Washing Out Pomade: How-to.

Seen this comment on a forum I’m on… Since I’ve been meaning to post this, I might as well start here!

“Had my first run in with Murray’s yesterday, it was a bitch getting out but now I know what to do. Looks like im going to stick with Bryl cream for now.”

As I’ve stated before about Murray’s, this stuff is MADE to stay in your hair. If you can’t handle or accept that, you gotta move on to water soluble stuff! (not directed towards the author of the post, just a general statement.)

Murray’s is indeed a pain to wash out. I made a mistake by thinking just a few shampoo jobs will do the trick, before a haircut. To say the least, I feel guilty that my buddy had to run his clippers through my Murray’s coated hair, the last time he gave me a cut. Rookie mistake #1 when getting a haircut.

There are a few different methods that work for me, that might not work for the average person.

1) Grease cutting dish washing soap.

As crude as it may or may not sound, this will definitely do the trick when trying to wash out that pomade.

Start off by dampening your hair just a bit, and get a decent sized dab of soap in your hands, and work up a lather. You’ll need to let this stuff set in a bit to break down the pomade. So if you’re taking a shower, start off with this, then do your regulars. If you’re rinsing off in the sink, wrap a towel around your neck and check my blogs for updates! 😉
To thoroughly get out all of the pomade, and I mean ALL of it… I use a fine tooth comb and comb out the pomade. You’ll see chunks of pomade in your comb. The less you see, the better. A couple of cycles of this will do the trick. Don’t forget to hit your head up with some shampoo and conditioner after wards. Dish soap can dry out your scalp.

2) Olive oil.

Some people like to do an olive oil + dish soap combo.

While olive oil alone does do the trick, I hate how it makes my hair feel after wards. Obviously, not only does it cut the pomade, it also coats your hair. Yes, it is a nice smooth, silky feeling. Makes one feel like Fabio. Or not. But for me, it ends up making my hair wavy as hell. Nearly impossible to pomp the next few days. It sort of coats your hair to the point where pomade is hard to apply. It’ll rub right off back into your hands. And that’s where the dish soap combo comes into play.

3) Baking Soda.

The baking soda will start to cook up in your hair, giving you a George Washington pompadour of fizz and foam. I personally haven’t tried this yet, but I heard it works wonders. There are people who only wash their hair with this method. Pomade or not.

4) This one I got from a buddy. Not long after wards, I heard about the baking soda method. Pretty much one and the same, but one tastes better…

Diet Coke.

Actually, I take the “tastes better” back. I hate the flavor of diet “X” soda. But then again, I haven’t drank soda in over a year. Anyways…
This was the first method I’ve tried. Works like a charm. All you need is a can of diet coke, a shower, and you’re good to go. It can be expensive, as you could possibly be buying diet coke just for the sole purpose of washing out your hair. But if you don’t wash your hair everyday, maybe once a week, it will only cost you a dollar. Or if you got someone living in your house who drinks soda on a daily basis. They won’t be missing a few cans a month. Plus it’s better for their health.

If you or your lady doesn’t mind having a greasy ass pillow case, then you don’t need to worry about these methods. But if you enjoy intimacy, you might wanna “WASH THAT GREASE OUTTA YOUR HAIR KID!”


8 responses to “Washing Out Pomade: How-to.

  1. thanks for this post! i was wondering wtf to do before my haircut

    i think everyone makes rookie mistake #1, right?

    i figured since murray’s is insoluble in water, i dry-lathered some shampoo and conditioner in for a few minutes before hopping in the shower. i think it washes out a lot better than trying to shampoo wet hair first.

    i’m gonna try the grease cutting dish soap method next time. thanks again!

  2. Hey Rebel, This may sound gross..but what actually works is straight up Peanut Butter with no chunky nuts in it! haha trust me this will get any “Hardcore” Grease outta your hair. But you have to wash your hair a couple times with shampoo after the peanut butter or else you will smell like PB&J!

    • The part of the peanut butter that gets the pomade out, is the oil. So regardless of oil you use, olive, baby, cat, it’s gonna break down the pomade, making it easier to wash out. It’s also good for getting gum out of hair/clothes, and a shit ton of other things. Peanut butter is the super butter. Not a fan of chunky though…

      Think of it like when oil tankers leak, the oil is separated from the water. So when an oil meets a substance like pomade, it’ll break it apart. It’s science. See, stuff you think would be useless information from middle school/high school, actual does have some real life applications!

      Don’t worry folks… Whatever remedy people have tried, heard of, read about, I’ve tried it 😉

      I still have a few tricks up my sleeves and know an actual product that should get the job done in one go… So stay tuned.

      – Jan

  3. Hey Jan, after having tried a whole bunch of ways/products to remove pomade, which ones have you found to be the best, or easiest, or the one that you tend to use the most? Thanks, Brandon

    • Brandon,

      After trying quite a few methods, I’ve come to like using Suave’s Groom & Clean to degrease. It’s a greaseless styling product, which breaks down the petrolatum based products. And it won’t dry your hair out, unlike using too much dish soap.

      But I still like the olive oil method, as olive oil is healthy for your hair. It’s good to switch it up every once in a while.

      – Jan

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  5. What seems to work for me is shampoo for hair with coloring in it… It’s strange, but I used it at my girls house once and didn’t pan out to bad. It’s not ideal to remove the grease all in one go, but it does remove quite a lot.

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