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Product Review: Groom & Clean

Ok folks, I finally went out and tried this stuff out. After quite a few folks telling me how good this stuff is, I figured why the hell not? I’ve been bombarded by a lot of questions on how to wash out pomade, so we’ll give this a shot…

The only reason it took me to try this out, is because quite frankly… I have no idea what the fuck this is. What is it??? Each and every time I read something about it, it’s either about how it styles well, or how it washes out pomade… Um… Well which one is it??? Is this a styling product or is it a degreaser? Almost made me believe as if I was looking into the wrong product! Luckily, one ready described the container to me and I knew exactly what he was talking about. But damn, someone needs to clarify what the fuck this thing is!

But before I do that, let’s see what we’re working with!

This stuff can be found at your everyday grocery story, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, etc. It’s pretty easy to walk by this stuff. Hell, I’ve been walking by it however many times I’m in the grocery store! Usually, you’ll spot it next to some Vitalis or Brylcreem and you’ll think it’s just some misplaced toothpaste.

I mean, look at the packaging!

Off the bat, I saw Aquafresh toothpaste. Can’t blame me, as they share nearly the same color pallet! So don’t get it confused!

Opening the box up, it comes in what looks exactly like a toothpaste tube. Yeah… Let’s see you not get confused in the early morning…

This product happens to be by Suave, so there it continues to lead me to wonder what the fuck is it, a styling product, a degreaser, or a toothpaste? Taking a closer look at the label, you’ll read “Greasless Hair Control.” Ok… Now what the fuck are you???

Time to see what the fuck this looks like…

Yeah… If you do pick this stuff up, you might want to double-check want you put on your toothbrushes, in the early morn… You might end up picking up the wrong tube… Oh how funny this would be, when the mass of pomade users start accidentally brush their teeth with Groom & Clean instead…

Now that I’ve got some out, I had no idea what to do. I squirted this crap out of the tube, rubbed it in my hair, and tried to build up a lather… To keep this part short, I was rubbing my head until no lather came about. That doesn’t mean that doesn’t happen with another head… BADUMDUM…….. tsh?


Without any lather or suds, I figured… This is a styling product. Rubbed it through my hair and let it sit as it was advised.

As I looked at my hair in the mirror, with Groom & Clean in my hair, it definitely looked to be a modern take on a Brylcreem type of styling product. While this stuff may not have the same greasiness as Brylcreem, it sure as hell doesn’t have a great scent… This stuff smells like laundry detergent… Not the type of scent AFTER you wash your laundry and you want to snuggle up in that warm mass of fluff, as it comes out of the dryer, but the type of scent where you just want to get it into the washing machine and get the hell out of the room.

So I wonder, how the hell do some guys use this to style their hair? It doesn’t smell all that great? I’m all for the classic scents and what not, but this stuff sucks! Suave, I think you missed the boat with the scent of this crap! Let’s cross out scent and replace that with odor, shall we?

Rock-Tick-Tock, it was time to wash out my hair. This would be the ultimate test to figure out what the hell this stuff is all about…

Did a little rinse, “lather,” repeat, and we got the end results…

A FLUFFY HAIRED JAN! Needless to say, this stuff, worked!

I only wish I was able to try it RIGHT after coming back from Vegas… 4 days of adding Dax/Sweet Georgia Brown (blue,) without rinsing ANY of it out? That would’ve been one hell of a test for this stuff!

While I didn’t have that much grease in my hair, I did have a decent amount. Enough to see how well this stuff actually worked. And that it did.

This product being a greaseless hair styling product, breaks down the petrolatum in the pomades we use, making it a whole lot easier to wash out. The difference between the way this stuff breaks down pomade, and say washable Layrite or Sweet Georgia Brown, is the ingredients. I don’t care enough to figure out which specific ingredient does the job, but just nod along and agree with me. I’m sure the mineral oil, hydrogenated lanolin, and cetrimonium chloride helps quite a bit…

Though, Sweet Georgia Brown in the purple tin is the washable version between the 3, it still contains petrolatum. Layrite could potentially work, if it didn’t harden. The reason why Groom & Clean works, while other water based pomades don’t, is because it stays “wet.” If it hardened or changed consistency, it wouldn’t do jack shit. And since it doesn’t, it breaks down the grease in your hair, making it possible to wash it out.

Now, for those who are wondering, how does a styling product wash out other styling products? Well folks, its simple science… Or in some cases, writing on a dry erase board with a Sharpie…

If you ever write with a Sharpie on a dry erase board, the liquid cleaning agents won’t do anything. Write over it with a dry erase marker, let it sit, and sh-boom! It’s gone. Just like Groom & Clean over any pomade. I’m not saying go to your classrooms and test this out! But if you do, might as well write “The Rebel Rouser told me to!” Then one up your teacher with this little science tip.

Phew… Glad this cat is out of the bag! Because it’s been bugging me! Now I know what the fuck everyone is talking about, and now you all do too! So for you cats wondering, HOW DO I WASH OUT POMADE, well, look no further than your local  grocery store.

Big thanks to the fellas who gave me the heads up on it. You know who you are. But I’ll say this… I’m glad I tried this stuff out for myself, cuz I had no idea what the fuck you guys were describing to me! Just kidding… Not really… 😉

Now, I know what you all are thinking… “I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU TRIED EVERYTHING!” Don’t forget, I said I tried everyone’s little home-made remedies ;).

Edit (4/29/2011) Ok, I forgot to mention that it doesn’t wash out the pomade entirely, on the first wash… A couple of repeats and you’ll be getting there. BUT YOU FOOLS SHOULD KNOW THIS BY NOW!

Shampoo Review: Johnny B.

I lied, again. I said I wasn’t gonna review anything from Johnny B. until AFTER Vegas. Socrates at Johnny B. was kind enough to throw in some shampoo for me to sample and review as well. Obviously, their shampoo is made to wash their pomades out. Since I had a over a weeks worth of regular hair grease built up, why not see how well it washes out the heavy stuff! 

There’s been a lot of talk about what washes pomade out the best, everyones little remedies and what not, this that and the other thing. I’ve heard and tried it all. Why not look for a product that currently out there, that could wash out the old school stuff? Hey, it beats having to waste perfectly good peanut butter!

Their logo, is pretty simple. Got a guy sporting what looks to be a pompadour, Johnny B. across the front, and a description of the product below. Since I got samples, it doesn’t have too much text.

Now, I’ve never heard of, nor tried a shampoo paste. So my first impression of the consistency, was thinking that it would be sort of like… Well, toothpaste! But I was very surprised when I actually touched it.

Opening it up, was very, very pleasant…

As soon as you open it up, you get a nice whiff of mint. And if you folks have ever seen me around, you’ll see that I’m eating an Altoid every other second. Don’t ask me why, but I’m addicted to mints! So smelling a minty shampoo, is pretty fuckin awesome!

When you look at it, it looks a whole lot like marshmellow fluff. With a marshmellow fluff look and minty aroma, I’m sure I could trick some people into eating it. But being a nice guy, I’m not gonna do that. Would be a funny story though, right?

For me, I do a dry shampoo when I plan on washing out some pomade. I’m not talking about that waterless crap you see on tv. I’m talking about putting the shampoo in your hair, before you wet it. For whatever scientific reason, it just works better. After putting the product in my hair, I would slightly dampen my hair, work up a lather, then let it sit. Then, as the foam would dissipate, dampen my hair again, lather then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

When I did this with the Johnny B. shampoo, as soon as I rinsed it out I had a minty tingle goin’ on, on my head. And man, let me tell ya… It felt pretty fuckin good! I’m not used to that kind of stuff, but it’s one hell of a feeling! And a good one at that!

After lathering up once more with the Johnny B. shampoo, I was suprised to see how much pomade this stuff was actually able to wash out!

Being used to the whole dish soap, olive oil, blah blah blah way to wash out pomade, I was pretty amazed. While it didn’t completely wash it out, and let’s get this straight fellas, you’re never gonna wash out a pomade in one go! Suck it! It ain’t happening! I can bet you still have a bit of pomade in your hair, because you can’t tell the difference anymore.

But since it was able to wash out a decent amount of pomade out… And for me, decent amount means almost a weeks worth of pomade build up! I can honestly say this has been the best shampoo I’ve tried out so far, that can wash out a good amount of pomade, without having to comb it out!

I know what I plan on picking up after VLV and that’s gonna be some of their shampoo paste! So head onto their online shop, and check it out!

Now, the prices for their shampoo is kind of up there. $11.99 for a 4oz. tube and $21.99 for a 16oz. jar. If you’re the type of person who washes out their pomade every day, it could be a little pricey. But for someone like me, who would use this stuff every other week or so, it’s not bad at all.

So if you’re looking for a good, modern shampoo to wash out pomade, this is definitely one worth checking out.

There you have it, folks. My first review on Johnny B. hair products.
Johnny B. So far, so good!

Stay tuned, I have 4 of their hair styling products to review, on top of some other pomades!

Until the next time.

Pomp Hard.

Shampoo Review: Mr. Ducktail

Alrighty folks. I’m feeling a little bit better, so hopefully I can get back on track with some reviews…

Anyone and everyone who uses pomade, looks for a way to get it out of their hair. It’s only natural, because sometimes leaving pomade in your hair for way too long, can become uncomfortable. I would know, when it’s hot at night and I have pomade in my hair, I can’t sleep a wink.

A lot of brands nowadays who produce pomade, also try to offer a shampoo to get that pomade out of your hair. I mean, it only makes sense, right? It would be weird if Sweet Georgia Brown made notebooks. Actually, the covers on those could be badass. It would be weird if Dax made soda… Fuck it, never mind.

Mr. Ducktail’s shampoo doesn’t have a specific name. It just has his signature logo on it, with a cool little line:

“Wash your hair, not your soul.” Kinda Rastafarian, don’t you think? 

Sorry folks, I still can’t smell anything. So I have no idea what this smells like. But if it’s anything like his pomade, it smells good.

Now, I’m a guy and I don’t have a shit ton of shampoo or conditioners. Just pomade. So, I’ve never tried anything like this. But this shampoo has little microbeads, to help remove the pomade from your hair. I’ve used face washes with microbeads and a body wash a few years back, but never a shampoo.

My first thought, “it’s gonna be a bitch to wash these beads out.” Not just because they’re microbeads themselves, but because they could get caught by pomade ressidue. Did these little beads actually help wash out the pomade?

Well, as far as I can tell… They did. Yesterday, I did the whole lather-rinse-repeat jazz about 3 times. Of course, it didn’t get all of the pomade out. Today, I did a quick later-rinse. As you would guess it, there was still pomade in my hair. But not all that much, surprisingly.

Usually, when a shampoo like this claims to wash out pomade easily, well. They don’t. But this stuff actually washed a relatively good amount of pomade out. I tested this, by doing a dish soap + combing. I didn’t comb out all that much pomade, like I usually do. And trust me, it’s not a pretty sight.

But for this stuff to actually get rid of a decent amount of pomade, I think it’s pretty fuckin awesome. I did just about a dab or two, per lather. So it wasn’t like I was caking this stuff on, and it was stripping my hair of everything. These little beads of joy did their job. And yes, I still some of these fuckers in my hair, afterwards.

Would I suggest this stuff? At $18, it’s not the cheapest shampoo in the world. But does it get the job done? Pretty much. I’d say cats with shorter will benefit from this shampoo. Microbeads won’t get lost on the wash out, like they do with my long locks. It would also work for the guys who like to shampoo their hair every other day, as it’ll get out a decent amount of pomade out, but not enough for you to need to cake on a couple more layers of pomade the next day to style.

Well, that’s all for now.

Even though this was a review for a shampoo that helps wash out pomade…

Stay Greasy.

Shampoo Review: Royal Flush

I’m not partial to anything Lucky 13, no offense to anyone. The styling of the clothes and other product are sort of tacky. And by all means respect, this stuff looks like the Ed Hardy of rockabilly. I’M JUST SAYIN! IF YA’LL WANT SOME TIPS ON DESIGNING SOME NEW SHIT, ALOHA BACK. You don’t need your name on everything!

With all of that said, I was a little hesitant to buy this shampoo. Yes, for the sake of the name, but a lot of people are like that. It’s called brand loyalty folks! But, I read somewhere that this stuff works pretty well, and for the sake of my blog, I bought it to review it.

Off the bat, the packaging for this stuff is pretty cool. A nice simple plastic bottle with a black press down cap. The label itself, is not labeled tacky like other prodcuts I have seen. Mainly black with light yellow trim is a nice touch, the yellow details are subtle, but really make the design.

Royal Flush Deep Cleansing Shampoo

Sorry, this picture is shittier than the others I’ve posted in the past.

The back logo is on a solid black backround. I mean, the font they used would be hard to read if it were translucent as the front logo.


“Treat Your Hair Like Royalty,” is the main slogan on the bottle. So lets see how well this stuff really works.

There isn’t really any scent to this stuff, so that’s not too bad. A lot of shampoos are really overwhelming, and this stuff… Eh… It’s whelming. The emerald color is cool as well, as it’s different than the typical pearl white shampoos around.

It suggests to apply to your hair dry, which is typical when trying to really get a thorough deep cleansing. I put this stuff to the test when I tried to cut out DAX pomade out of my hair. After a few minutes, I washed it out and ran a little bit more through my hair while it was wet. DAX was somewhat easy to get out, so the real test would be Murray’s Superior.
Murray’s as everyone knows and as I’ve said many times before, is a bitch to get out. No matter what method you try, unless you’re giving yourself a complete buzzcut, you’ll never get this stuff out in one fell sweep. But could the Royal Flush Deep Cleansing Shampoo?

The answer is…

No. This stuff is a little pricey at $9.00 compared to normal shampoos. But I have managed to find a use for this stuff…

If you’re the type who washes pomade out with dish soap either once a week or, I’d suggest this stuff. Why? Simply because the constant use of dish soap will dry out your scalp and hair, and who wants that?

I’d say… After your regular washings and repeats, use this stuff for the last lather. You can guage when you’re nearly done, by lathering up, and running a comb through. If you still have a ton of pomade gunk in your comb (fine tooth end, no less,) then you still have a ways to go. Especially if you’re trying to thoroughly get the pomade out. But if you see a tiny tad of gunk between a few teeth, then follow up with the Royal Flush and you should be good to go, and with healthy looking and feeling hair. And not some dried out mess from the dish soap.

That’s all I can really say about this stuff… Would I buy it again? Not online, but if it were available locally, I might. Supposedly Cheap Thrills on Haight should be getting in Lucky 13 pomade and possibly this shampoo.

Oh, and here’s a little sneak peak of what you can expect from this shampoo…

The more you use this stuff, you reveal a cool little pin up girl on the back of the label. Pretty cool, right? It’s like those pens those perverted old men buy when they go to Hawaii to perv out on bikini babes.

Anyways, that’s all for my review on Royal Flush.

Until then, stay greasy.