More Grease!

No folks, not wishing there is a Grease & Grease 2 reunion to make Grease 3. Just bought more pomade!

After passing on both Blue Magic and Royal Crown (pomade,) I gave in and went and picked some up. Also got a cool little aluminum tail comb. Why not?


4 responses to “More Grease!

  1. I haven’t heard of Blue Magic yet, but I did receive my online order of Royal Crown Pomade from I had already put some Dax (red can) and Brylcreem in my hair earlier in the morning, but the late-afternoon I got Royal Crown, I put some of that on the top as well. I think the effect it creates is quite shiny, it’s got a light consistency, almost like Brylcreem, but more oily. So far, I have only used these three products, with regards to old school pomades and creams. Before last August, I used to use L.A. Looks Gel, mainly, or nothing at all.

    • Did you end up getting the Royal Crown Pomade or the Hairdressing?

      I thought they were the same, until I actually touched the pomade and noticed it was considerably stickier, hence the purchase.

      – Jan

  2. I have a tin of Royal Crown, and use the pomade sometimes on my DA. I must say it is quite good for the retro look. It will not hold a very high pomp , or become rigid as some other pomades. But on slighty damp hair, with a medium amount of this product, one can do some nice ‘Cool Mess’, or great looking DA’s. It has a very nice shine, and looks ‘good’ on the hair. It requires some practice to get good results, but worthwhile. (Didnt mean to make a review, just exchange some good info).
    Sometimes i take my lil’ black comb out with me, and touch up the hair, when im near some girls. Now, thats something else. Take care, Jan

    • No worries, it’s always good to hear what people have to say about the products!

      It’s given me quite a bit of “bounce.” Something that I don’t necessarily want or need, but I want to see how it holds up when my hair is a little bit longer. Maybe it’ll lose the bounce with longer hair, to keep it down.

      We’ll just have to wait and see…

      – Jan

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