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Don’t Forget!

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers will be performing this Friday, for their final Bay Area show! Ever? We’ll just have to wait and see. But for now, they’ll be closing up shop, leaving you to find other bands to bop and swing to. Don’t worry, there are other bands out there, but ones that can rock out as hard as Raul can on stage? I don’t think so.

So come on out and support this great local band. The swinger will be-a-swing’n, the toe tappers tap’n, and the hookers patrol’n right outside the door! So if you didn’t get your kicks inside, there will definitely be some “ladies” outside, to fulfill your needs.

So come on out and buy me a beer! (No matter how many times I’ll post this, no one is gonna buy me a beer!)


Recap: 2/4/2011 At The Verdi Club.

Whoooo… Last night, well… Let’s just say it was one hell of a night. I’m a very low key kind of guy, but I surely know how to have a good time. And last night, was definitely a good night.

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers and Slim Jenkins were both performing last night. For the first time, they were alternating sets. So as soon as Hi-Rhythm Hustlers were done, Slim Jenkins went up. And as soon as they were done, Hi-Rhythm Hustlers went back up, and so forth. And you know what? It made the night go by a little too quickly, because these guys know how to put on a show. It’s always a blast seeing them both on stage.

It’s not too often I have to say this, but I’m pretty sure I had too much to drink last night. I wasn’t belligerent or anything like that, but I didn’t feel too great this morning. Oh well, can’t complain when someone hands you a glass full of Jameson… Wait, maybe you can…

Here’s some pics from last night, taken with my buddies iPhone. Someone, please remind me to carry my camera on me. It doesn’t make sense for me NOT to carry one…

The folks were swingin' the night away, as usual.

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers doin' their thing.

Kiya & Demitra cutting a rug.

Alright… Whoever’s read my previous postings, know that I don’t know how to swing dance. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just can’t make the time to go to lessons. And Kiya and Demitra have been pushing and shoving me into the direction of swing and bop. Well, soon enough my friends… Soon enough.

Kiya… I see your nose.

Two lovely ladies and a Japanese Iranian… I think he’s taken a few too many trips to Japan, and had too much Hyphy Juice. I can’t tell if he’s throwing up a peace-sign or a thizz sign…

Getting the band on camera.

Finally caught Tanoa without a hat!

For those who don’t know, he’s the man behind A-Town Agency, and throws all sorts of events promoting the local rockabilly and swing bands. If you guys haven’t signed up for the mailing list, do so. You don’t wanna miss these events!

The Hi-Rhythm Hustlers and Slim Jenkins switchin’ up.


Get it? 300?! SPARTA!!!? No?

Oh… what a good night it was. Finally introduced myself to a few familiar faces from a bunch of previous events. Had a few too many drinks. Just had myself a ball toe tappin’ to these two great bands of The Bay Area.

While I was talking to Tanoa, I asked him where I could get a Stompy Jones cd. They are one of my favorite bands, local and in general, and I haven’t been able to score their CD. Not even a single track! But fortunately, Tanoa hooked a brother up, and now I got it! You can bet your asses that this was blasting in my car all day long, today!

Thanks Tanoa!

Y’all need to get some Stompy Jones in your playlists, because they are amazing. They play every Tuesday at The Verdi Club, but unfortunately, Tuesdays don’t work for me. But I know I have to make it out one night, just because they are amazing live.

Picked up quite a few flyers on my way out. Details on these later.

Well. Hope some of yous enjoyed this post. If you cats haven’t made it out to any of these events, you gotta. You’ll find out soon enough about how much you’re missing out on! And even though I attend these events, I’m missing out on a great amount of fun, with the lack of my swing dance genes. But soon enough my friends… Soon… Enough…

Well, that’s all for now, so until next time…