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WAYWT: 1/30/2011

I look stumpy as fuck…

Schott A-2
Strike Gold
Red Wing
Car coming
And if anyone cares: Black & White Pomade


Hope everyone had a fun weekend! I know I did. Aside from spending time with family, watching the baby slowly peel open presents, only to stop to babble a story about something, this weekend was filled with A LOT of driving.

I know Christmas is not about the gifts, but hey… It’s a fun part, isn’t it?

All I simply wanted for Christmas this year, was a good pair of boots. I pointed my sister towards the direction of engineer boots (motorcycle boots to some,) and wished for the best. When it came down to it, sigh… She picked the wrong ones. No, I’m not being a prissy bitch, there are just some shoes and clothing that you know you wouldn’t dare leave the house in! Gift or not, it’s gonna stay in that box until you move!

Wanna know what it was? It was a pair of FRYE harness boots. Now… I like some of the shoes FRYE puts out, they’re nice and have pretty decent quality. But these boots, are just not my cup of tea… One thing, they were harness boots. When I see harness boots, well… I see a bear in a harness. Which living in the Bay Area, you see that pretty frequently. Second, they had a square toe… Who do you often see in square toe shoes? The guy from the back of McDonalds on Sunday. Racist no racist, it’s true.

Now… Square toed, harness boots. Yeah… Not my thing. Luckily, she’s a good sport about it, and let me exchange them. Off to the store I went!

They didn’t have any engineer boots, well… any engineer boots under $400. So I was nearly at a loss, and almost had to just sit on some store credit. Luckily, my lady pointed out some “cool looking boots.” Low and behold, they were the ones.

They happened to be perfect. And the funny thing was, one of them was on my “wish list,” and the other one I’ve been gawking at for a while now. Went with the rubber soled boot over the leather sole, and we had ourselves a winner. Tried on a couple of sizes, got the right one, and I was new boot goofin!

And the best part of the boot was… THEY WERE ON FUCKIN SALE. Who doesn’t enjoy a sale? Especially when you don’t know the item was discounted! FUCK! I came. Which meant, I didn’t have to drop that much extra cash for the difference. Pretty fuckin great, if I do say so myself! Yeah, I was stoked. As soon as he told me the difference, out came the wallet, without any hesitation. And here they are.

Sorry, don’t care to resize this one.

Got me a fresh pair of Red Wings. I loved how enthusiastic the salesman was about them being made in the USA, as opposed to the other boots I asked him about, which were made in China.

So if you guys didn’t wanna read this, fuck yeah, new boot goofin!