Pomade Review: Dax Wave & Groom

Since the High Life was more so a WAX than a pomade, I didn’t want to leave it in my hair for more than a day. I kn0w, petroleum isn’t any better. But the wax just attracted EVERYTHING. I don’t need to wake up with a bumblebee in my hair.

So I’m doing a review on one of the last pomades I bought from The Grease Shop… DAX…

First off… I went to like 5 different Walgreens trying to find this shit. They had it on their online shop, but no stores had this stuff stocked! This shit was a bitch to find. Yeah, I could’ve bought it from the Walgreens dot com, but since I already was putting an order on one site, why not?

The packaging is pretty basic. A red tin with white lettering. DAX wave and groom HAIR DRESS on the top of the tin. But under HAIR DRESS it reads, “Made Especially For Short Hair.” FUCK. Am I shit out of luck?

DAX wave and groom

Not much of a scent with this stuff. Which isn’t too bad. Once you start smelling the same scent everyday, you get sick and tired of it. Just like my lady. JUST KIDDING BABES! Anyways.
This has a similar base color like Murray’s, but not as dark. Good or bad? Could mean it’s weaker, because they don’t use as much petroleum. But as soon as I got this on my finger tip, I noticed the consistency was slightly softer than Murray’s. Maybe this stuff is more comparable to Murray’s Super Light. But I haven’t heard too many great/decent things about Murray’s Super Light, so I don’t feel like it’s necessary to try out.

DAX wave and groom

Underneath the lid is just a little advertisement for their other products.

Working this stuff is was pretty easy. Not silky smooth as Sweet Georgia Brown, but not harsh like High Life. As soon as I started to comb through, I felt that this stuff was semi light, so I thought I’d try and do a full frontal…

POMPADOUR that is. (too corny of a joke? Probably.)


Pretty decent!

Damn tired eyes.

Anyways. Considering how light this stuff is compared to Murray’s, you still get a pretty decent sheen with this stuff! It has a semi decent hold, I need to really try and slick with a fine tooth comb to really get the feel of this stuff. But I have to say, out of all the pomades I bought from The Grease Shop, this is one of my favorites, on it’s own!

Overall: I think this is one of my favorite pomades. It has a decent enough hold, no overwhelming scent, a nice sheen, and is “greasy” enough to keep slicking through out the day. Of course, mixing and matching pomades and such is fun. But sometimes, it gets tiring having to scoop and re-scoop pomade. I think this would be a pomade I can see myself using weeks on end. Only time will tell. Good thing I bought two of these tins!

34 responses to “Pomade Review: Dax Wave & Groom

  1. I’ve been using Dax Wave & Groom, myself, for a few months now. Since late September, I believe. It’s good stuff, great hold, good shine, but for me at least, sometimes a bit tough to comb with. It’s difficult to describe, as I have a limited experience with retro hair products, whether creams or pomades. I have little else to compare it to except for Brylcreem, which I also use. I often use both Dax and Brylcreem together, rather than just separately, and I find that this combo works well. I style my hair in a side-part with the front “flipped” into a wave, or I just slick it back, working a shorter variation of a pompadour or contour.

  2. Sean Theall

    I have recently started using this stuff. Like you said, it last all day; so no constantly adding more! (that can be a pain) And since im black its amazing for “waves” if desired. For me it works best after i rub it in the palms of my hand till its smooth and thin then i apply it. If you want you can also wet a towl with hot water, place it on you head for a couple of seconds, then apply the Dax. either way the stuff is pretty decent!

    • Glad you’re usin’ Dax man. It’s a good pomade.

      But more so glad you’re usin’ it for your waves! If Dax ends up being a little too light for you, check out S-Curl. It’s thick and heavy, more so than Murray’s Superior. But something about the formula (I think) is proper to get your waves spinnin’ 360.

      – Jan

  3. hey man you can find it at sally’s beauty salon, for $2:00 dollers.
    insted of $3.90 @The Grease Shop

  4. thats cool man

  5. ya i just saw this at stater bros by my house so Imma pick it up and see how it works for me. thanks for the review

    • Lj,

      This is definitely a choice pomade! You’ll definitely dig it, once your hair grows in. It mixes well with a lot of other pomades, so it’s a well rounded pomade to have on hand!

  6. ya been mixing it w/other pomades and works wonders. i usually have two tins jus in case since i can get it local n not worry about shipping. but, question is w&g a light hold or medium hold? i can’t tell it has decent hold so maybe medium? and, by mixing pomades is it better to have a hard hold as your base and top it off w/a light hold on top. thanks jan! always enjoy your reviews. i like how you give pros n cons on each product.

    • Lj,

      It’s a bit closer to a heavier hold. But it’s on the light side of that spectrum. It’s a tad lighter than Murray’s Superior, but has a comparable hold.

      There’s a major difference between top-coating pomade and mixing. I’m gonna cover it in an upcoming video, so stay tuned!

      – Jan

  7. Okay cool! Thanks for clarifying the hold of dax. Yeah, it seems pretty heavy. I don’t know if I’m not warming the pomade enough with my hands. But, when I put heavy pomade onto my hair it’s really tough to comb and style with. Or are heavy pomade hard to comb through and style your hair with? And, thanks I’ll wait for your video. Always enjoy the commentary and comments in your videos. Thanks Jan!

  8. I’ve found, it’s nice to pop the can in some hot water, softens it up a treat!
    It does get pretty cold over here in the UK though, especially when the can is sitting on my bathroom window shelf.
    W&G is my go to pomade. been trying a few others out, but nothing seems to do the job like this does.

  9. I feel you on the availability gap. The only place in Ft. Wayne, Indiana to find the stuff is at a Walgreen’s downtown. Since I make a regular pilgrimage for other hard-to-find items (various Murray’s, like Super Light or Bees Wax plus Royal Crown) it’s not too big a deal. But I love it. I mix in a little Tres Flores for extra shine, and it works great. Thanks again for the great reviews!

    • “The journey is the reward!”

      Believe me, I TRAVEL to find pomade! It’s an adventure on its own! AND AN EXPENSIVE ONE, haha. Even if I DON’T find anything good (gas -$$$)

      Thanks again for diggin’ the reviews! There’s a few great pomades I have to review in the future, so stay tuned!

      – Jan

  10. UPDATE! So, I recently got my hair all chopped off. Yep. Every now and then you have to let the field go fallow. Anyway, I tried a little Wave & Groom to mess up my shorter hair, and guess what? It worked great! Used sparingly it’s as good or better than that over-priced Bed Head stuff (and the like.) Just thought I’d share with your readers, even those that don’t rock the pomp!

    • Turner,

      Thanks for the update! Glad to know it’s working out for your shorter hair. It’s definitely a great product, and does my hair justice, regardless of length!

      – Jan

  11. this stuff is rad, but if you dont rinse all of the shampoo out of ur hair when u wash it, its flakes alot cuz shampoo sticks to the dax. other than that, this is one of my favorites

  12. So would this stuff be heavier or lighter than say, Nu-Nile?

    • Sorry for the late reply, Jon.

      Dax Wave & Groom’s hold is relatively similar to Nu-Nile, but a tad bit stronger and it’s also more malleable than Nu-Nile. Between the two, I prefer Wave & Groom.

      – Jan

  13. hahaa, you’re right about the wax.. I can’t ride my bike down the block without the bees chasing after me

  14. I have been using the Red Dax for quite a while over a 20 year period and it is a pomade that I will always return to, just excellent. I recently manged to get hold of a can of Orange Dax which is a medium hold compared to Red Dax, but, by mixing the two or using the Orange Dax as a top coat it worked brilliantly. I’ve found that by using the same brand pomades combined that the results are outstanding (currently combining Murray’s Superior with Murray’s Hair Glo and I am not disappointed).

  15. I have a question!

    I came here looking for the Black and White pomade. Then thought I’d see what you think of the Dax. Both are available where I live (in the UK).

    My question is, do you find these products give you acne or redness around the hairline? I used to use the blue Dax years and years ago, but can’t remember if I had any problems. The gel (by Sebastian – fucking expensive) and spray that I’m using now are what I am gong to blame for the fact that my skin looks shit.

    You look like it’s not an issue – I want skin like yours!!

    • Peter,

      Sorry for such a late reply.

      I personally haven’t had any skin issues using Dax pomades or Black & White.

      Drink more water and sweat more! It’s good for the skin!

      – Jan

  16. question? if i put to much pomade in my hair would that afecct my pomp? also lets just say that i havent had a haircut in 3 months. would that affect it aswell? i have thivck semi-curly hair.

  17. Just bought the Wave and Groom in the UK and must say once its in my hair it looks and feels great. I just have some issues with getting it in as its very waxy. Also getting it out again is quite a chore. Any ideas on proper shampoos?

    • Hey Richard,

      The Dax shampoo is great for getting it out. Also, if you can find some Groom & Clean by Suave, it’ll cut right through the Wave & Groom, allowing you to wash it right out.

      – Jan

  18. Thanks Jan,

    I’l have a look for that. Did find out that when I use regular shampoo first and then a conditioner, gets the job done pretty well. Thanks to the conditioner I guess.

  19. Just tried a bit of Red Dax, i thought it was terrible, maybe as it is quite cold here but the stuff just set like glue, it was nightmare to pull through with a comb. My hair is quite fine really and have only recently started to use Pomades (after growing out a Skinhead). I have had decent results with VO5 Grooming Pomade and will probably try the Black and White stuff next.

    • Hey James,

      Sorry to hear you dislike Dax Wave & Groom. You can mix it with V05 to soften it up and make it more malleable for your hairtype.

      Black & White should work relatively well for you, as it’s very popular in the UK.

      – Jan

      • Cheers for the reply, i think it probably has a lot to do with the ambient room temperature around here, being so cold it just set like cement! Taking a hair dryer to it got it moving though!

      • Thanks chum, watched a lot of your Youtube videos, good practical advice, many thanks mate! On further use the VO5 stuff is pretty crap, not much hold.

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