Quickie: Hair falling out from Murray’s?

Making a super quick post.

The product ITSELF cannot break your hair. This isn’t nair, where it’ll break off your hair.

Want to know HOW exactly it would “make you bald?”

1) If you leave it in, it can potentially clog up your pores, resulting in no oxygen getting to the roots then having your hair fall out. And of course, that’s with extended use… It ain’t gonna happen over night… But the next way, will…

2) Leaving it in, sleeping, and when you wake up in the morning you notice your comb has hair. When you sleep, you rustle, twist and turn about all night long. Your hair will drag along your pillow. And since it’s “waxed” down, it doesn’t move freely. Therefore, it’ll tear with every twist and shuffle. Boom.

3) GENETICS. Some people are born to use stronger products, some aren’t. Simple as that.

As I’ve said before, if you’re worried, get some water based pomade.

Here’s a quick list.

1) Layrite (Haven’t tried them out yet. Soon enough.)
2) Sweet Georgia Brown (They make a water soluable pomade. Purple can. Should be here next week!)
3) Grant’s Golden Brand.
4) Suavacito (Haven’t tried them out yet, but I plan on it in the near future.)

I’ll try and order the rest as soon as possible. But for now, I’m gonna listen to some Eddie Cochran and clean.

17 responses to “Quickie: Hair falling out from Murray’s?

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  2. Hey Jan, from what I can tell, we have similar hair so I can use stronger products without any worry, but do you have any tips for keeping your pores free of product-build up? Thanks man.

    • The best way to go about it, is to do the gradual week long build up. Because there’s never a single day, where your hair has way too much product than it needs. It keeps a nice flow of pomade going in and out through the week. Not only making your hair styling so much easier on the last day, but also not clogging you up.

  3. Hey RebelRouser my names Will and I’m new to pomades!! I started using Murrays original one and didn’t like it to much since it’s not water soluble! What would you reccommend that is water soluble and better for a strong hold pomp?Thanks, Will!

    • Will,

      Check out Layrite in their brown labeled tub. It’s easily the strongest and best water soluble pomade, on the market. I haven’t tried Cock Grease XXx (yet,) but I’ve heard it works real well and gets the job done nicely. There’s also Monkey Brains Grease Monkey pomade, which is comparable to Layrite, and is a whole lot cheaper at $3 for buy 1 get 1 free, over at Walgreens/Rite Aid/CVS.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  4. hey, an hair tonic instead of a pomade will be a solution?? ( i have simple styling and i want keeping my hair)

    • Nicola,

      It all depends on the user. Hair tonics are nice for styling, especially if you don’t need anything strong. If you haven’t already, try out a hair tonic and let me know what you think.

      – Jan

      • Hey jan I’m useing Murray’s right now and when I take a shower I wash my hair and while the spoke is still on my hair I comb through it to get as much out as possible but I fell my hair and I can feel I do still have some in my hair so am I going to go bald!!!!!!! Please reply!!!

  5. i tried some hair tonics ( italian linetti hair tonic, lucky tiger and vitalis) i pretty love them,
    thanks again

    • Hey jan I’m useing Murray’s right now and when I take a shower I wash my hair and while the spoke is still on my hair I comb through it to get as much out as possible but I fell my hair and I can feel I do still have some in my hair so am I going to go bald!!!!!!! Please reply!!!

  6. i use murrys and when i wash my hair i get alot out of my hir but i can still feel that my hair still has a little grease so am i going to go bald!!!!!!!!! but if you do use murrys do you need to get all of it out like to the point where your hair feels normal cuz i do wash my hair and it feels grease and i do wash my face every day so am i ok or is it cloging my pores

  7. What is the week long build up? I have short hair that I would like to grow out to a small part/pomp at least the front…sides and neck I will probably keep short?

    • Trav,

      The build up is gradually adding pomade from Monday to Thursday, so that by Friday your hair will be perfect for the weekend and the week after. Since I suggest leaving in pomade for no more than 2 weeks, this is a great method to styling your hair, without destroying it.

      – Jan

      • But then how does that address the problem of leaving it in and going to sleep? if you’re gradually adding pomade during the week, say murray’s superior (What I use) wouldn’t my hair be rubbing against my pillow every night for two weeks coated in pomade? or do i shower at night before bed to solve this?

      • Alfred,

        Sorry for the late reply.

        Your hair rubbing against the pillow is going to happen regardless of the product in your hair (or lackthereof.) Friction is friction. Obviously some sort of lubrication helps ease the friction, but friction is present nonetheless.

        Rinsing your hair out at night helps will getting rid of the excess pomade on your hair. I’d definitely suggest doing so, so you won’t have (as) greasy pillow cases.

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