The pomade everybody knows… Murray’s…

Damn, I really need to start posting and get this blog rollin…


If you haven’t tried using Murray’s, you probably haven’t done much with your hair.

For anyone and everyone who has tried pomp’n their hair, Murray’s was most likely the first actual pomade they have tried. I personally, went with petroleum jelly… Even though Murray’s is petroleum based, the jelly just wasn’t cutting it.

After many years of having long hair, and the past year and a half of having dreadlocks… I cut my hair, went to my buddy Shane’s barbershop for the first time (and the first time going to a barbershop in like… 6 years???) and got myself a haircut. With a fresh new hair cut, I needed solid product. What else can one start with?

Locally, there isn’t much to offer… The only pomades I’ve seen locally were Royal Crown*, American Crew, and some other salon type pomades. Nothing else that would give that solid, greasy look.

*I’ll put up a review about Royal Crown in a week or so. Maybe sooner.

Going by the consistency, I knew Royal Crown wasn’t going to give me the pomp I’d like. Neither would any salon styled pomades. And DEFINITELY not Axe. Suck it. In the end, I knew there was only one route to go…

It’s proably one of the easiest pomades to find on any shelf. You will notice off the bat, it’s iconic orange tin. The top of the tin has an Afro American couple. There is also a limited edition Obama tin. If you wanna pay a few bucks more for the tin, The Grease Shop has you covered. The side of the tin also has one other image. It’s either a gypsy or Boy George in a du-rag. I don’t judge…

Murray's Pomade

This stuff is THICK. Unlike other pomades, this stuff really does need to put this saying on the tin. “A little goes a long way.” Once you put on your first “layer,” you know you won’t be needing another one in a long time. As everyone knows, or should know before getting Murray’s, this stuff isn’t for the weak. Pomade isn’t made to be washed out. It’s made to sit in your hair for days on end. If you want to wash it out, stick to gel, or get some water based products. But then, you might need to reconsider how you identify yourself.

In the end, this will always be my go to pomade. I’ve bought two other brands, Grants and Royal Crown. Reviews to come. But when the week starts, this is the first thing that gets ran through my hair. Aside from my lady’s hand OH GIGGITY.

Not much of a review for the time being or dropping any information about the history, but ya’ll will see where I’m going with this… Soon enough…


3 responses to “The pomade everybody knows… Murray’s…

  1. Hey man just gonna ask, is there any thing better out there that has hold like Murray’s but not as greasy? I have thick hair and it gets greasy with just a small-med amount of Murray’s ,

    • Check out Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) I have a post about it very soon. But it’s exactly what you’re looking for.

      – Jan

      • Hey jan thanks for the advise just got a gift card for the pomade so I’ll order it along with some other pomades and try it out. Looks good
        In terms of hold but I have to get it to try it. Once again thanks, 0rwe11

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