Pomade Review: Schmiere (Knuppelhart)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re now coming to an end from the Rumble 59 pomade line, Schmiere.

But, the show must go on!

We’ve gone through the light, medium, and heavy pomade. Now, we’re treading into the real heavy stuff!

This pomade tin design is of course, similar to the other pomades. With slight differences with the birds hair and what he’s got in his mouth. Being “knuppelhart,” it seems that this little birdie has gone through a Rumble (59!) Too corny?

Schmiere Pomade

This time around, we’ve got the pomade in a green-ish color. The color in the photo isn’t the true color of the pomade. But it’s ok, it’s not in focus anyways.

Unfocused as fuck!

The scent for this one, is a good one. I can’t exactly put my nose on it (lame pun, but unintended,) but it’s just a very fresh scent.

Now, knuppelhart translates to “rock hard.” I jokingly translated knuppelhart to “fucking hard.” Well, I think the cats at Rumble 59 need to rethink its translation! THIS SHIT WAS HARD AS FUCK!

Man… Let me tell ya, I believe I have decently strong hands. Digging into some pomade is not a problem here. But man, I (seriously) thought I needed to use a chisel to get some of this stuff out! This stuff, literally, was rock hard, and was hard to scoop out. Maybe it’s because it’s colder here, I don’t know. But you folks in Alaska, this might not work for you! Just kidding ;). But no, really, this shit was hard!

See the blood seeping out underneath my fingernails?

Ok, maybe I didn’t bleed. But this stuff wasn’t easy to get out!

BARELY scraping the surface!

YUP! But, does this translate to how hard it is to apply?

Just like the other pomades by Rumble 59, it wasn’t hard to run it through your hair. I was able to easily rub my palms together and soften it up. If this stuff was hard to put in your hair, as it was to get out of the tin, I think we’d be in trouble folks! But these cats know what they’re doing and aren’t gonna screw you over!

I wish I was able to use this pomade prior to getting a haircut. The firm hold probably would’ve looked good, real good, with my hair longer. Unfortunately, I had a haircut prior to reviewing this pomade. But, it doesn’t change my opinion about it!

While it doesn’t give a high sheen as the light weight (weich) Schmiere does, it isn’t completely matte. It did give a little sheen in direct sunlight, but not the whole greasy look. But that’s easily fixed with using the weich pomade as a top coat.

The hold with this pomade is really good. Not too stiff, not too light. It’s a couple of kicks below High Life (heavy) and that’s a good thing. H.L. was too stiff and waxy for me, but this stuff is right where it should be. Gave me a good hold and held my hair in place. Hey, that’s what a lot of cats are looking for, right?

No face.

Overall, this is a really good, heavy pomade. Obviously, different from the usual petrolatum/greasy stuff we’re used to, and that’s fine! It works perfectly for those who find waxes to be too stiff for them. It will hold your hair in place, keep those fly-away hairs down, and definitely will get your hair lookin’ right.

Man, just wish I used this a little bit sooner! In due time my friends… in due time…

Well, this has been fun! Big thanks to Mareike and the whole Rumble 59 crew!

Stay tuned for an overview of the pomade line, as a whole…

Until the next time,

Pomp Hard.


23 responses to “Pomade Review: Schmiere (Knuppelhart)

  1. How did it wash out for you? My Hubs loves Fiber Grease, but it is HARD to find in the States. And he HATES Murray’s cuz it is next to impossible to wash out. So alas, he is in search of another great pomp pomade that holds and washes out.

    • Hey Shannon,

      This stuff is very different from Fiber Grease, as Fiber Grease is a water soluble pomade. Grant’s Golden Brand and Layrite are both really good water soluble pomades.

      While Schmiere isn’t a water soluble pomade, it’s a lot easier to wash out than Murray’s Superior. It’ll take a few rinse-lather-repeats, but it’s not a pain in the ass to get out like Murray’s is.

      Hope this helps give you a little insight on the different types of pomades. Check the Pomade Review page up top, to see the other pomades I’ve reviewed. Maybe your man will like one of em.

      – Jan

  2. Got damn this stuff is super hard!

    Got this from the Greasershop a few days ago and I finally decided to try it out this morning. I dig in with a finger and I thought it was gonna be like the Hart version, nope. It took me a while to get some on my fingers. I seriously wasn’t expecting it to be that solid. Anyway, another great pomade. The scent is just like you described…fresh. Smelled like I took a shower. I could smell it all day today while I was working, even with my hat on.

    Thanks for reviewing the Schmiere pomades. I bought Hart and Knuppelhart versions and they’ve both been great. Your hart (get it?) work is appreciated.

    – Hugo

    • Hugo,

      I probably should’ve described how hard this stuff actually is, a bit more in detail, haha. But hey, as the name translates to ROCK-HARD, it’s kind of implied, right? Definitely one you to muscle into!

      Glad you dig both, man. I plan on doing a video featuring this pomade, so stay tuned for that one.

      – Jan

  3. Hi. I’m not a “greaser” per se, but I’m a total hair product junkie and I’m interested in this stuff. I’m not balding, but I’ve definitely got thin hair and I need something that really holds my mini pomp/sorta faux hawk (I’m an attorney so I can’t go nuts) it in place all day without looking greasy. Basically, I want something that holds rock hard but has a matte finish and won’t overwhelm thinner hair (assume that I know enough to use less product).

    To give you some frame of reference, I’ve used American Greaser Supply Super 90wt wax in the past and found it to be pretty good, but it still softens too much as the day wears on. I’m looking for something better.

    • BJ,

      Seeing that you’re an attorney, you’d need something that won’t be a pain to wash out (because sweat + product is never a good thing,) matte finish, and solid hold.

      Schmiere Knuppelhart is a good one. A bit harder to wash out, as it’s closer to a wax, than a grease. Or you can check out Grant’s Putty Pomade. It’s not as easily washable as other water soluble pomades, but it won’t be a pain either. A good shampoo and it’ll come right out. Plus, it holds up really well in the heat, unlike most.

      I’d suggest those two, considering your profession.

      – Jan

  4. Thanks for the recommendations dude! Love the blog and your styling video.

    Can you do me a solid and give me a more detailed comparison between thr two pomades you suggested in terms of hold strength and matte finish? I’m not really worried about washing them out because I keep my ‘do short and therefore don’t use a ton of product. My hair is naturally very soft and doesn’t want to do anything, so I’m looking for something that holds like glue or a hard wax. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  5. Yo Jan,

    First of all, I love your blog and the styling video! Your ‘do is absolutely tremendous and something we can all aspire to.

    Can you do me a solid and give me a more detailed comparison between Knupplehart and Grant’s Putty Pomade in terms of hold and matte finish? I keep my hair pretty short but like to kick up the front into what I affectionately call “The Wall of Death”. The problem is that my hair is naturally very soft and doesn’t want to do anything unless I force it to, but at the same time I can’t use stuff that’s overly greasy because I have thin hair (although, thankfully, decent coverage for now).

    Basically, I need something that holds like a rock-hard glue but doesn’t look greasy. I’m not overly concened about which product is easier to wash out as I’ve used tons of different petroleum-based waxes and pomades and never really found this to be much of a problem.

    Anyway, thanks for taking the time to provide me with this information. I’m hoping that this will help me avoid tossing more shit in the ever-expanding hair product graveyard under my bathroom sink.

    Keep pomping hard dude!

    • BJ/Brad,

      Based off of what you’ve said, I think Knuppelhart would be the way to go.

      Grant’s hardens with a glossy finish, but you can recomb it to a matte finish. But, Grant’s is washable, so if you aren’t looking for something that’s washable, you can strike that out.

      Knuppelhart is on the waxy side, giving it a real solid finish and extremely matte. It’ll take a bit of work to dig out the first amount from the tin. But once you break through, you should be good to go.

      Hope this helps man. I really dig the Schmiere products, and the folks there are real nice. Definitely shoot them an email, I’m sure they’d work something out for ya. And tell em I sent ya!

      – Jan

  6. Jan –

    Will do. Maybe you can do a new video with the Knupplehart?

    Thanks again!

  7. Jan, does this can give a matt shine? Have you got the others from the Knuppelhart range? After sniffing around on Rumble 59’s website, I’m guessing the conctrete gray one and the one meteordust give more shine I guess. Never been a big fan of matte hair products.

    • Knuppelhart gave me a matte finish, because of the wax base. I don’t get a shine from it, do you?

      • I get a shine to most pomades even when it’s a matte finish by using a double combination of brushing and smoothing with the palm of the hands. I really digged the Hart one (once it got going in my hair) but I just wondered if the “Knuppelhart mit Meteordust” gave a different finish to the concrete pomade. I think I’m going to have to purchase some of the stuff.

  8. What’s up Sir I’m frm Arizona nd I’m slicking my hair nd sides straight back Pompadour type.I have thick hair,I’ve tried got to b Glue nd Murray’s orange tin I don’t like the greasy feel fr nothing nd fr got to b its gets hard too fast nd leaves parts with my hair when dry.I like ur hair u knw tht slick comb.I was wondering if u tried o what u thought about Suavecito Pomade

    • Hey man,

      I haven’t tried it yet.

      If you didn’t like Got 2 B Glue and Murray’s, check out Dax Wave & Groom. The hold is stronger than Murray’s, doesn’t leave you with a dried look like Got 2 B, nor does it give you that dirty/greasy look like Murray’s. It’ll give you some sheen, but not in a grimey way.

      Hope this helps.

      – Jan

  9. i was wondering how this compares to the hart, i use knuppelhart now, i have both tins, the special prison edition one smells like fresh laundry, and hot girls, like you’re covered in women whilst laying in a pile of fresh linens..whats better than that? i have extremely thick and wavy hair, that just kinda poofs up into a ball of love unless i tame it using styling oils(paul mitchell awapuhi rules if you wanna do that weird modern wavy hipster pomp) and ive been using mega heavy pomades to control it, ive found that dax holds my hair the best and are looking for something similar to that, without that uber vaseline about to get your rectum checked hospital smell.

    • Jerry,

      Which Dax have you been using? I’m assuming Wave & Groom. If so, check out High & Tight (Awesome Hold.) It’s a kick lighter than Wave & Groom, in terms of weight & greasiness, but still offers great hold and it’s much more malleable. It’s one of my personal favorites.

      – Jan

  10. oops, yeah i was using dax wave and groom, lately ive been using high life voodoo brew 2 which has been holding me down, good, Dax high and tight doenst seem to wanna keep my waves in check(although i love the scent more than anything) , neither does Sweet Georgia Brown(blue), im at a loss recently, maybe my hair is a bit too long idk =\

  11. so i wondering since you said its more wax if you comb through it like fixing it throughout the day does it start to flake

  12. You say the pomade has a really good scent to it, what can u say this pomade smells like we know its fresh but does its it have a coconut smell to it a vanilla smell? What other differences does it have from the high life heavy pomade? Thats what ive been using .

    • Christian,

      This stuff is a fresh scent, along the lines of body wash/deoderant. Not scented like coconut or anything of the like.

      In comparison to High Life Heavy, it’s lighter and doesn’t feel like a straight up wax. It’s more malleable, whereas HLH is very stiff when it comes to styling.

      – Jan

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