Life Update.

Hey folks,

Per usual: I apologize for not being able to put out any content. As life would have it, there’s not enough time in the days to be a full time barber at 2 shops, a father of a maturing little girl, let alone maintain a blog like this that has gathered one hell of a following that I am in utmost appreciation of. I thank everyone and anyone that has supported me and this blog and everything it’s brought to the world. Who would’ve thought that other people would start their own blogs similar to mine, let alone see articles about pomade in magazines? Those who know will remember what my original goals were for the world of pomade before it all came to fruition for others… Winkwinknudgenudge…


I’d hate for people to see this be my most recent update for the blog, but this is something I could have never imagined happening…


Never in my days did I ever think that something like this could ever happen to someone I know, let alone family. Something so incomprehensible being brought to our reality. All of my family is so young that I never thought a goodbye would be this soon. It’s still so surreal to me that I can still imagine Christmas not skipping a beat. For everyone that knows me knows that I never ask for favors or borrow anything, or ask for help. But there’s times like these where you can’t help but ask for help…

My cousin and uncle left behind 4 children/grandchildren. Everyone knows that I’m a father myself and the thought of leaving them in this world is heart breaking. But being taken away from them? Can’t even put it into words… My sister set up a GoFundMe to help out my niece and nephews get by financially… Barely… I can’t imagine what they’re going through, and I know neither can any of you that have kids of your own or have children that are close to your heart.

If you can make a donation, it would be greatly appreciated beyond words. But if can take something away from this, appreciate the time with your loved ones no matter how far or close they are, because feeling this sort of loss is something no one should have to go through. They there are always silver linings in the clouds, but I just can’t seem to see them quite yet.

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