Pomade Review: Mr. Ducktail

It’s time you’ve all been waiting for folks. Well, at least I’ve been waiting for.

I used water soluble pomades exclusively for the last few days, just to make sure that I use this pomade to it’s fullest potential. But did it meet my expectations?

I’ve heard a few good, well… Great things about this pomade. So when my sister told me she was going to London, and asked if I wanted anything, and I knew exactly what I wanted. Mr. Ducktails pomade. And as much of it as she can bring back.

I know that it’s branded under Hairgum, so I already knew how small the tin was going to be. 1.3 ounces to be exact. Now, that’s not a lot of pomade, especially if you’re one of the greasy types, who like to use petrolatum based pomades on a daily. Except I don’t see petrolatum on the tin, nor do I see all that much English on it.

But this is one hell of a tin.

Read the Sweeney Todd reference?

Not a bad looking tin at all. Plus it’s got some badass art work from Vince Ray. But what does the pomade look like?

As I opened up the tin and took a look at the pomade, it had a slightly similar look to it as Black & White. So I was thinking that he probably used the same formula. Nope.

It felt a little bit lighter than Black & White, but a bit  heavier than Dax Super Neat. Now, I’m not 100% sure if this is supposed to be water soluble or not. But I can tell you one thing. It sure as hell doesn’t feel like it is.

This pomade, is amazing. It’s hold is somewhat similar to Black & White, but it doesn’t cake on like B&W does. If you’ve used Black & White, you’ll know what I mean.Plus, it’s a whole lot more malleable than Black & White. Meaning, you’ll be styling your hair up like a mother fucker with this stuff… Or should I say, MOTHERKUTTER? Too corny?

 It goes on clear, so you don’t have to worry about blending it into your hair before styling. Which is something you have to worry about, with a lot of other pomades. This stuff also doesn’t clump up hardcore in the fine teeth of your combs, you so know you’re not combing this stuff out. This is the good shit.

Now, there honestly aren’t that many new pomades out there that really catch my eye. A few, yes. But for a majority of them, I can care less about em. But this stuff… Man… This is definitely a pomade you need in your arsenal.

It’s scent, is something the ladies will definitely love. It has a ever so slight lemony scent, with vanilla. And fellas, if it brings the ladies closer, you know it’s a good pomade. You don’t wanna remind them of their uncles and grandpas, do ya?

Now, with it being in such a small tin, and you use a relatively decent amount to style, it’ll look like you’re using a whole lot. When it fact, that’s probably true.

Here’s to show how much I used, to style up my hair.

That’s about what… 1/8th of the tin? No idea, I’m shitty at math. But as you can see, it’s a pretty hefty amount. Good thing I have two more of these on the back burner.

I really wish my photos did this pomade justice, but I just couldn’t manage to take a decent flick. So unfortunately, you folks get two pics.

Sorry, only had a couple of hours of sleep. So you guys get my mug twice in one day.

Adam, I have to agree with you man. This is seriously one of the best pomades I’ve ever used, to date. And you guys know my affinity for pomades. As I’ve stressed before, definitely one pomade you guys need to have. But, it’s French and it’s not cheap.

At about $13 +/- per 1.3oz tin, this stuff is a wallet killer. But the way it styles up your hair, it’s also a lady killer. So if it helps you pick up some ladies, why the hell not? Hey, it beats dropping a couple hundred dollars on a hooker or an awkward Craigslist date, right?

Mr. Ducktail, you never cease to amaze me.

If you guys haven’t noticed the trend by now, some of the best pomades around, come from barbers themselves. Hawleywoods, It’s Something Hell’s, Eddies Deluxe, etc etc etc, respectively. These guys have been messing with hair as a profession, and been dealing with grease balls from all over. So they know what works and what doesn’t. And Mr. Ducktail, definitely knows what’s good.

So if you cats got the means, order yourselves a few of these. You won’t regret it. And if you hate it the first time and got spares laying around, shit. Send em my way!

That’s all for now folks. I still got a few more pomades to review and beers to drink.

But until then…

Pomp Hard.


37 responses to “Pomade Review: Mr. Ducktail

  1. Glad ya like it man! Use sparingly haha. I had a stack of tins about 4 or 5 high and that looked cool!

    • Yeah man, for sure. I can’t get enough of this stuff. Though they are tiny, I think they look cool as hell, so 5 stacked up would look badass. But if there were like, 50 of em, that would look badass and $$$.

  2. Nice to hear you like it! We’ll have the grease available in 13 Oz tins very soon at our online shop! http://www.hairgumusa.com

  3. Entertaining and informative blog.

    Cheers, Dom

  4. Victor Nystad

    This sounds like an amazing pomade! Do you have any idea where to get it in Europe? Without having to go to London I mean? I’ve seen the small cans on http://www.pomade-shop.eu/ but I’d like to get my hands on the big 400 ml one.
    Excellent blog btw!
    Excellent pomp too 😉

    • Hey Victor,

      The only online shop in the UK that I know of, is Pomade Shop. If they don’t have it, try contacting Mr. Ducktail directly. Tell him I sent ya!

      – Jan

  5. Victor Nystad

    I actually ended up ordering two 400ml (13.5oz) tins from Matthieu (told him I discovered the pomade on your blog), it didn’t occur to me that I could contact Mr. Ducktail directly. Found his Facebook fan page just now… Matthieu gave me a good price anyway since the shipping was so expensive so I’m quite satisfied, excellent service 🙂

  6. I got my 13.5 oz can in the mail today, I was so excited to try it out, I hopped in the shower. When I got done cleaning my dirty self, I went to open the can and the lever popped off! Lame, but now, I get to be super cool and pop it opened with my pocket folder! Haha! Great Pomade though, although, I don’t drink pop anymore and this shit makes me crave Coca Cola!

    • Luke,

      Glad you got it and dig it man! Bummer the lever popped off. I didn’t know that you twisted it to open the lid! Found that out this weekend. I thought it was there for a “guide” for your thumb, as you twist the lid off. But as long as you can pop that thing open and use it, that’s all that matters!

      – Jan

  7. pretty pricy for a 1.3 oz. but, sounds to me like it’s a good pomade ill buy two when i order them. i’ve been using the monkey brains but wanted one w/ more hold n shine. mr.ducktail’s looks like a good one! i’ll give it a try! love your reviews there very helpful and informative. thanks!

    • Lj,

      Just buy one 1.3 oz and if you like it enough, reorder the 13 oz. Then you’ll have a complete collection, as well as a whole lot of grease to last you a long, long time!

      – Jan

  8. good idea! looks good

  9. Great blog!
    I just got back from London, where I had a 4hr wait for Mr Ducktail to cut my hair. He did a top job on it. He caked on his pomade….great cola smell, the lady loves it! Having said that, it was a bitch to wash out after the fourth attempt, I had to resort to dish wash liquid!
    I can only get the small tins over here in the UK, strange, with him being based over here.
    I guess I’ll have to stick with the red Dax and keep this stuff for special occasions.
    Any chance of a pomp tutorial? I’m still struggling to get it right.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Russell,

      Big thanks for the kind words! I appreciate it!

      Ah, the ever so long wait to get cut by Mr. Ducktail. I’ve heard this story many o’ times, but everyone who has gotten a cut by him, has left with amazing hair! Somethings are worth waiting for, and in my opinion, his haircut is one of em! (Thought I hope that if I ever get a haircut by him, I can possibly be an exception to waiting!)

      As for the pomp tutorial, I have a couple of videos up on YouTube. Check out my channel: http://www.youtube.com/theerebelrouser

      I plan on making another video, real soon. Where I’ll give a bit more of a personal look as to how I do my pompadour, with my pomade(s) of choice. The other videos pretty much show how easy it is to style with those featured pomades.

      Big thanks again, I appreciate it. And judging by your avatar, The pomp you’re sportin’ ain’t lookin’ bad at all! Gotta say, you’ve got a great hairline for a pomp! Any chance you have pics of the way Mr. Ducktail styled your hair?

      – Jan

  10. Thanks for the heads up, It was a bit lazy of me to ask…I found the videos about 10mins after I posted!
    My hair is a bit short at the moment, hopefully will grow long enough for my wedding (in Vegas!) in October.
    I’ll pop the photos on Facebook and pop a link here.

    • No worries. Believe me, if you thought your question was lazy, you should see what I answer on a daily basis! Plus, the videos were posted a while back, so I can’t expect everyone to click back through that many pages!

      I will be putting up a page for my YouTube videos and an FAQ, to make things easier for everyone!

  11. Here you go…I usually go without a part, so I asked Mr.D to put one in.
    As I said, my hair is still a bit too short ot the moment, not really enough height, but I’m getting there.
    It’s looking pretty good without a part too!

    • Looks good man!

      The part is something that a few cats don’t dig, but that’s fine. For me, my hair works best with and pretty much won’t style without a part. But it looks real good with a part, maybe you’ll gravitate towards it, if you start styling with it, haha.

      And don’t worry so much about height. I think the height you got in that pic is nice. Especially since it retains a classic pompadour shape. The hairline only adds to it, as you’ve got a perfect hairline for a pomp!

      – Jan

  12. got some of this stuff for christmas. Its pretty rad but idk if its worth 15 buck, at least not for me

  13. hairgum usa don’t carry the 13 Fl.Oz. anymore is there any where else i can get it

  14. hi so i live in the uk and on your recomendation i checked out mr ducktails shop went all the to london from hull ( bout 4 hours through traffic and such ) and im real pleased to report the whole journey was worth just to sit in his store it was amazing its not just a hair cut its the whole experiance of being there the music the decore everything also the bonus is you get your hair cut by ducktail he does a great job waited 2 hours to get i cut would have waited all day for it and the pomade man its the best.
    ps i saw some one asking about buying his pomade in the uk other than his store i was told by the man himself theres a store called rockers england in manchester thats stocks it
    keep up the good work man enjoy your vids and reviews

    • Hey Chris,

      I’m glad it all worked out for you! Getting a cut from Mr. D is something I need to do! I know a lot of people hate the wait, but it’s a part of the whole experience, wouldn’t you say?

      – Jan

  15. hey Jan
    yer people some times say that its along time to wait for a hair cut but man with all the rockin’ music and the amazing decor of the place ya dont yet board. put it this way im going with my girl( can i still say that these days without getting a verbal onslaught for neo feminists?) so she can get her hair done by miss Betty so ill be doing all the waiting with non of the hair cut and im more than happy to do it
    keep up the good work and to quote a wise man
    pomp hard

  16. Pingback: Mr. Ducktail « The Suicide Policeman

  17. mr.ducktail washed with water?…..differences between Murray’s and mr.ducktail

    • It does not, but it’s not that difficult to wash out, with a good shampoo.

      Mr. Ducktail’s pomade is a medium pomade, whereas Murray’s is a heavy pomade.

      – Jan

  18. i tried mr ducktail and…..it is amazing!!!
    i bought it from pomade shop ( i’m from italy) and they have a nice offer

    thank you,dude!

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