Pomp Hard.

(Supposed to be like how Walk Hard is the parody of Walk The Line… Pomp Hard… GET IT??? I thought it was funny…)

I’m not going to get into the differences between a pompadour, Rockabilly Pompadour, and a Psychobilly Pompadour. Trust me, there are MAJOR differences…

My hair being thick and wavy, I can’t exactly pomp like everyone else. It can be a good thing and a bad thing…

Good, because I can’t stand the way some pompadours look like a damn shield or barrier on someones head. No offense to anyone who likes their pomps that way, it’s just a preference thing. It looks sloppy and unfinished. I DO have to give props to those who rock it, because it takes one hell of a time getting the hair up all high and what not and maintaining that pomp.
I say sloppy, because to be it looks unfinished. It doesn’t have any flow like hair styles should be. A noticeable break or “cave” as I described it about myself at one point, is just… weird… Like someone plopped a black cheese wedge on your head.

Young Psychobilly kids kissing. Cute.

Cute couple. BUT that break on the pomp, bugs me. Sorry.

Props for getting that hair UP… I couldn’t do that for the life of me…

In Japan, the Rockabilly scene is AMAZING… Ridiculous… BUT AMAZING… Everyone has seen the videos of the group at Yoyogi Park dancing about and having a ball. When Japanese folk do something, they do it BIG… Just like their pompadours…

Pretty amazing… Pretty crazy, but amazing.

I’ll post about the whole greaser/rockabilly/americana scene in Japan in the days to come. As if people don’t know about it already.

Now, I can’t criticize people without expecting a little criticism myself…

[editors note: In no way am I hating on anyones hair. These are just the only pictures I found that show what I’m talking about.]

As I’ve said before, my hair is thick and wavy. And I just have to make do, with what I got…

Got a ducktail (duck ass for the era correct folk) in the back… The only product in my hair in the pics is Murray’s Superior.

At the end of the day, it comes down to you rockin your pomp the way you rock your pomp. And as long as you had a good time doing it…

Pomp Hard.


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