Fresh Cut at Headshots.

I’ve been rockin’ a D.A. for a while now. After a certain point, it grows out a little too long in certain parts, and it just doesn’t work. With me being known for this blog now, I can’t be wandering out of the house with a bad hairstyle. Not saying the pompadour is a bad hairstyle, but sometimes I just can’t work with the D.A.  CURSE THIS WAVY HAIR!

Since my usual barber is taking his old timer vacation, aka, sitting at home not going to work, who was my next best bet?

Sure, this is the Bay Area after all. There are many talented shops up and down the way. Unfortunately for me, they’re on polar opposite ends of the Bay Area, for me.  Personally, if I  have to travel out to get a good haircut, it doesn’t make much sense, considering gas and all that. Yes… I too have this first world problem, just like the rest of you! GAS AIN’T CHEAP!

My homie Shane owns two of the best barbershops in the Bay Area, Headshots and The San Mateo Zoo. Now, he’s not rockabilly in any way, neither is his shop. But as I’ve said before, don’t judge a barber by the shop he works in. While they play hip-hop and more than often you’ll see guys getting fades and line-ups, I can promise you he knows his way around sheers and clippers. He’s got skill and will cut you right every time.

Don’t believe me? Check the pics…

Straight out of the shower. BTW, I got this cut at 8am. Can’t you tell how tired I am??? Shit, he was there since 5!

Fresh ass cut.

Got a slick new cut, just in time for Viva Las Vegas. Big ups to Shane for hooking it up. He even gave me some funky chops! I can’t grow chops to save my life, but hey… At least he makes it look like I could!

So for you cats who dig the pompadour with a fade, swing on down to San Mateo, and put your faith and coin into Shane and the cats at The San Mateo Zoo and Headshots Barbershop. You will NOT be disappointed!


6 responses to “Fresh Cut at Headshots.

  1. Lookin fresh my man

  2. Wow perfect! Headshots rules as they made a great looking pomp into an outstanding pomp! What pomade did you use as that surely added to the excellent work?

    • Thanks Alex!

      Hey Kley,

      Thanks! My buddy did an amazing job! I buddy of mine looked at my haircut yesterday and was amazed at the detail that was put into it!

      I happened to be using a little bit of Dax (for hold,) Sweet Georgia Brown in the red tin (to make it a bit more malleable,) and some Blue Magic pressing oil for a little extra sheen. Seems like a lot, eh? Haha.

      – Jan

  3. The fade’s where it’s at homes, looks tight.

  4. This may be weird, but can you post a few more shots of your hair without any pomade on? It will be great if I can have a few pictures of them to show my barber. Thank you.

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