Hairgum Goodies!

This blog has helped many folks from all over the world. Whether it helped them deciding on which pomade works best for them, how to get a proper haircut from their barber, hell, or what pomade their store should carry! Whatever the reason, this blog seems to help a lot of people out, and I’m glad it does.

To say thanks for the “hard work,” Matthieu at Hairgum USA has sent me a sweet care package! This stuff just happens to be one of my favorite pomades on the market today, and it sure as hell does one hell of a job styling my hair up right! So big thanks to Matthieu at Hairgum USA!

Let’s see what’s inside…

A BIG ASS TIN OF POMADE! But you guys gotta see how big this tin REALLY is…

Here’s a comparison pic of this tin of pomade with their 1.3 oz tin and an average sized tin of S.G.B.

YEAH! THAT’S A BIG ASS TIN OF POMADE! It’ll definitely last quite a while!

But that’s not all folks…

As a much bigger ‘thank you,’ Hairgum has set up a promo code for The Rebel Rouser readers! Yes, you heard it correctly folks. Hairgum USA will be offering a 30% off all products, when you use the promo code REBELROUSER, on their site. Sweet fuckin’ deal, wouldn’t you say! But… there’s a catch… The code won’t be live, until I make a proper how-to video!

While we all enjoyed all of my fuck ups and not so intentional Mickey Mouse impression in the blooper reel, I gotta make a real proper how-to vid! Even if it’s not in HD, no sweet leopard print blanket as a backdrop, and just shot by my iPhone in the bathroom, it must be done!

So, show your support by adding my Facebook page and push me to get this video out sooner. Add my page and badger me to get this video up and going! This code will only last for a month. So the sooner it’s up, the sooner all can grease up nicely with some Hairgum pomade! Trust me, you’ll love this stuff!


9 responses to “Hairgum Goodies!

  1. Victor Nystad

    I actually discovered Mr. Ducktail from your blog and ordered two of those huge tins from Hairgum USA. The shipping to Norway and the import duties cost me a fortune but it was worth it, this pomade is awesome! I used to mix Layrite with Black and White before to soften up the Layrite and give it some extra shine. Unfortunately I’m out of Layrite so I haven’t tried it with Mr. Ducktail, but I’m sure it’s an excellent combo too.

    • Sorry that this promo-code didn’t happen any sooner! Would’ve saved you quite a bit!
      But, I’m glad the pomade hasn’t disappointed you!

      I’ve tried the Layrite + Mr. Ducktail mix, and it works nicely. I mean, both are badass standalone products, so together it can only get better, right?

      Glad you found a good pomade, through my blog man!

      – Jan

  2. Sucky thing is this: if you order a giant can that is normally 55 you get free shipping. If you order it at 30% off it’s only38.50 so now you have to pay 11 bucks shipping since it doesn’t meet the $50 free shipping mark.

  3. Caterpillarnut

    Two 13 ounce cans, over a pound and a half of pomade! Damn!

    I may just have to put myself in debt for this one…

  4. While I was waiting for the two big ass tins to arrive it suddenly struck me that I would need an extra suitcase for all that pomade when going abroad, so I bought one of those smaller tins as well (from a German web shop). I probably could have saved some money by just filling up an old empty tin, but then I wouldn’t get the whole Mr. Ducktail experience, now would I 😉

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