Update From Hairgum.

Earlier today I got an email from Matthieu, informing me that 13.5oz tin of Mr. Ducktail’s pomade is now available through their online shop.

The larger tin comes in silver, rather than the black tin the 1.3 oz tin comes in.

You can best bet that I’ll be purchasing a tin very shortly. Not just because I like pomade, but because this is one badass pomade! Easily one of my favorites. If you haven’t already, check out my pomade review on it. It’s definitely a pomade everyone should try out.

I’ll be emailin’ ya soon, Matthieu!


8 responses to “Update From Hairgum.

  1. Mr D’s promoting it at some show in New York this weekend, which is a real bummer because I need a haircut real bad!

  2. Already got it a few weeks ago, but just the regular Hairgum Legend Classic one, which is exactly the same as Ducktails (he used to use Legend Classic before they gave him his own logo and scent). I prefer the classic scent. Looks cool in the bathroom!

  3. Hard to describe… just different!

  4. Hey man love your reviews. Got a question for you though, what’s the hold like on Mr. Ducktail?

    • Hey Vergil,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      The hold from Mr. Ducktail’s pomade is sort of like Black & White pomade, if you have had any experience with it. It isn’t stiff like other medium pomades, such as Dax Wave & Groom, but it is very malleable and retains a nice hold throughout the day. It’ll form your hair nicely, but it won’t harden or be stiff in any way.

      Hope this description helped a bit. It’s kind of a hard pomade to describe, unless you’ve messed around with some other stuff…

      – Jan

  5. the 13.5oz tin of Mr. Ducktail’s pomade is no longer available? dang, that sucks i shouldv’e ordered a while ago.

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