My life story…

Johnny Cash had a song, that (in my opinion) sums up my life story… The song is A Boy Named Sue.

Except my name isn’t Sue, it’s Jan. Not much better. Being (I believe) one of the only Filipino kids, growing up in a predominantly silver spoon part of the Bay Area, having a name like Jan meant you were gonna be the butt of every joke and frequently picked on. Which happened.
From being picked on, on the very first day of kindergarten, hearing the same old “Janice, Janitor, Jane, etc etc” jokes daily, there was only one thing I kid like I could do. Get tough. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. You’d think, that having to grow that type of mentality was for people in the 20s and such. Nope!

Unlike a lot of people nowadays, who only have a strong handshake because of their work out routine, and not because it’s by the principles they live by, there are more “guys” out there, than “men.”

One of those rare breed of men, was the one and only Johnny Cash.

He didn’t win the women over by wearing glittery shirts or being oiled up to look like an orange oil painting.
Women noticed his masculinity.

Take it from Miss Dolly Parton.

My post got a little side tracked, but oh well. Here’s a song from Johnny Cash, that pretty much sums up my life story.

Also, note at how everyone has their hair. What happened to people caring about what they look like???

One response to “My life story…

  1. Wow, that’s an old post but I just want to write my comment. Growing up as the only (half) filipino kid in germany named Philip, getting picked in kindergarden (haha, you’re Philip from the Philippines) till school as the only asian-looking kid in class.

    “Son, this world is rough
    And if a man’s gonna make it,
    he’s gotta be tough…”

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