’t even have to be into rockabilly! Just as long as you have a solid blog and can make a solid review.

2) Personal Information. Pretty much, what you’re into, what hairstyle you dig, and what not. I mean, every blogger is into something, right? So it’s only fitting to let people know WHAT YOU DIG AND WHY YOU DIG IT!

3) What you’d like to review. They have a full hair care line, so there’s plenty of different sorts of products you can check out. I’ve done the pomade and shampoo from Mr. Ducktail’s signature line. So why not check out some of the other goods!

Dig it? Good.

Now, I gotta warn ya… Blogging about products is a little harder than it looks! Ya gotta come from a neutral standpoint. As long as you got a solid point of view, some insight, and character, it can’t go wrong! Or can it?

Shoot em an email fast! I got a shit ton of email addresses, so you might wanna hurry up before I take your spot!

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