Don’t tell me y’all forgot already?

There’s a reason why he is The Man In Black, because he was just that, a man in black.

Too many kids these days look up to false idols they see on tv and the internet and think they’re men. No, no… They aren’t men. They’re just over-sized fairies covered in tattoos that don’t have any story or reason behind them.

Well kids. Here are two idols you should definitely look up to. Well, technically three. As this is my favorite song from none other than Robert Nesta Marley, sang by Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. All three men lived, stood, and died for something. Unlike the fairies today, who only do it for the air time and publicity.

Happy birthday J.R. We need more like you, to whip these pussies into shape.

Johnny Cash &  Joe Strummer – Redemption Song



  1. Caterpillarnut

    I forgot. I am ashamed.

  2. A belated happy birthday to Johnny Cash. The Man in Black’s a legend. I’ve been listening to his music on and off over the years since early childhood. That’s more than I can say for Elvis Presley, for example; I have only recently got around to listening to much of his work. My favorite song is Folsom Prison Blues, and Johnny Cash is probably my single favorite singer, regardless of genre. R.I.P.

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