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Video: Using Lucky 13’s White Lightning Pomade.

Here’s a quick little video introducing y’all to Murray’s Lucky 13 White Lightning Pomade. Don’t worry, it will get a thorough written review as well! I’ve been meaning to put all of em to use, but I haven’t had the “right” haircut, that would warrant using this cool line of pomades! So major apologies, I’ll be putting them to good use soon.

So, until I get a cool haircut from Chris aka Cream The Barber, here’s the video!

Clean and Simple Pomp.

Styled by yours truly, using Mr. Ducktail’s pomade by Hairgum USA.

My Pomp

The other day I decided to try and do it a little more natural/50s looking. Let the waves roll in! Not too bad, especially since I have thick wavy hair. Most people complain about that, but look at what my hair can do! Not too bad, right?
Using Black and White Pomade.

Also hoping that my photos automatically resize in my Photobucket. Is it taking up the whole space of the page???

Clean and Simple Pomp.

Adam at It's Something Hell's Barbershop. By Mr Ducktail.

Adam at It's Something Hell's Barbershop. By Mr Ducktail.

Not trying to be a kiss ass, since Adam had commented earlier… But there was something about his pomp that I wanted to note to the readers, since seeing the pic.

That’s a real clean and simple pomp. It flows smoothly towards the back of his head. Whether it forms a D.A. or not, it still flows smoothly all together. From the top to the sides. Notice the swoop at the top? It’s a detail that a lot of people who try to have a pompadour, really seem to forget, or even know about. Like I’ve said when I first started to blog… Shield pomps, are awkward and weird. You have to have that flow to your hair, swoop or not. Everything has to transition smoothly. And people will notice it when you’re out and about. Not to sound cocky, but I’ve gotten a lot of smiles and comments about my hair. And I know I don’t have one of the nicer pomps out there. But it’s the detail people.

It’s really hard to find pictures of one persons pomp, that shows it from more than one angle. And by chance, Adam was pictured at two angles, showing craftsmanship when it comes to hair.