Santos, Chilli, & Deep Fried Everything. Weekend Recap.

With a whole mess of events around, it’s easy to keep busy, especially on the weekends. Even though a whole lot of folks expected snow, the weather was pretty nice out. Of course a whole lot was done this past weekend!

So click to see how busy this past weekend was!

Santos from Wild Records was in town. Apparently, they had a rough time on the drive up. But that didn’t stop them from putting on a wild performance. No pun intended.

The night kicked off with some crazy good food from Broken Record. This place has been haunting me for over a year. I went there with a long-lost friend, but didn’t stay long enough to eat. And ever since I’ve been fighting my brain to remember the name. Luckily, Kiya had this place in mind for dinner. And the pulled pork sandwich was destroyed.

Off to The Knockout we go. And promoters, I can never say this enough… Find a spot with parking! I know the parking around Retox seemed shitty. Worried about your cars and what not… But guess what… It’s probably the safest place I’ve been to! I’ve seen more crack heads around there during the day, than at night. So please, take it into consideration, eh?


Ended up meeting up with Tanoa and his lady and Hamm-Jobs were had!

Candid shot of Mrs. Tanoa & Mrs. Self Edge

But someone had to turn away, since they “didn’t do their hair.” But now all we see is the hair!

Time for the rockabilly crowd to flow in…

A whole mess of folks.

Along with some other folks as well.

After a couple of Hamm-Jobs (too easy for a giggity) it was time for some Santos!

They ended up playing a little late and by the looks of it, they had themselves a relatively decent amount to drink. It was evident, since before he finished the first song, he broke out in a crazy sweat! Of course, he did put a whole lot of energy into his performance.

And as you would expect it, the ladies flooded to the front of the stage.

Is that Kiyas head?


Caught me taking a couple of pics.

Dead center of the crowd. I’m pretty sure you’re too tall for that! I think there were a few shorties behind ya.

Before he ruined the hair with the movin'.

And yes, he has good hair.

At the end, he put on one hell of a show. From kicking off his loafer into the crowd, tearing a hole in his pants, to havin’ the fellas dancing and the ladies keeping a safe distance, he got the crowd goin’.

After the show, it was homeward bound. But not without some nerdin’ out about rockabilly! Kiya was sharing some insight about some of the slang used today, that had originated by the rockabilly greats of yesteryear. And since we couldn’t figure out what songs one of the phrases came from, Google was very much so needed.

Very much in fact, his command center.

And the song has yet to have been remembered.

The next day, Retox was having their first annual chili cook off. Hell. Yeah. But first, it was time to get gas…

You know… When you have to pull up to the pump, behind someone, and said person already leaves, it sucks. You wish you would’ve known they were leaving, so you could roll into that spot. Then as you’re pumping (giggity) someone pulls into that spot. If they’re backing up, you’re kind of sketched out. BUT… Most people are assholes… This lady included…


You know what sucked about this? Not just the fact that she did that… But… I WAS READY TO LEAVE. You’ve got to be fuckin kidding me. I even told her that I was ready to leave, she could’ve backed out for a second. Nope… Piss me off, you end up on the internet. Oh well!


If I had known how much food was gonna be there, I wouldn’t have eaten breakfast. Even though it was a delicious Vietnamese sandwich, there was a whole lot of food at Retox!

A whole lot of cooking was going on and I was just getting hungrier and hungrier.

As soon as the chili was ready, people were mob’n!

Hungry people are hungry!

Very. Hungry.

There were 9 pots of chili. And for whatever reason, two bottles of beer in the toilet…



Chili. Aka. Toilet Wreckers.


While this one had the pulled-fuckin-pork, it didn’t get my vote. But I did get a 2nd serving of it!

And whats a cook off without some deep-fried food??? More like deep-fried everything.

Deep-Fried Pickles

While I’m not in any way a fan of pickles (I’ll strip any burger of any pickle,) deep-fried pickles are the jam. ESPECIALLY AT HOOTERS.


Can you guess what this is?

This might as well have been deep-fried bacon grease. Or deep-fried butter. This thing, WORKED ME.

Give up?

It’s a deep-fried frozen White Castle Burger. My first time ever trying White Castle and it had to be deep-fried. Fuckin wild, eh?

This thing. Was GREASY! You thought my hair was greasy… Nope.

You know how you bite into a cream filled donut and the cream gushes out? This did the same thing. Minus the cream, add in the grease. I held onto the last bite for about 10 minutes and my hand had so much grease leak onto it, I could’ve greased up a 3 foot baking dish… Yeah, A LOT OF FUCKIN GREASE. So… Talk about bein’ a greaser… In a little too much more of a literal a sense…

While this was one busy weekend, next weekend is no different. With the new Haight Street Hop starting up this Friday, to an all day event on Sunday, there’s a whole lot of shit to do. And guess what, it’s all gonna be a blast!

So don’t forget to come on out and get some fuckin pulled pork!

Till the next time…

Stay Greasy. Even if that means deep-frying everything…



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