Dogpatch BarberShop Relief Fund.


Hey everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well throughout this pandemic. I know for many people not much has changed besides working from home 24/7 instead the typical one-day-a-week, but for someone who’s industry is completely shutdown, we’re in a complete 180 and truly have no idea as to when we can go back to work. Even though many in the hair industry believe we are an essential business (not just for ourselves, but as well as the communities we work within) we can’t work.
Seven years ago (next month!) I had became a licensed barber and had met @dogpatchbarber (along with @corneliusthebarber.) Since then I’ve worked with little to no real time off. Up until the Shelter in Place I was in the shop 6 days a week, so this much time away from the shop is extremely foreign. I may not be the best, but I sure as hell was busy! Though I know whenever the dust settles and we can safely go back to work we will all come back to full schedules, not being able to work and provide has been tough on both a mental scale as well as an emotional one.
Our shop has created a GoFundMe campaign to help one another out during this time. Though independently I’m sure we’ve all had clients reach out and reached out to other clients, this is a collective effort to make sure our shop as a whole is supported. Whether you can give a donation or spread awareness, it would be greatly appreciated not only by myself, but also the barbers and their families.

As the saying goes, “Faster alone, further together.”



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