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Barber Shop Update. 10/10/14

As most of you know, I’ve seen been cutting hair down in the Peninsula (20 minutes south of San Francisco) previously in Redwood City and now (currently) in Belmont. And for some of my San Francisco based clients, it wasn’t feasible to make the trek down to see me… which is perfectly understandable. But for those clients that have stuck with me through the transitions: I appreciate y’all! But… there’s some good news to be had!


Starting October 21, I’ll be splitting my time from my Belmont location with the brand new barber shop in the Dogpatch district, Cream’s Barbershoppe, owned by none other than Chris Eliares. He was one of the barbers I worked with at the beginning stages of my career that helped me progress in this craft, so getting back into the swing of things alongside of him will only lead to more progression! I definitely can’t wait to be back up in San Francisco, cutting hair, no less!

For the time being, I will only be working on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, with the potential of being opened on Mondays given the demand.

So, if you’re one of my previous clients from San Francisco or looking for a barber in the San Francisco Bay Area, book an appointment with me at the new location. There’s some fun to be had! Book an appointment with me via email:

Other methods of booking an appointment will be updated in a later date.

Hope to see y’all soon.

Product Review: Kent 7T Pocket Comb.

Over the last few months, I’ve carries around my Kent Sawcut 7T pocket comb. I just wanted to add a bit of “class” to my back pocket accessories. After a few too many bent-toothed Unbreakables, I figured this handmade tortoise shell comb would be choice. So, ‘how did I like it,’ you ask? Well let’s take a look!

They’re nearly the same length, albeit the Kent being a few millimeters longer and thicker. The size difference is very minute and hardly makes a difference when it’s in your back pocket. The only difference that matters, is the spacing between the teeth!


The 7T is their fine toothed model. Not nearly as fine as their 20T model, nor the fine toothed end on the Unbreakable. For me, this makes getting the hair slicked tight, real difficult. The finer the teeth- the slicker the hair. Also, the teeth aren’t pointed like plastic combs, but rather blunt or rounded, which makes styling not all that easy.

A reason why people prefer tortoise shell over plastic combs, is because they’re more comfortable on the scalp. Since the teeth don’t comb to a point, they don’t scratch. But since they don’t come to a point, it’s somewhat hard to style with it, since they can’t really “grab” hair all that well. Though these pocket combs are really used to tidy up, rather than style, it’s much easier to style with a plastic pocket comb.


As you can see, a bit of the gold lettering on the comb has scraped off. This comb has definitely seen its better days! After a couple months, plastic combs would have to be replaced since the teeth bend real easily (Well, if you haven’t lost it by then, haha.) I’ve had several bend after the first use, when combing a heavy pomade! But, this Kent has held up nicely, no teeth are bent too out of place and none have snapped! I couldn’t imagine replacing a Kent as frequently as I would an Unbreakable!

The price on these bad boys are quite high, especially when compared to your ordinary plastic pocket comb. Averaging at about $10 a piece, it’s a somewhat hard price to swallow, considering you can get 20 Unbreakables for that price! But, the craftsmanship and history alone justifies the price.

My overall thoughts on this comb, as an everyday pocket comb?

While I dug the touch of “class” it brought to my every day carry, I found myself carrying either an Unbreakable or a palm comb along with it. For me, I prefer my hair to be real slicked down tight, and the Kent couldn’t bring that to the table. Most of the times I had to do touch ups to my hair, it actually got a bit sloppier. Combing through parts of my hair that were already slicked, to blend in the stray hairs, raised the hair off I my head, not keeping it as slicked tight as I like. Had the teeth either been finer or sharper, then it would’ve made a world of difference. I know the 20T has finer teeth, but they’re MUCH shorter, which doesn’t fit my needs.

Overall, it’s still a great comb, but not necessarily a great every day pocket comb. I see myself using this to evenly comb in pomade before styling, but other than that, I’ll be keeping this comb at home.

Well folks, that’s all for now. I know a lot of you dig Ace combs, but I don’t like the way they make them now. If any of you have a new one, that’s still rubber instead of hard plastic, let me know!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard!

Video: Styling with Light Pomade & Boar Hair Brush.

After several requests for more videos, I got down and did one. Well… three… More like two and a half, but that’s besides the point. VIDEOS!!!

Video 1: A lot of people highly favor heavy pomades over anything lighter, at least when it comes to hold and styling, and when I started out, I had to agree. But, I’ve learned a couple of tricks here and there, which made me come to love light pomades as is. I mean, it is what they used in-the-day! So, hopefully this little trick will help you cats feel the same!

Video 1.5: This video is just a follow up from video 1, showing that the trick indeed does work! I went out for a couple of hours to run some errands. The day was hot, the windows were rolled down to catch a cool breeze, and the hair held nicely! And no, I did not recomb the pomp!

Video 2: In other videos and posts, I’ve mentioned that the ducktail was one of the most important details to a pomp, that is often left out. But, I also left out this important detail- slicked down sides! With a comb and a brush, you can only get the sides slicked down so much. But if you want your sides lookin’ super slicked, you might wanna invest in a nice boar hair brush! And please, don’t get them confused with badger hair brushes used for shaving!

Hopefully, you cats dig these tips and tricks!

Until the next time.

Stay Greasy and Pomp Hard.

Recap: Viva Las Vegas 15

Ahh…  Viva. Las. Vegas. What’s there to say about it? Even if you’re an elitist who now hates the event for all the newcomers who have “ruined” it, you’ve got to admit… it’s a ball. I mean, really, who doesn’t enjoy drinking with people from all over the world, hearing music we dig 24/7, and for us fellas, the babes??? I sure as hell dig it!

From waiting in that inevitable line for your morning coffee, talking to a burlesque babe about beavers, to passing out drunk in the afternoon, just to wake up and do it all over again an hour later, it’s safe to say that no matter how many years you have gone to Viva Las Vegas, you still won’t have enough time to do everything. While this was only my second VLV, it was far better than my first one, and I know it can only get better with the years and friends to come!

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Viva Las Vegas XV

With VLV right around the corner, a lot of people are doing a lot of last-minute prepping.  I know I am! I’ve got a haircut appointment in a couple of hours, and I’m going to go from my hair reaching under my nose, to being above my eyebrow. I haven’t gone that short in a long time, so let’s hope it works out for the best! Fortunately, I’m not leaving until tomorrow morning, so I shouldn’t be jamming my unmentionables in my suitcase last-minute.

But, here’s the gist of what I’m bringing:

Keepin’ the photo black and white, so y’all don’t know exactly what I’m wearing!

Pretty much got my bases covered:

– 10 pairs of underpants.
– 7 or so shirts.
– 3 pairs of pants.
– Black wife beaters.
– White undershirts.
– A handful of bandanas.
– A handful of socks. (Should pack more.)
– 4 pomades; Dax High & Tight, Stiffies, Black & White, and Dixie Peach. (I’m gonna add some Mr. Ducktail’s.)
– A fuck-ton of Altoids. (Y’all know I love mints!)
– 2 pairs of shoes. (A mistake I made last year, by bringing only ONE pair of boots. Of which, I am bringing again this year, but I’m going to go comfortable with my loafers!)
– A few days worth of protein powder.
– The only non-studded/non-pinned denim vest that’ll be seen at VLV.
– Stickers. (I should’ve bought more!)
– And whatever other toiletries that are not pictured.

I should be set, right?

If anyone wants to meet up, here’s a few gigs I plan on catching:

Big Sandy & The Fly-Rite Trio.
Luis & The Wildfires.

There’s a Tumblr meet up, set up by Miss. Charlie, 3:00 at Brendan’s .

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys.
Duane Eddy.
The Polecats.
J.D. McPherson.

Remember, these aren’t all the gigs I plan on catching, but a few of em. So if you wanna meet up, just let me know!

Alright folks, I think this’ll be the last post until VLVXV is over. So, until the next time!

Pomp Hard!

Left Field NYC’s 2012 Lookbook via GQ.

GQ recently posted an exclusive first look at Left Field NYC’s lookbook. Can’t say the write up is any good, but the two photos are pretty cool. Take a look:

 The chick doesn’t look too happy, but when you’re being shared between bikers, who is?

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Video: How To Comb A Sharp Part

Hey folks, I finally got around to making another video.

Todays video, is about combing a sharp part. When you see someone with a sharp part, you know they care about their hair and know what they’re doing. Most of the times, when you see someone with a part, it’s usually crooked and just a sloppy mess. Chances are, whenver you’ve seen them with a clean-sharp part, their barber or hairstylist probably did it for them!

Well, to make things easier, I’ll be giving you cats a few tips on how to get that clean part you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, the combs I planned on using, weren’t in my bathroom. But, do not fret, I still gave you all a few different ways to get that part.

Hope y’all dig it!

WAYWT: 2/20/2012

Nice little Sunday Monday. (Damn straight felt like a Sunday, though!)

Target Trench Coat, Chambray & Leggings.
H&M Shoes.

Wildroot Hair Cream
Pendleton Coat
Clarks Bushacre

Greetings From Grant’s!

Got a nice little postcard the other day, from the amazing folks at Grant’s Golden Brand!

That’s a great image for a postcard!

Big thanks for all the support!

Stay tuned folks, they’ve got some crazy cool plans coming up in the future. As do I! Together? Who knows… You’ll just have to stick around to find out!

Until the next time folks.

Pomp Hard.

Finally, When Two Become One.

No, this is not about the Spice Girls getting back together.

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