Deciding Which Pomade Is The Right Pomade

This is a long, and tough topic to tackle. Because there are a ton of pomades, from a ton of companies, and a ton of followers and disbelievers. Some swear by the new stuff, some are loyal to the classics. But when it comes down to it, it all comes down to what’s “right” for your hair.

Now, there are some pomades that people with thin hair shouldn’t use. Simply because their type of hair can’t handle the extreme pomades. Their hair type can style the same with medium pomades. Why not? Because since their hair is thinner and lighter, the heavier pomades will really grab their hair. No, it won’t clog up the pores. But when you comb or slick your hair, you will pull out some hair. It is natural for hair to fall out when combing or brushing (duh, look at some of your brushes, there’s a TON of hair in there!,) but with thinner hair, it just makes it a little bit easier. Plus, if you want height, it will weigh you down.

And those like me, with thicker hair, need the thicker, heavier pomades because quite frankly… The light shit ain’t cuttin it. Need to have that hold, whether I’m pomp’n high or low. Need that hold. Plus, it helps tame the hair. Most people with thick hair, also have wavy hair. Thicker pomades help make the hair straight, when slicking. That extra help is nice.

There are also different properties for each pomade, to look out for. Especially if you’re looking to get greasy…

– Consistency. Light or Heavy.
Lighter pomades will usually weigh your hair down. Why? Because it is so light, it will have hardly ANY hold. The only hold it would usually have would be for slicked back or “wet” looking hairstyles. Those hairstyles don’t need any real hold or volume, so the lighter pomades work perfectly.
Medium pomades, are very boarder line. Some have a really good hold, almost comparable to a heavy pomade, some don’t. The medium pomades are some of the better pomades to use in “cocktails.” Mostly people with shorter hair, either thick or thin usually benefit from medium pomades.
Heavy pomades, are well… HEAVY… If you’re looking to have a high pomp or a pomp that doesn’t really move, then heavy pomades are the way to go. Personally, I think that people with thick hair, really benefit from heavy pomades. But there’s a catch… Since our hair is naturally thick, the heavy pomades can potentially weigh our hair down. So you really gotta watch how much pomade you’re using.

– Hold.
It can kind of go under consistency. But like I’ve said, some medium pomades have really good holds. For me, I hate it if I get a split in my pomp, especially in the front. So I’m gonna want something that holds it together, right? Also something that holds my hair up high, if I pomp high. But since I have a D.A. and longer sides and back, I need something to hold them down as well.

– Sheen. Shiny or Not.
Sheen for me, is important. When you’re trying to get greasy, you gotta get greasy. I love to have an amazing sheen, when I pomp. Why not? A pompadour is full, pompous, and just BIG… So why not have the sheen to show it off even more?

Most “greaser” pomades, are… obviously… GREASY… So those who like to have pomadours, but don’t enjoy the greasy look, would usually benefit from salon styled pomades. But that’s not very rockabilly, IMHO. But that is a completely different and long story.

Greaser pomades, have a lot of history and cult following. And there are TONS of brands that have loyalists…

Murray’s Superior being one of them. There are those who strictly use this brand. And with good reason. It’s been around for a long time. This pomade has one of the best holds out there. No one can argue that. But since a lot of people claim that it makes your hair fall out. But guess what… The pomade itself, doesn’t! Read here to understand.

Sweet Georgia Brown, is another pomade that has a following. Not just because it’s been around, but because it has a pretty decent hold and smell. When you look at the color of this stuff, it is just amazing. Seeing it for the first time, you automatically think that it is one of a kind. And it truly is.

Layrite, being one of the newer pomades, has been able to get a huge following in the rockabilly scene. It’s one of the first, if not the first pomade to truly make it’s own name for itself without having to be compared to anything else. Holds like wax and washes out like gel. Not too many other pomades are like it. And I’m still waiting for mine to come!

Even though this pomade has originated in Memphis, there aren’t many places that sell it within the U.S. Almost all of the rockabilly scene in the U.K. swear by this pomade. Black and White. Really though. Originated in Memphis, sworn by the U.K., and not really sold in the U.S. WHAT??? I am still waiting for this order to come in, and this seems like a long wait! Even though the order was just placed on Monday.

This is just a small tid bit about pomade, and finding out which pomade is the best for you.

I’ll continue this tomorrow.

But until then…

Stay greasy, pomp hard. Does this line work?

9 responses to “Deciding Which Pomade Is The Right Pomade

  1. hey there, i have been on a search on which pomades work best for thinner hair(NOT THINNING) and found nearly nothing, do you any drugstore brand that wont screw up my hair and enough hold to make a pompadour(not a short business man looking)i am also looking for that wet greaser look which i might coat it with royal crown.and will regular shampoos wash it out i also shower everyday.and a couple of question added if you dont mind,how long does have to be in the back for a DA.& how do you get that front part to volumize more than the back.

    • Hey Roberto,

      Sorry, I don’t have an experience with drugstore brand pomades, aside from Murray’s Superior and Royal Crown (Hair Dressing.) I’ve met others who have used store bought brands like Axe and what not, and liked it, but I don’t have first hand experience with it.

      Are you looking for the wet greaser look, or looking for the sheen? There’s a lot of hairstyles rocked by greasers back in the day. So to find the right product for the right hairstyle, you’ll need to be a little more secific.
      If you want the pompadour you see nowadays, you’ll need something with a decent amount of hold, Sweet Georgia Brown in the red tin or Royal Crown (Pomade) would be a good bet. Both have a really good sheen and good hold for a pomp.
      If you want the waterfall look, you’ll need to stick with something light, like Murray’s Super Light, Schmiere (Weich,) or Royal Crown (Hair Dressing.)

      Certain shampoos will help wash out the pomade, by just a little, but not thoroughly wash it out. Check out my tips on how to wash out pomade.

      As far as styling goes, I’ve seen D.A.s as long as 4-5 inches, to as short as an inch. It really depends on how you want it to look and how you style it. For the front, it’s all technique. It’s how you comb your hair, that gets it up to whatever height you desire. Certain products, I’ve found actually help add a little bounce/volume, and that would be Royal Crown (Pomade.)

      I have a few more posts about the D.A. and washing out pomade, so stay tuned!

      – Jan

      • Hey brotger quick question.. I have thick wavy hair, I like styling my hair in a side part kinda of like mad men I mostly use gel to hold my style I have stubborn hair but I hate the hard shell feeling. I have been wanting to switch to pomade but I don’t know what brand to trust I hate waisting money on hair products that fail. I want a decent priced pomade with alot of hold What can you recommend? Your help will be appreciated šŸ™‚

      • Hey Luis,

        Sorry for the late reply.

        For thick-stubborn hair, you want to use something that’s strong enough to tame your hair, yet, light enough to make styling easy!

        Check out Dax Wave & Groom. It’s their strongest product and has worked real well for cats with thick hair. If you find that to be too thick, check out Dax High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) It’s a tad lighter than Wave & Groom, but still has a really good hold, that should do the trick for ya, if Wave & Groom is too much.

        Hope this helps.

        – Jan

  2. Hey man, first off, i love your blog. Great info and great interaction with your visitors.

    I have thin hair naturally and i’m looking for something to keep the pomp up. What i do to get some volume going is to blow dry it up and back (pretty much into position) before adding any pomade. Right now i am working with salon and drugstore brand pomades. What i’m looking for is something with a good hold and some shine but doesn’t need to be overly greasy. I also need something that water based if possible. I was looking at Suavecito but of course i know you haven’t done a review on that yet. Is there anything else i should be looking for? Possibly Layrite original pomade?

    Thanks again

  3. What’s up man.
    I have thick curly hair, and I’m trying to find the right stuff for a pompadour. So far I’ve tried Murray’s Superior (leaves my hair greasy but mad wavy) Murray’s Beeswax (leaves my hair wavy, greasy, but no hold) and Suavecito Firme hold (leaves my hair hard but straight and I’m somewhat happy with it.) I wanted to know what your recommendations are for non water based pomades. I’m looking for a high and shiny pomp. Thanks bro

    • Sammy,

      Look for Dax Wave & Groom. It’s much better than Murray’s Superior and Beeswax. It has a stronger hold, a better shine, and isn’t as difficult to wash out.

      – Jan

  4. Hey man, this has to be like a year late or something but u always seem like a “Man in the Know” so 2 questions for you!! first of all i have been looking for Layrite here in the U.K and i cant find it only to get it imported and secondly the scene u talk about is almost as illusive maybe i just live in a snobby jumped up area!! who knows any ideas?? appriciate the help if u get a minute


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