The Best Three Years…

It’s been three years since I first saw your face. I couldn’t believe my eyes that you were real, more perfect than I could’ve ever imagined. You were finally here. And you were mine.

The feeling of seeing your first born, is a feeling that many and most take advantage of, yet some rarely get to feel. Excitement, joy, disbelief, every and all emotions at the same time.

Excitement because you finally get to see who they are. Then imagine the person they will become.
Joy for the times you will share with them. Good and the bad, you will remember every single moment.
Disbelief because they are more perfect than you or anyone could’ve ever dreamt of.

How could I have ever imagined she would turn from this:

Can you tell which one is here? Here’s a hint, I’m not very short…

This this:

Yeah… She’s definitely grown some character!

Or did she…

This little girl had attitude in her eyes since the day she was born. And trust me, she’s most definitely a wild one!

I seriously wish I was as cool as her when I was her age and when she grows up. Seriously, I wasn’t this cool back then!

While she sings along to Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, and many other rockabilly artists, I danced along to New Kids On The Block… Yeah… But at least I had a leather jacket and attitude!

So Happy Birthday to the Little Rebel Rouser! I’m sure you’ll cause more trouble than I ever have. And I know this, because you are exactly like me. Now, not the NKOTB me…

So here’s Johnny Cash. No one could put emotions into words the way this man could.

Johnny Cash – All Over Again

Happy Birthday Babe! I Love You!


2 responses to “The Best Three Years…

  1. Jerry Revelez

    I have an 8 year old daughter and definitely relate. Here’s to many more birthdays with your pride and joy!!!

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