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Video: Using Lucky 13’s White Lightning Pomade.

Here’s a quick little video introducing y’all to Murray’s Lucky 13 White Lightning Pomade. Don’t worry, it will get a thorough written review as well! I’ve been meaning to put all of em to use, but I haven’t had the “right” haircut, that would warrant using this cool line of pomades! So major apologies, I’ll be putting them to good use soon.

So, until I get a cool haircut from Chris aka Cream The Barber, here’s the video!

Video: How-To Apply Pomade

I know what you guys are thinking… “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

I know, I know… I thought the same thing. But, it makes sense… Now, a lot of you fellas (and ladies) got problems with your pomps splitting, uneven coating, or just really don’t know how to apply pomade. Most of y’all want to point fingers at the pomade you’re using… and for the most part, it’s not the products fault, but the user. So, hopefully this will help you folks figure out what’s missing in your styling repitoir, and will get you the pomp you’ve always wanted.

Video: How To Comb A Sharp Part

Hey folks, I finally got around to making another video.

Todays video, is about combing a sharp part. When you see someone with a sharp part, you know they care about their hair and know what they’re doing. Most of the times, when you see someone with a part, it’s usually crooked and just a sloppy mess. Chances are, whenver you’ve seen them with a clean-sharp part, their barber or hairstylist probably did it for them!

Well, to make things easier, I’ll be giving you cats a few tips on how to get that clean part you’ve always wanted. Unfortunately, the combs I planned on using, weren’t in my bathroom. But, do not fret, I still gave you all a few different ways to get that part.

Hope y’all dig it!