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Personally, I’m a whiskey or beer kind of guy. If anything, a nice Long Island will always hit the spot.

Even though later on I am heading out for some drinks, for a pals birthday, this post isn’t about alcohol!

After my reviews on different individual pomades, I’ve done experimenting with different mix and matches. Or as they would call it in the hair business, “cocktails.” Ahhhhh now the title makes sense, eh?

First mix I’ve tried…

Murray’s Superior and Grant’s Golden Brand.

Murray’s on it’s own, is a very stiff product. But when you mix a lighter product like Grant’s, it softens up the Murray’s, changing up its consistency in your hair.
As mentioned in the Gran’ts review, this stuff hardens. So no matter which pomade you mix with, you will get a hardened result. This wasn’t my mix of choice. But when I had a couple day old amount of Murray’s in my hair, the Grant’s was a nice touch to bring it to shape.

I also tried Murray’s with Royal Crown. Typical mix, since you often see both of these products side by side at the grocery store. Whatever you mix with Royal Crown, you don’t need equal parts of the Royal Crown pomade. This will weigh your hair down a considerable amount. Not my favorite mix, since the extra light consistency of the Royal Crown, pretty much broke apart the Murray’s, this didn’t do any good for my pompadour.
And since I said that the water based Sweet Georgia Brown, was just like Royal Crown, it pretty much falls under the same cocktail. But the Sweet Georgia Brown has a grape scent to it.

Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can) and what I thought would be a good mixer, DAX wave and groom, was surprisingly NOT a good mix. The semi lightness of the Sweet Georgia Brown, mixed with the medium consistency of the DAX, didn’t work as well as I had originally hoped for. Pretty much just added dead weight to my hair.

And last, but not least. The one cocktail that yielded amazing results…

Murray’s Superior and Sweet Georgia Brown (blue can.)
Equal amounts of both, gave me great hold, a decent amount of extra volume, sheen, and the great grape smell. And if you are mixing different pomades, you most likely are mixing, because you’re wanting your hair to look extraordinary for a night out. So the assisted grape scent is always a plus. This stuff is a hit, probably my favorite “pomade” to put into my hair, aside from DAX by itself.

I also seen someone mix Black and White pomade with Sweet Georgia Brown, and have amazing results. But I haven’t been able to find any around here in the Bay Area. Maybe someone would like to proxy some for me???

Pomade Review: Overview

As it seems, I am out of different brands of pomades to try out. I could’ve extended this small project to; using each individual pomade every month. But I gotta have good looking hair too, ya know!

Since I’m currently out of new pomades, here is a complete over view of each and every pomade I’ve tried.

There were certain things I was looking for, in each pomade… Hold, sheen, scent, greasiness, if it hardened or not, and how malleable it was applying and slicking during the day…

On with the show!

First up…

Murray’s Superior

Murray's Superior

This is, and will always be one of my favorite pomades. It’s cheap and readily available. It’s original. Gets the job done. And is just a total “greasers” pomade.

Hold – 9.5
Sheen – 5.5
Greasiness – 8.5/9
Scent – Coconut-ish
Hardened – No
Consistency – Thick pomade
Malleable – Work it in your palms to soften it, evenly coat your hair, and you’re set. It’s easy to comb your hair through out the day, and won’t leave you tuggin your face off, when you slick back.

Grant’s Golden Brand

Grant's Golden BrandA decent modern take on pomade. It is pretty expensive, so I don't think I'd buy this stuff that often. All they need to do is have a more competitive price point (to Layrite) and I'd say it would hold up pretty well.Overall:Hold - 8Sheen - 7.5Greasiness - 7 (makes your hands greasy after applying.)Scent - Coconut-ishHardened - YesConsistency - Thick gelMalleable - Thoroughly coat your palms and apply. Even though this stuff eventually "hardens" you can still run your comb through your hair. Can't slick through out the day, as you would with pomades. Royal CrownRoyal Crown

 More so for the “wet” look, than for pomping. You can slick your hair back or have a gentlemen part ala Mad Men, no problem. But, this stuff is VERY shiny. So take note, if you’re going for a low profile hairstyle, you will get noticed because of all that shine. Better to use as a light top coat for something thick like Murray’s.

Hold – 5
Sheen – 10
Greasiness – 10
Scent – None
Hardened – No
Consistency – Wet Petroleum
Malleable – Very easily. This stuff is almost “wet” when you slick through. So you will have no problem slicking this stuff around all day long!

Sweet Georgia Brown (Blue can)

Sweet Georgia Brown

 This stuff is original when you see it and smell it. But it just doesn’t have the hold on its own, like other some other pomades. You can still get away with either a lower profile pompadour or a nice part.

Hold – 7.5
Sheen – 9
Greasiness – 9
Scent – Grapes
Hardened – No
Consistency – Lighter pomade
Malleable – Very easy to slick with this stuff. Will probably do better with someone with shorter hair.

Sweet Georgia Brown (Purple can)

Sweet Georgia Brown

Supposed to be a water based version, of their pomades. But this stuff doesn’t wash out easily as you’d hope/think it would. Very much like Royal Crown.

Hold – 4
Sheen – 10
Greasiness – 10
Scent – None
Hardened – No
Consistency – Wet Petroleum
Malleable – It doesn’t hold all that well. If you have wavey hair, it won’t tame it. Even pairing this with Murray’s, won’t do much! Would work MUCH better with someone with short, fine hair.

High Life

High LifeAs mentioned before, I have wavey hair so I opted for their "Heavy" pomade. This stuff is a wax. Not a pomade. Not too easy to deal with, as it is a HEAVY WAX. Plus, it comes in a much smaller tin. So comparing this to Sweet Georgia Brown (same price point,) I'd opt. for the SGB.Overall:Hold - 8.5Sheen - 4Greasiness - 6Scent - VanillaHardened - YesConsistency - Thick waxMalleable - Being a wax, it's hard to mold this stuff, more than once. You really have to thoroughly work this stuff in your palms, before applying. Or else it will apply in clumps. Not a good look. Once you've styled yourself with this wax, you are pretty much set. Don't need to/can't slick during the day. You might mess up that do!DAXDAX

 A lot of people had the idea that this stuff is comparable to Murray’s. In a way, it sort of is. It’s a pomade. But this stuff, I have to say, is GREAT. Very easy to work in, great to style with, and is just an all around, great pomade. I guess I have to buy this stuff instead of Murray’s from now on!?

Hold – 9
Sheen – 9
Greasiness – 8
Scent – None
Hardened – No
Consistency – Medium pomade
Malleable – Very. Easy to slick through out the day, with enough hold to get a nice sized pomp, and enough hold to keep your hair down when you slick it down and part it. All around, a great pomade.

This was a fun little experiment. There are a few other pomades I still want to try out. Layrite being one of them. And I know that Layrite has quite the reputation. But, I’ll only know how it really holds up, compared to all of these other brands.

Hopefully this has helped everyone and anyone out. I couldn’t get as thorough as I wanted, because my kid kept climbing on me, wanting to draw dinosaurs!

So I’ll be drawing dinosaurs and hopefully everyone will try out some pomades themselves!

Until then.

Pomp hard.

Pomade Review: Dax Wave & Groom

Since the High Life was more so a WAX than a pomade, I didn’t want to leave it in my hair for more than a day. I kn0w, petroleum isn’t any better. But the wax just attracted EVERYTHING. I don’t need to wake up with a bumblebee in my hair.

So I’m doing a review on one of the last pomades I bought from The Grease Shop… DAX…

First off… I went to like 5 different Walgreens trying to find this shit. They had it on their online shop, but no stores had this stuff stocked! This shit was a bitch to find. Yeah, I could’ve bought it from the Walgreens dot com, but since I already was putting an order on one site, why not?

The packaging is pretty basic. A red tin with white lettering. DAX wave and groom HAIR DRESS on the top of the tin. But under HAIR DRESS it reads, “Made Especially For Short Hair.” FUCK. Am I shit out of luck?

DAX wave and groom

Not much of a scent with this stuff. Which isn’t too bad. Once you start smelling the same scent everyday, you get sick and tired of it. Just like my lady. JUST KIDDING BABES! Anyways.
This has a similar base color like Murray’s, but not as dark. Good or bad? Could mean it’s weaker, because they don’t use as much petroleum. But as soon as I got this on my finger tip, I noticed the consistency was slightly softer than Murray’s. Maybe this stuff is more comparable to Murray’s Super Light. But I haven’t heard too many great/decent things about Murray’s Super Light, so I don’t feel like it’s necessary to try out.

DAX wave and groom

Underneath the lid is just a little advertisement for their other products.

Working this stuff is was pretty easy. Not silky smooth as Sweet Georgia Brown, but not harsh like High Life. As soon as I started to comb through, I felt that this stuff was semi light, so I thought I’d try and do a full frontal…

POMPADOUR that is. (too corny of a joke? Probably.)


Pretty decent!

Damn tired eyes.

Anyways. Considering how light this stuff is compared to Murray’s, you still get a pretty decent sheen with this stuff! It has a semi decent hold, I need to really try and slick with a fine tooth comb to really get the feel of this stuff. But I have to say, out of all the pomades I bought from The Grease Shop, this is one of my favorites, on it’s own!

Overall: I think this is one of my favorite pomades. It has a decent enough hold, no overwhelming scent, a nice sheen, and is “greasy” enough to keep slicking through out the day. Of course, mixing and matching pomades and such is fun. But sometimes, it gets tiring having to scoop and re-scoop pomade. I think this would be a pomade I can see myself using weeks on end. Only time will tell. Good thing I bought two of these tins!

Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown (revisited)

Hoping to give the water based version another try, I applied some last night, before I went out to get food. I thoroughly washed my hair during the day, prior to.


Sigh, what a disappointment…

Gonna have to be used as a top coat. For the sheen and smell… Oh well.
Onto the next one…

This morning, I wanted to give the blue can another try. Took a shower to wash out the left over water based SGB. Didn’t wash out all that well, I have to say. I did a light shampoo, and as it does wash out a lot better than Murray’s, it doesn’t wash out easily like Grant’s.

After putting in a decently generous amount of the blue can Sweet Georgia Brown, working it in and smelling it’s rich scent… I was left without a pomp… This stuff just won’t hold my hair. Maybe it’s my hair? I don’t know. Maybe it is time for a haircut.

Don't mind the bug bites. I killed a few on the mirror, right after this pic!

This is how my hair was, after I came back from a short outing.

This stuff is VERY manageable. You can constantly slick your hair through out the day, and still retain that amazing sheen. But, for my hair on it’s own, it just can’t hold it… (sigh)

I’ll either have to REALLY cake this stuff on their, or maybe use it a day after using Murray’s. This stuff, is amazing though. Not for me I guess (sadly,) but as a pomade on it’s own, it’s amazing. This did slick my hair back pretty well though. But I don’t do my hair that way, so that’s a no go.

In the end, Sweet Georgia Brown is a pomade I would plan to re-buy in the future. The color of the pomade, the smell, and the sheen is amazing. It’s definitely a pomade you want to have on deck.

Do a nice little gentleman part, for a night out, and you are definitely set. You won’t even need cologne, because you can smell this stuff a mile away… And that’s a good thing!

Pomade Review: Sweet Georgia Brown

After getting my crack rocks yesterday, I was dying to start trying them out. But, I held out until this morning to give them a try.

This week, I thought I was gonna try out Sweet Georgia Brown (water based) out first.
As soon as I opened it up to take a whiff, I acidentally poked my nose against the pomade.
Got a dab on my finger, and felt that it almost had the exact same consistency as Royal Crown. The little dab on my finger felt a bit thicker than Royal Crown. But as soon as I started to work it into my palms, I knew I was up for disappointment… It was just like Royal Crown…

Sweet Georgia Brown (water based)

Looks just like Royal Crown… sigh)

( Not a great pomade on its own, unless you do a gentlemen styled part.
It didn’t have any hold, to hold my hair up. Even as a low profiled pomp. What a disappointment. I’ve been looking forward to trying out Sweet Georgia Brown, and this is the first impression.

Since I knew I would only be using the purple can as a top coat for sheen, and nothing else… (sigh) I decided to try out the blue can. The stronger stuff…
As soon as you open up the tin, you automatically get drawn to it’s rich golden color. Not the dull color of Murray’s, but much much brighter and richer. Pretty neat.
I tried out just a little bit of it, because I still had the purple can in my hair. And it is a noticeable difference. For the better. It’s thicker (that’s what she said… not about me though…) and definitely has a better hold, than it’s water based cousin. I knew that this was gonna be my jam, from the Sweet Georgia Brown family.

Sweet Georgia Brown

My iPhone wasn’t able to capture the colors. Such a drag, this stuff is pretty amazing looking.

This stuff also has the best smell of the pomades I bought. As soon as I started to work it in, you can smell the sweet scent of grapes. Which is pretty awesome. Since you don’t wash this stuff out everyday, you gotta smell good everyday, right?

Unfortunately, since I still had the water based pomade in my hair (didn’t want to wash it out, since I was supposed to be out the door a few minutes after,) I put the blue can in. And by doing so, I didn’t get to enjoy a full experience of the Sweet Georgia Brown. My hair was very light, not that much hold and wasn’t able to pomp today.

I’ll try and work in some more of this stuff later today and take a picture.


Not really… But getting new pomade for me, is like a crackhead finding a crack rock in a McDonalds bag…

Put an order for some pomade at The Grease Shop on Thursday, paid for Priority Shipping, got it on Monday! Pretty badass, considering people on eBay and such who claim they ship “priority,” don’t make shipping paid for goods their priority! But that’s a different story. MOVIN ON!

Good thing I washed out all the Murray’s I put in all weekend and this morning out, earlier today! But to give each pomade a fair chance, I will re-wash my hair again tonight.

A whole lot of pomade!

Doubled up on the Dax because 1) It’s cheap. 2) I wanted to make price an even $40.xx.
This is what $40.xx gets you from The Grease Shop. Not too bad, if I do say so myself…

From top to bottom:

– High Life (Heavy)
– Doubled up on Dax
– Sweet Georgia Brown (Their stronger stuff)
– Water Based Sweet Georgia Brown.

Boy am I stoked to try these out… They also shipped with a dinky little comb! Doubt I’d use that on my head. Prolly my sideburns/facial hair.

Seeing how I used some Grant’s on the way to our little picnic earlier… I think I’m going to start off the week long pomade reviews, by using the water based Sweet Georgia Brown.

I’ll kick off with that review tomorrow, so check back!