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Who’s ready for rockabilly boy bands?

Whether or not you were ready, they’ve been here for quite some time now.

The only respectable boy bands that were out there were New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, and N.W.A. Everyone who came after them, fuck em, no body knows who you are. Except for Justin Timberlake, who came from that one group who came from that one place who did that one song.

And as everyone knows, each boy band had their pretty boy. The guy who made everyone else in the band look like a fat version of their actual selves. Some people, are seriously too pretty. All homo no homo, whatever. It’s a scientific fact that there are pretty ass people, guys and gals alike. Some too pretty for the company they keep.

Well, The Baseballs got their bases covered. They got their pretty member of the band.

The Baseballs aren’t your typical rockabilly band. Hell, they’re not even your typical boy band neither. And I just don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing…

The Baseballs

Where is the pretty one?

One thing I’m not sure about, is if any of these guys play their own instruments. I’m not hating, I can’t play anything either, but then again, I’m not in a band.

This trio specializes in cover songs. And hey, with rockabilly, almost EVERY song is a cover song. But they put their own twist to it, which ain’t too bad. Cover songs, most notably, Rihanna’s, Umbrella, have their own Elvis sound to em. And I literally mean, each and every one of them has a little Elvis singing voice. Which, is a little much. Since they all sing, it would be nice to have one person not emulate Elvis.

But you folks be the judge.

One thing I can say I really like about the band, is the humor. I mean, a lot of bands take clips of fan girls and chop them up and put them in their video. But I mean, this is a boy band doing it! Which makes it funny! Well, I think it’s funny…

Anyways, the three band members are Digger, Basti, and Sam. Guess which one is Sam…

One of these guys are not like the other...

If you guess the one who looks a little like Brian Setzer, you’re wrong!

Give up? Well, if the spotless face and arm that looks like a damn leg, wasn’t a give away, it’s the cat in the middle.

And back to the pretty person in the boy band. Really. Seriously guys, I’m not gay (and rhetorically I’m not homophobic and with “media” nowadays you can’t say one without the other, unless you want a “THAT’S SO HOMOPHOBIC” comment in my inbox, so there, satisfied?) but this guy is one pretty ass mother fucker.

First of all, his arm is the size of my leg. And I have pretty big, muscular legs. But jeeze guy, leave some for the rest of them! He is clearly ripping the seams of his shirt, while the other guys are stuffing steaks in their arm pits, just to make em fit.  Not to mention, he also has the best hair of the group, and not a bad pompadour at all.

This guy is making it hard for the rest of us, just like Johnny Iuzzini. Why? When every little girl out there sees pretty ass dudes with good hair, it just sets their standards for guys that much higher. They all complain how they can’t have a handsome rockabilly/greaser guy and what not, so quit comparing fellas to these guys!

Sam seriously looks like he should be in an Abercrombie and Fitch ad.

He probably isn't even flexing...

Or in the UFC or something. If this guy knew his way around cars, I’m sure some shops could use him. This guy would be their human crane. Plus, I think a few more ladies would feel a little safer going to those shops. Or at least a little more turned on.

But seriously folks… BEEFCAKE.

Alright, enough talking about the body builder.

All in all, this ain’t a bad band to listen to. Albiet, a little gimmicky, but hey, what isn’t a gimmick nowadays, huh?

These guys seem to be real cool cats, with a good sense of humor and good hair. Now, their music isn’t exactly rockabilly, but we don’t just listen to exclusively rockabilly, do we? Well, 98% of the time, sure, but we can slip in some other stuff, can’t we?

They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, which is a good thing. Plus, they cover modern songs, which to me is funny. At least their not doing their pop twist to any Polecats songs, right?

This won’t be everyones cup of tea, especially for the elitests and purists. But hey, at least it was fun picking fun at em, eh?

Oh, and if ya’ll didn’t believe me when I said they were a boy band…

Is it the scarves?

Or is it the blazers with jeans? Maybe the super clean Chucks?

Either way, they’re a boy band with a little rockabilly twist. Good or bad, I don’t know. All I know is that guy needs to keep his shirt on.

Now folks, which one of yous will be throwing their panties at these guys?



Rockabilly Fridays are up and kicking again at a new venue. Come out tonight and get your kicks. Ain’t nothin better than ladies drinkin’ and swingin’ to 50s and 60s beats. Be there or be square.

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