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Kustom Kreeps Pomade

One time or another, when searching for rockabilly threads, you’ve came upon this site. I know I have and I know the parents have, as well. So, when I caught wind that Sourpuss Clothing was putting out some pomade, I was getting ready to shoot out an email. But, they happened to strike first! And when brands actually take notice of my blog, I really appreciate it. I mean, I’ve never expected anyone to really take a look at my blog, let alone actually brands or artists!

After an email exchange and a few impatient days hunting down the mailman, the fine package finally came in!


As most of you cats know, I’m not heavily into the psychobilly aesthetic, but these tins are badass! Keeping it simple with the color choices per tin design, is a nice touch. Sometimes, less is more, and it definitely shows with these tins. Really diggin’ these tins!

Wood, mint, and root beer scents? Um, fuck yeah! Unfortunately, I’m holding back from opening these guys, until I get the chance to review them. So, I can’t tell you whether or not the scents are as killer as they sound!

I know a lot of you have inquired about this stuff, but… you’ll have to wait a good few weeks, until I can put these bad boys to use.  Don’t worry, I’m getting impatient, too! But believe me, there’s gonna be some killer post VLV pomade reviews!

Big thanks again to Cayln!

Until the next time,

Stay greasy and Pomp Hard!


Tuesday Tunes

The Meteors – Psycho For Your Love

Tuesday Tunes

This song has been buzzing in my ear for the last couple of weeks. Especially at 5 AM.

Tiger Army – Rose of the Devil’s Garden

Badass Pomp

Out of all the nu-rockabillies in Japan, I think this guy has one of the best pompadours. Not just in Japan, but in general.
It is perfectly styled. Has a slight up-comb at the middle, going back towards the D.A. See what I mean? Pomps gotta have that flow, can’t be a freakin sail on a sailboat. Even has a little bit of his “bangs” swooped down. All he needs to do is style his “chops” ala Marlon Brando in The Wild One or John Travolta in Grease…